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DOS2 - Divine War
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DOS2 - Divine War

From Attribute Insanity’s madness comes a tighter balanced experience with new content and a greater love for Divinity Original Sin 2’s design. Kiss goodbye to armour, obligatory warfare stacking and the damage meta because it’s time for some Attribute Sanity!

Don't forget to install this compatibility patch and put it at the end of your mod list if you use modded classes!

Are you on GOG? No Nexus link just yet I'm afraid, but Steam Workshop Downloader[beta.steamworkshopdownloader.io] should do the trick!

We now have a Discord![discord.gg]

Welcome to Divine War: a total overhaul of Divinity Original Sin 2’s combat and character building systems that offers balance, player choice and tactical challenge above all.

The armour system is gone, splitting damage types no more – hybrid characters and party types are free to combine their efforts to achieve victory through their unique strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to an overhaul of attributes and abilities, characters build around strategy and creativity instead of raw math.

The armour system has not gone without replacement, however:

Introducing Willpower

Characters begin combat with 1-7 Willpower, depending on Resolve. Crowd control status effects such as Knocked Down, Crippled and Stunned are blocked by Willpower, decreasing it when applied. When no Willpower remains, a character is open to any form of bullying.

In addition to Willpower, if you return to Rivellon with Divine War you'll find the following features...

Attribute Changes
  • Strength increases ALL damage, including grenades
  • Finesse gives additional speed, range and accuracy
  • Intelligence, now Resolve, gives HP regeneration and bonus Willpower
  • Constitution, unchanged, is more valuable than ever with the damage meta dead
  • Memory, now Intellect, gives you skill slots and extra cooldown management
  • Wits, now Wisdom, increases the potency of your healing effects and grants extra critical hit chance

Ability Changes
  • Abilities now cap at 6 but no longer grant extra damage, meaning you take them for their skills - not their numbers
  • Ability points now come only every other level, encouraging smart build planning
  • Characters gain an extra ability point on Source collar removal and another for each Source channeling lesson, meaning 3 total
  • Four new Utility abilities have been added to the game in place of weapon abilities: Lifesteal, Knockback, Sourcery and Evasion
  • Combat abilities come with unique Mastery Talents at Level 6 that blow away the enemy with style!

Talent Changes
  • Everything is now useful. Yes, even Pet Pal.
  • Overpowered, useless, underwhelming or obsolete talents such as Escapist, Bigger and Better and Parry Master have been overhauled
  • New talents have been added in place of some old ones: get ready to meet Academic, Black-Hearted and Braveheart!
  • Everybody gets the Pawn, Savage Sortilege and Opportunist for free in combat: no need to spend an action point just to move three inches.

Armour Begone!
  • Physical and Magical Armour have been removed from the game. No more splitting damage types!
  • Willpower, its replacement mechanic, resists hard status effects such as Knocked Down and Sleeping. This means you can still Bleed and Burn whoever you want!
  • Gear now grants resistances - physical or magical - instead.

Summoning Overhaul
  • A Summoner’s to-do list is no longer limited to one incarnate and a truckload of buffs. You now have access to four demons that each play a unique role in combat!
  • Divine War features the lifesteal-supporting Parasitic Heart and three never-before-seen demons, from the destructive Chaos Elemental to the terrifying Matron of Agony and the apocalyptic Eldritch Gatekeeper.

New Skills
  • New crafted skills have been added and some obsolete existing skills have been replaced. Introducing Deathgrasp, Low Blow, Slipstream, Overgrowth and more!

Bigger Challenge, Better Balance
  • Enemies are smarter than ever with new skills, tactics and tricks. With no damage meta, combat takes more brains and less oneshotting!
  • Enemies in the game have been fine-tuned to remove gratuitous elemental resistances and excessive damage levels.

PvP Overhaul
  • Godwoken slain by enemy Godwoken are resurrected at their last waypoint in a weakened state, dying normally if they fail their god again before recovering.
  • Player levels are equalised at 5, 9, 13, 16 and 18: XP splitting is no longer an issue and players may adventure in separate parties.

Total Compatibility
  • This mod is fully compatible with all existing class mods out there. In fact, if you haven’t already installed Odinblade’s ability overhauls, I suggest doing so now!
  • Just bear in mind armour-increasing skills will do nothing.
  • Thanks to Strength boosting all damage, you no longer need scaling mods for custom classes.
  • Mods that override statuses.gamescript are not compatible with this mod. No such mods are currently known.
  • Make sure to place this mod on top of everything else in your mod list!
  • Extra Compatibility Patch

Build how you want, when you want it
  • Play the character you always dreamed of... And still be viable! New attributes, abilities, skills, balance tweaks and the removal of armour pave the way for your creativity to flourish.
  • Learn Tier 2 skills in character creation if you have the points!
  • Tank, heal, bleed, buff, burn, enchant, lifesteal, slash or summon your way to victory: the battlefield is yours to command.

But how is this different from Attribute Insanity, you might ask?
Unlike Attribute Insanity, Divine War lacks RNG (and has functioning tooltips). This mod overhauls so much more than just attributes and abilities and is better balanced than the former ever was. Divine War is designed to feel as immersive as possible, while Attribute Insanity was thoroughly unpolished.

This must be a lot to take in. So why not read even more massive walls of text? If you’re not sold yet or you’re worried I broke your favourite trick, you can consult the 26-page changelog[docs.google.com] for more details about Divine War’s design philosophy and a full list of everything new.

Otherwise - good luck, Godwoken. Many challenges await you.

Special thanks:
This mod took over six months to make, and couldn’t have been done without the community. Here are some of the people who helped me most:

  • Testing, Bugcatching and Balance: Charan, Mialune, Manithro
  • Localization: Zandor for the German translation
  • Asset help: Bluefire for icons, Murderbot for the awesome Eldritch Gatekeeper model
  • Development & mod compatibility help: Odinblade, LaughingLeader and Zerb
  • Code help: LaughingLeader, where would our community be without you?
  • Feedback: Larian’s design team and the company’s very own Kevin for discussing some principles of design with me! You guys rock.

And lastly, thanks to Larian for making the amazing game that inspired this mod. I hope Divine War will unshackle this beast of a game and let everyone see it for what it really is: divine.
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Chameleon 'Skin'
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Sesoni 2 hours ago 
Do you have this mod somewhere else for non-steam users?
Suicide Charley Jun 22 @ 10:20am 
Hi there. Regardless I’m planning on downloading your mod tonight. I think this is going to scratch the itch I’m looking for. I just had a few clarification questions before I dive in so I don’t have to start multiple new games. 1. Do scoundrel skills no longer require daggers to perform? I read your entire changelog but didn’t see anything about the back stab attack(or I don’t think I did). Will this apply to umbra class? 2. I saw odinsblade comp mod. Are any of the following mods also comp? Skip fort joy(saw that was yours too), spirit vision always on, free pet pal, let there be tooltips, faster run, respec fort Joy? 3. Are tanks and healers necessary now? If so that’s totally fine, just trying to get an idea of party. 4. Any good build guides out there to get a good concept of how to even get pointed in the right direction of how to build. Also I would like to say, gamer and mod enthusiast, I appreciate your work and responsiveness.
-=Fl!x=- Jun 21 @ 11:46pm 
Oogene is absolutely right- this mod is great!
But I'd like to make some suggestions. Items felt like one big mash up with little difference. I would prefer it if light armor was clearly for mages, medium for rogues/ rangers and heavy armor for soldier-classes. A problem might be that even mages' damage is boosted by strength and that the trinkets don't feel specialized for a certain class. I'd like to see items that give a point of Willpower directly, not by boosting the corresponding attribute.
oogene Jun 21 @ 11:57am 
I finished my entire playthrough with this mod and the 2 issues i had were: loot feeling useless in the middle acts because they all have the same stat bonuses. Whenever i identified equipment they all felt the exact same. Also that tanks seem a bit too overpowered. Maxing out resolve with a shield makes tanks nearly unkillable and my tank has only died once in combat during my tactician run.

Otherwise, amazing mod and it was 100X better than vanilla combat. Glad to see you so active and responding and hope you make more amazing mods like these because this mod helped me play through the game from start to finish when the vanilla game didnt.
fastello Jun 21 @ 11:23am 
Did this mod get rid of stuff on the ground like poison source etc. ? i have been playing through fort joy and where there is normally messed up ground its all clean which makes it hard to do the happily emmy after quest cuz i need a source point but i know where theres a source fountain so it should still be compatible
Kalavinka  [author] Jun 21 @ 10:25am 
Boost-10 on str and wisdom? Did you use the debug book from the compat patch?


Healing cannot crit except through high resistances (e.g. poison on undead)
Damaein Jun 20 @ 7:44pm 
does anyone know if healing can crit with this mod? I noticed the stat increases healing and crit chance. But the base game heals cannot crit? is this any different with the mod?
Lifforn Jun 20 @ 4:06pm 
So what is boost -10 on str and wisdom? it poped out of no where and i cant get rid of it
Kalavinka  [author] Jun 20 @ 3:43pm 

Thank you for saying so! No, sorry. No separate versions.

If you're looking for a great overhaul mod that keeps armour though, SAGA has you covered. I highly recommend it. I've been shilling for it a lot lately because I've been binging it and the creator really knew what she was doing.

Check it out .


Only by Wisdom, and it doesn't technically boost healing strength, it just adds bonus healing after the initial healing.
Piggy85 Jun 20 @ 1:19pm 
Is the strength of healing spells also affected by strength or only by wisdom?