Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem Forever

Reviewing Every Duke Nukem Game - GmanLives
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Duke Nukem is a video game series named for its protagonist, Duke Nukem. Created by the company Apogee Software Ltd. (now 3D Realms) as a series of video games for IBM-compatible personal computers, the series expanded to games released for various consoles by third-party developers. The first two games in the main series were 2D platformers and the rest have been 3D first-person shooters.

During 2010 the rights of the series were acquired by the company Gearbox Software, who completed the development of Duke Nukem Forever and released it on 10 June 2011 in Europe and Australia and on 14 June 2011 in North America.

The voice actor for Duke Nukem is Jon St. John."
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₥ŗ.igor1967 May 1 @ 1:45pm 
2011 - rip duke....
Vik May 1 @ 1:45am 
Wait, was Critical Mass even released?
La llama que llama Apr 30 @ 10:29am 
Will you do a video about expansion packs? The Doctor Who Cloned Me DLC from Duke Nukem Forever is actually pretty good (much better than the main game).