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ARK Additions: Brachiosaurus!
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ARK Additions: Brachiosaurus!

MOD ID 1729512589


Big Thanks to UpFromTheDepths for the Trailer! Check out their Youtube Channel here!

Adds the Hulking Behemoth Brachiosaurus to your ARK!

The Brachiosaurus is a massive Sauropod which stands higher than even a Titanosaur. Found on The Island and Aberration, Brachiosaurus is a predominantly passive creature unless threatened.
When attacked, Brachiosaurus will take a bipedal stance, and attempt to crush its' attacker in a single hit! Be careful not to be caught beneath this catastrophic attack! If a Brachiosaurus has been
severely damaged, it will unleash a bellow in its' attempt to flee, which will instill fear into most attackers, even Giga's!
When tamed, Brachiosaurus have the unique trait of being able to gather almost all resources! This, coupled with their immense carry weight, make them incredible gatherers and mobile storage units.

Left-Click is Brachiosaurus default attack, a frontal stomp with one of its forelegs.

Right-Click is a rear kick performed with its hind legs.

C is for switching to and from a bipedal stance. While in this state, Brachiosaurus will rapidly lose stamina. Running out of stamina will cause the Brachiosaurus to return to a quadrupedal state. While in the
Biped state, pressing the default attack key (Left-Click) will unleash its devastating Mega Stomp Attack. This attack deals massive damage, but has a long cooldown and long startup lag.

The alt-fire key (Left-Ctrl by defauklt) is Brachiosaurus Bellow, which causes fear in most dinos. This has a long cooldown and takes a lot of stamina to perform.

The Reload Key (R by default) allows Brachiosaurus to cycle between gathering efficiency. The harvest settings are: Stone, Metal/Flint/Crystal, Wood, Thatch, and Berry/Fiber. Brachiosaurus will use Metal harvesting by default. THIS ONLY AFFECTS THE DAMAGE TYPE OF THE DEFAULT LEFT-CLICK ATTACK.




Brachiosaurus features a somewhat unique method of taming. Brachiosaurus is naturally immune to torpor damage, and CANNOT be traditionally tamed. In order to tame a Brachiosaurus,
survivors must first provoke a Brachiosaurus, and keep its aggression until it begins to switch to a bipedal stance. Once Brachiosaurus is standing, DO NOT GET NEAR IT. Brachiosaurus will perform
its Mega Stomp if you tread too close, so be careful! While maintaining your distance, survivors must damage its hind legs with firearms, aiming for the knees and shins of the creature. Once Brachiosaurus suffers enough damage
it will collapse and go unconscious, allowing for players to feed and tame! Brachiosaurus prefers Xtra Large Kibble!




admincheat summon Brachiosaurus_Character_BP_C

admincheat summon Brachiosaurus_Character_BP_Aberrant_C

cheat gmsummon "Brachiosaurus_Character_BP_C" 50

cheat gmsummon "Brachiosaurus_Character_BP_Aberrant" 50

cheat giveitem "/Game/Mods/Brachiosaurus/Blueprints/PrimalItemArmor_BrachioSaddle.PrimalItemArmor_BrachioSaddle" 1 0 0 false


This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]
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so iam on a pve server and iam an admin i need to spawn a custom lvl brachio like one that start withe cheatadmin ive tried adding but it to the other comands but i need a specfic lvl dino for exapmle if i want a lvl 200 penguin i write this admincheat spawndino "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Kairuku/
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Dieu Nov 26 @ 2:28pm 
The new harvesting multiplier is perfect. Now to Brachio will stay active on my dedicated server. Thanks man :)
CreepingDeath Nov 14 @ 4:27pm 
beautiful work on this, this is 10x better than a lot of vanilla dinos in the game :steamhappy: only problem i have is it doesn't seem to knock over trees very well and that makes moving way slower than it needs to be. i would've thought it would just mow them down like a titan does, but mine don't lol they also fall through the ground when they die sometimes, but thats not much of a issue. Really great work sir :steamhappy:
Ronaldinho Gabruxo Nov 10 @ 9:26am 
i tamed a brachio in host solo (valguero) and when i try to use fear roar nothing happen, it roars but doesnt have anny effect, it works in wild ones, any solution?
Garruk Nov 6 @ 4:24pm 
Bifrost server cluster with Valguero, Ragnarok, The Island, Aberration, Extinction
x5 taming and harvesting, offline protection and reduced structure damage

More information on
ShadowGiratina Nov 5 @ 9:10pm 
Bug- phone autocorrected it
ShadowGiratina Nov 5 @ 9:09pm 
Are there any known mods that clashes with this recently when I use the roar it isn’t scaring anything anymore, just checking if it’s a big or clashing with a potential other mod.
morzack117 Nov 2 @ 10:33pm 
Is just me or is it that the Brachiosaurus looks bulky and buff.
Kaw Oct 30 @ 8:26am 
After the recent update. It seems this mod might break my dedicated server. The server does not start properly and it just keeps using up RAM until I get a UE4 error. Anyone else having issues?
Wiggly Wet Noodle Oct 14 @ 6:08pm 
Would this work with the Arkaeology mod?