Interstellar Rift

Interstellar Rift

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May 3 @ 9:09pm
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Large Freighter

Resource cost:
  • Iron 327.26K
  • Copper 61.58K
  • Silicon 29.12K
  • Steel 94.52K
  • Brass 7.8K
  • Lead 1.25K
  • Aluminium 24.5K
  • Vectronium 15.6K
  • Crystal Vectronium 3.5K
  • Tungsten 2.5K

  • Mass: 696K
  • Max Speed:378 m/s
  • Maximum thrust: 8.76M
  • Maximum power generation: 48.5
  • Armor: 232400
  • Shield: 100000
  • Nuclear Reactors: 1
  • Mounted Guns: 8
  • Cloak: 1
  • Salvagers: 2
  • Extractors: 4
  • Refineries: 6
  • Assemblers: 2
  • Drone Bays: 2
  • ACTRs: 39

Notes: This ship is designed to hold all your stuff. That's about it. I would not recommend going skrill hunting with it, even though it could probably tank T3 skrill for quite awhile before you'd need to warp out. ACTR's are conveniently placed in refinery bays, extraction bay, drone bay, and assembly bay. Rift generator located in Reactor chamber with a nearby teleporter for quick access to/from the bridge.

The ship also contains two of the new ship storage modules to keep two <250k mass ships onboard.

Lastly, power generation is a single reactor designed to charge several large batteries located in engineering. If there are any power consumption issues when warping, let me know and I'll adjust the blueprint.

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stimdealer0001  [author] May 20 @ 9:58pm 
Yeah, fully loaded with two ships in storage, I was getting just over 100 m/s for speed. Cargo plays a huge part in ship mass, as it should.
lortex87 May 18 @ 10:27pm 
It looks fantastic, I have yet to gather the resources to spawn it in. Have you tested it fully loaded, with cargo and ships?
stimdealer0001  [author] May 5 @ 2:50am 
haha thanks, let me know how it performs...i haven't done any extensive testing with such a large ship yet, i know the lag gets worse the bigger you go, sadly
Starcloak Starside May 4 @ 8:24pm 
Greetings. Hey Stimdealer, good to see this on the Workshop! Time for me to benchmark it!
iO May 3 @ 11:32pm 
This looks incredible!! Love the rear the way you have the engines setup... looks fantastic on the inside as well!! You are a true Block Master!!