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Escape from Unturnov | Hardcore PvP | ENG | v. 1.3.2
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Apr 26, 2019 @ 6:48am
Sep 2, 2019 @ 6:23am
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Escape from Unturnov | Hardcore PvP | ENG | v. 1.3.2

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A new and very big update is in progress!

Escape from Unturnov a "new game mode" for Unturned! Inspired by the game "Escape from Tarkov"
Game mode explanation: You can go into a raid on your own or in a team to collect loot and complete quests. Of course, you are not the only one who wants to have the best weapons, so heated battles arise in a war-torn part of Russia. You can keep your loot safe the safezone where you can trade with players and NPCs, accept quests and set up your own home.

Map info
  • size is large
  • three raid areas
  • mainly intended for hardcore PvP
  • an extensive level up system
  • has NPCs with shops, quests and other cool features
  • needs the other linked mods
  • map is optimized for PvP
  • hardcore!
  • vanilla style
  • zombies

Knowledge of Unturnov
If you want to learn more about Unturnov, then check out my Escape from Unturnov guide!
Escape from Unturnov Guide

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Feb 24 @ 6:51am
Bug report
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PrivOk_ 2 hours ago 
so i am trying to place a sign in my main bunker but the safe-zone is blocking my building anyway to fix this? i have searched the internet for the last hour and nothing has helped me
NotATfue Feb 23 @ 8:37am 
does it give you a virus
ITzAlex_7w7 Feb 23 @ 8:19am 
Can you add a version of this map with zombies pleaseeeeee
IT-Logi11111 Feb 23 @ 2:37am 
how do i join
Hoodiewaffles Feb 23 @ 12:30am 
add shoreline
Ludevít Feb 21 @ 3:08pm 
Can you pleeeease add Reserve?
Bjorn2992 Feb 21 @ 12:54pm 
Add more floors please
FNL qTOXICp Feb 21 @ 7:27am 
How do you get in to the game? It is a internet server or what.? How do i find it
Top Rammen Feb 20 @ 5:05pm 
how do i enter the server
Bumster Feb 20 @ 8:27am 
how do i get the game???