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Global Unit Cap - Military Infrastructure
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May 3, 2019 @ 3:40pm
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Global Unit Cap - Military Infrastructure

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Adds a global unit cap for the player faction. It does not limit any specific unit type, instead there is a global cap to how many total units you can have. The limit is raised by building more military recruitment buildings in your regions. Having more units in your armies than your military infrastructure can effectively support is possible, but will cause increasingly severe penalties. Having better infrastructure than required will provide extra benefits to your armies.

The goal is to encourage the player to use all or most provinces for recruitment and army support, instead of having only one or two recruitment provinces and using all other regions just to increase income, which is the optimal strategy in the vanilla game.

-Hover over treasury button (see screenshot) to see current unit count, cap and how much of the cap you are currently using
-Your global cap is raised by any building that is located in the two categories of military buildings in the building browser (Basic Military and Advanded Military, the category names are different for some factions)
-Other buildings do NOT raise the cap even if they unlock units - landmarks or special buildings do NOT raise the cap! (the very rare exceptions are listed separately)
-The display updates when you make changes during your turn (add/dismiss units, buildings) but the effect only changes at the start of a new turn
-Every eligible building raises the cap by three points plus the "bonus points" value you chose in the MCT (default 0).
-NOT SUITABLE for playing horde or semi-horde factions (Chaos, Beastmen, Vampire Coast) - disable the mod when playing them
-has no effect for Tomb Kings

To play with a higher or lower starting amount of free units, or change how many points a buildings adds, you need the Mod Configuration Tool: Reborn (MCT2)

AI factions are not affected by this mod. The AI does not build a sufficient number of recruitment buildings, and most AI factions will not have enough territory anyway. Also the AI has no idea about the limits and there is no way to teach it, so applying the system to the AI would just totally cripple it. That said, the AI already builds in every province as if it were its only province, so it does not exploit the game the same way the player usually does, by maximizing gold production in most regions. Basically this mod just levels the playing field.

List of effect stages:
large bonus (<=55% of cap used) -20% attrition, -20% recruitment cost, +1 local recruitment
medium bonus (<=70%) -10% attrition, -15% recruitment cost
small bonus (<=85%) -5% attrition, -10% recruitment cost
neutral (<=100%)
small penalty (<115%) +10% unit upkeep, -5% replenishment
medium penalty (<130%) +25% unit upkeep, -10% replenishment, +1 turn local recruitment duration, +2 turns for global
large penalty (>=130%) +50% unit upkeep, -20% replenishment, +2 turn local recruitment duration, +3 turns for global

-when playing the Empire, you'll occasionally get an event where an Elector Count is attacked by some spawned enemy force like Norsca or Greenskins, and you have to choose whether or how to help them, with sending a military force being one of the options. This force counts towards your unit count for that turn... and oddly enough, it is created even if you do not actually pick that option! Apparently the game creates the force at the beginning of that turn, and if you don't pick that option, it is destroyed again, but your unit count for that turn was already done by then. So you'll have to live with a penalty for that one turn whenever that event occurs.
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Sunset Sarsaparilla Aug 19 @ 1:15pm 
Enjoying this mod so far. The income buildings spam was geting quite dull wihtout it. But while i was playing with this mod and Cost-based army caps, i had an idea. What about another mod, simmilar to this one, but instead of each unit costing 1 point and buldings giving 3, the amount of points the unit costs will be simmilar to how much it costs in MP/Cost-based caps mod, and the millitary buildings generate something like 2000/3000/5000(just an example) per building. So there is "better" synergy with your caps mod and no "bad feelings" when the player have to pay the same cost(in slots) for both trash and luxury unit
Jadawin  [author] Aug 4 @ 2:25pm 
Update: Now supports the new Mod Configuration Tool: Reborn by Vandy (MCT2). The old MCT is no longer supported.
Maal Jul 21 @ 2:20am 
A bit of a month late answer, but that's just for my sfo version. SFO is designed to keep the stronger unit much rarer than in vanilla, so I made their cost scale instead of being the same. Jadawin favor simplity which is perfectly cool, but me linking them to their MP cost was an easy way to make it unit-mod compatible (I use way too many), specially for "trash" expandable unit which usually cost less than 300 so I didn't need to add each one manually to the script.
cybvep Jul 16 @ 4:07pm 
I think that Savage Orc Camp building chain (the which Wurrzag gets by default) is not included in the military building list, because it doesn't seem to increase the recruitment cap.
Jadawin  [author] Jun 28 @ 12:33am 
I overwrite the tooltip of that UI element. So if the other mod does the same and uses the same element, it is to be expected that they overwrite each other. The location of the element is irrelevant.
cybvep Jun 27 @ 10:38pm 
There is a mod called Supply Lines Rework which changes how supply lines work and adds own tooltips during unit recruitment (showing their supply cost) and when mousing over the treasury button panel. The mod even moves the treasury tooltip to a different part of the screen when Global Caps are installed. However, most of the time the newly added tooltips just disappear when using Global Caps as well. This includes recruitment tooltips, even though Global Caps don't touch them. Any idea why? Is there a chance for full compatibility? The mechanics of both mods seem to work fine, it's just about the tooltips.
Jadawin  [author] Jun 20 @ 2:13pm 
It was like that in the past, but that just automatically gave the player a huge cap in the mid and late game when all the buildings are upgraded. So instead of making the game harder it just gave free bonuses to recruitment costs.
Reanimator Jun 20 @ 12:53pm 
and by def every mil building gives +3 points (lvl 1, upgrading doesnt change) but you can set it up at the start of campaign any way you like - I guess best is between 3 to 5

And @Jadawin, I know we can set this ourselves via mod config but it would be really cool if each building tier/upgrade would grant additional +1 supply, so a lvl 3 barracks a total of 5 supply

i never play ME too wide because of other mods I use (empire penalties etc) so having to capture extra provinces or towns just to plop that 1 extra barrack is kinda weird

dunno just m ysuggestion, maybe at least having an option for taht would be cool?
Jadawin  [author] Jun 20 @ 12:25pm 
It's just the count of units, with the only exceptions being Zombies, Skavenslaves and Peasant Mobs which count as half a unit. Otherwise, every unit in the game is one point.
Jadawin  [author] Jun 20 @ 12:14pm 
No, this mod does not care about unit cost. That's what my other mod Cost-based Army Caps is for.