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Northern Powerhouse Liverpool to Hull 369+ towns
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Northern Powerhouse Liverpool to Hull 369+ towns

Done on request

Insane map with 388 towns - keeps growing as missing ones get spotted.

Thanks to Gavt1976 for spotting my mistakes ;)

Map stretches from East coast to West coast
From Hull via Leeds and Manchester to Liverpool across the centre of the map.
Northern most town is Scarborough - Southernmost is Nottingham

Run with Experimental mode on in the config file.
Recommend you use GrandT's massive map settings and also the No initial roads mod.

This is a no industry map.

The 'towns' are nearly all rail station locations.

For those interested - The short version of how I create these (There are already guides on the workshop that cover most of this in detail):-

When creating these maps I first create a height map by 'stitching together' 60 km squares downloaded from terrain party site and size it to one of the standard TPF map sizes and smooth it off a bit. (I use GIMP for that).
Then I create an overlay of the area from a pdf I have of the Uk rail network and size it to match the heightmap.
Then I go to here and import the overlay (not the heightmap) and just simply click on each station I want to place and create a town there. Then I export the town list.

In the Uk Stations are for the most part named after the village/town/area they are located in but ...
occasionally they aren't - so if you spot one of those then that's why.
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mongolteiko Jul 28 @ 3:19am 
Dewsbury is missing too [between Batley and Ravensthorpe [a major town for the area].
Also can you put in Nafferton in between Driffield and Bridlington [north of Hull and Beverley]. Thanks.
Busman1112 Jul 28 @ 1:19am 
Excellent map since Iive within its reaches. Note: Ashton-Under-Lyme, near manchester and Ardwick is actually Ashton-Under-Lyne, easy to mistake from maps at distance. Also between Stalybridge and Marsden is a town called Mossley. Thanks.
Cat Jul 1 @ 3:45am 
Nice map. One tiny point, the town just north of Morecambe is Carnforth, not Camforth, which looks the same in some fonts. (r n not m)
mongolteiko Jun 5 @ 10:20am 
Hi Mad Hatter. Just to let you know, you have missed out a mid-major town in the NW namely Bolton. Should ne NW of Kearsley and E of Horwich Parkway. Also Wigan is called Wigan and the 'Wallgate' is a station there: Wigan Wallgate [and Wigan Northwestern]. Thanks.
Wagstaff May 4 @ 11:30am 
Top stuff, thanks :)
Mad Hatter  [author] May 4 @ 9:56am 
Hi Wagstaff
There you go additional towns added for you
Wagstaff May 1 @ 12:49pm 
@Mad Hatter:
Probably Louth, Horncastle, Alford, Woodhall Spa, Wragby and Bardney would be my suggestions. They're all spaced nicely apart and won't cause any impromptu population explosions.

@ricblack49: Yes, I know all of this and it's kinda sad. I live in an old station on the East Lincs main line. Admittedly there's very little here apart from farms, as you say, but if we'd kept the East Lincs line it'd have massively boosted Louth and Alford's potential in the modern era. As is is both are kind of isolated now.
ricblack49 Apr 30 @ 5:07am 
Wagstaff - For interest: Mr Beeching decided East Lincolnshire didn't need railways and drastically pruned the network. There used to be a mainline from Grimsby taking fish to London and branch lines for fresh produce, that all went. Now there's just the holiday route to Skeggy to sustain the line, and the occasional steel train from Boston Dock.
E Lincs is basically a farm and food factory with truck routes, travelling on single cabbage-ways, with the occasional double cabbage-way out of the County to provide your 5-a-day.
Mad Hatter  [author] Apr 29 @ 4:16pm 
Yep I know that's why its in the description above ;)
But even with that eventually everything stutters - of course that could be my kit. ;)
mongolteiko Apr 29 @ 2:36pm 
You can use GrandT's mod:
Works great for the Midlands map. Use it myself.