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Transport Fever

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Silvretta Map & Cargo
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Silvretta Map & Cargo

  • Although not strictly necessary I'd strongly advise to install the Glaciers Mod
  • Probably not compatible with any other industry mod
  • Recommended settings: European

This Mod is both a challenging mountanous map and new local cargo chains mod.
- The Map centers around the border of Switzerland, Austria and even a part of Italy. The mountains are high and can be a big challenge. However, it is possible to have successful chains and make money without major tunnels. Especially with the new cargo chains
- A few local cargo chains are added. The most important addition (and endpoint of all new chains) is the Mountain Hut. These can be found on top of the mountains and have a persistent demand for Cheese, Ski's and Ski Lifts. Cheese can be made in a cheese factory when milk is delivered there (in tank wagons or trucks). Skis's and Ski Lifts are made from Wood, Steel and Plastic in one of the Alpine Sports Factories. Bringing the cargo up the mountains can be challenging, but the Mountain Hut has a guaranteed demand of 400 of each.

The Full list:
  • Additional cargo types:
    - Milk (transported in Tank wagons or trucks)
    - Cheese (transported in all vehicles that can carry Goods)
    - Ski's (transported in all vehicles that can carry Goods)
    - Ski Lifts (transported in all vehicles that can carry Goods)
  • Additional industries:
    - Milk Farm (producing Milk)
    - Cheese Factory (Milk --> Cheese)
    - Alpine Sports Factory (Wood, Steel and Plastic --> Ski's and Ski Lifts)
    - Mountain Hut (persistent demand of 400 Ski's, Ski Lifts and Cheese)
  • To make ascending the mountains a bit easier all early-game vehicles have an increased Power and Tractive Effort. Speed is not increased.
    - 1850-1880: 50% higher
    - 1880-1920: 25% higher

Known issues:
  • Loading of new cargo types is not visible in open trucks.
  • This is a bug in Transport Fever, that tends to occur in this map: in late-game, some industry chains could stop because the earnings get too high. Solve this by keeping one slower train on each route.

Please let me know if you like it or have any recommendations!
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unclesam May 20 @ 11:27am 
@TimereLibertati: I had the same issue. You cannot load the map without having the mod active: Silvretta Map & Cargo.
I didn't play yet but looks very promising.
Nate Higgers May 14 @ 7:57am 
Lol i live only 20 km from Silvretta Hoch alp
TimereLibertati May 7 @ 11:50am 
Hi Skiwiii, I think the problem is caused by a other mod. I have too much to test. I've already disabled all industry mods.
Skiwiii  [author] May 6 @ 1:02pm 
I'm sorry that happens.. I've got reports from others that it was working well. Did you select the map as well? Maybe try turning off all other mods, especially any industry related mod?
TimereLibertati May 5 @ 4:15am 
The game directly quit, when I load the map. Without error prompting or other else.
Skiwiii  [author] May 5 @ 1:19am 
It´s a regular large map (4000x4000 px = 16x16 km). In real world it's 60x60 km.
OzWally May 4 @ 2:43pm 
What's the map size?