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MWI - Weapon Collection 2 (8)
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Apr 29 @ 2:05pm
Jun 16 @ 5:36am
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MWI - Weapon Collection 2 (8)

-MWI - Weapon Collection 2-

Mexpex Warfare Industries is back with a new line up of weapons!
This time MWI will supply you and your enemies with energy weapons!

Energy weapons in this pack will draw energy from the grid while generating ammo.

Current weapon loadout:

XB1 - Pulse Battery (large)
Damage per shot: 20000
Peak Dps: 6666
AI Range: 1200m / Beam Range: 2000m

XB1 - Beam Battery (large)
Damage Per shot: 21600
Peak Dps: 4320
AI Range: 1200m / Beam Range: 2000m

XB3 - Pulse Battery (large)
Damage Per shot: 108000
Peak Dps: 16500
AI Range: 2500m / Beam Range: 2500m

XB3 - Beam Battery (large)
Damage Per shot: 216000
Peak Dps: 14400
AI Range: 2500m / Beam Range: 3000m

EX1 - Beam Cannon [Static]
Damage Per shot: 100000
Peak Dps: 10000
Beam Range: 3000m

XP1 - Laser Turret (small)
AI Range: 800m / Projectile Range: 1200m

EX1 - Point Defense [missiles only]
Ai Range 800m / Beam Range: 1000m

For easy access Ive added stats to the ingame block description.

-To DO-
-Probably some balancing since the survival testing has been limited and energy weapons is a new thing for me :)
-More.. things.. pew pews
-Tech Tree related stuff

I recommend to use this along with shield mods:
Energy Shield
Defense Shield

Q: My sim-speed is low! whats going on?! (Should now be fixed/improved quite alot)
A: From what Ive been able to test there seams to be an issue related to power and batteries. Using reactors instead of batteries seams to be a solution at this moment.

Q: Why cant I cant start up my server with this mod?
A: There is currently some issues with recently updated/created mods on Dedicated Servers. My best guess would be to remove and re-download the mod.


A HUGE thanks to Meridius_IX / Lucas who made this mod possible!

! ! ! NO RE-UPLOADS Allowed ! ! !
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Update: 3. Juni um 0:11 Uhr
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Mystogan Sep 3 @ 8:22pm 
Whats the status on this mod? Does it work with torch or on DS? Or is it still broken.
Dusty Lens Sep 3 @ 4:01pm 
I agree, PCU values would be really nice.
Stanley Aug 31 @ 1:34am 
Nice guns you got there. Love the big monsters particularly
самовар Aug 28 @ 9:20pm 
The point defence turret constantly drops characters from the target list :(
we need an anti-personnel gun.
oh yes, cool mod!
The Governor Aug 28 @ 11:58am 
Can you Please add PCU values
war-angel Aug 25 @ 8:20am 
okay i was asking bc some mod did brake and i did not know if i had wait for this one as well or not
Mexpex  [author] Aug 25 @ 4:45am 
@war-angel - Should be working
war-angel Aug 24 @ 4:05pm 
mexpex dose this still work with the update?
Dazohan Aug 23 @ 1:26pm 

We just found the exact cause. Its Torch Profiler :)
Its wrecking ALOT of mods currently
Mexpex  [author] Aug 23 @ 12:32pm 
@Dazohan @Payback @Toxic's Barrel
There seams to be an issue with Torch with the latest update. So if you are using Torch for your server its probably the cause.
The only thing i got atm.