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Arma Trainer and Enhancer 1.4
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Apr 26, 2019 @ 2:03am
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Arma Trainer and Enhancer 1.4

Hi everyone,

This is the latest version of Arma Trainer and Enhancer ... It is version 1.4.

I made this addon to help newbie to learn the game and help them to enjoy it in the beginning ... Yes, it is cheating, I know ... Usually newbie will leave the game and get tired of it, because they cannot enjoy it, because they don't know what is going on .. This mod is for new players who play alone as single player and also for scenario and mission developers .. Skilled player might say: this mod will ruin the entire game … Guys, It is trainer and cheating addon that will help beginners … If you think it will ruin your game then don’t use it.

1- To activate the trainer in game, press Ctrl + numpad /.

2- To change the range of the markers use < and > on your keyboard.

3- In some campaign missions, you better wait until the cinematic cut-scene finish and after you start to move then activate the trainer [Ctrl + numpad /].

4- The key bindings are clear in the trainer box .. Use them as you need.

5- The trainer is not 100% perfect … We all know that ArmA 3 has many bugs and sometimes missions do not run as expected or designed.

6- Sometimes going invisible will make your mission not run as expected, so do not use it often … Besides, going invisible will truly make the game so boring ... However, in some missions, if you activated the trainer then you MUST go invisible, otherwise the mission will fail (for example, "Common Enemy" mission in "The East Wind" campaign).

7- The mod contains healing script … Your team members will heal themselves without waiting for your orders (in case they have First Aid Kit) and the Combat Life Saver will do his job to heal other team members without waiting your orders …. It works, but do not expect miracles.

8- In some missions there will be auto-save points, if you hide the trees the auto-save will work fine, but it takes much longer time ... So, the game is NOT freeze, it is just taking longer time to auto-save ... Also, hiding trees or show them again might take some time (especially in TANOA), so the game is NOT freeze, it is only taking long time in high dense tree environment.

9- When you hide the trees the rocks will remain ... I tried to find a way to hide the rocks but there is none ... It seems these rocks and some other objects are part of the terrain.

10 - The two numbers for each player in your squad list are (Stamina - Health) ... Wounded team mates will have red circle on their marker in case their health is lower than 75%, and eventually they will heal themselves after a while, or the Combat Life Saver will move near the wounded player(s) and heal him (them).

11- If infinite ammo did not work, try to reload your weapon by pressing R (or your own key for weapon reload) ... If still didn't work, then set Infinite Ammo to OFF and then back again to ON (press Ctrl + Delete twice), this should fix it.

12- This mod needs CBA_A3 to work properly.

Try it and please leave comments and notes.

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yell1369 Aug 15 @ 6:34am 
stuck in loading screen while active virtual arsenal too, but i don't have mcc in game
TheNightstalk3r Aug 11 @ 2:11am 
Have you considered implementing a broadcast if the mod is used in Multiplayer (e.g. server with key verification off)? I believe SSPCM had a similar system that would broadcast to everyone on the server "Hey guys, this person (name, id) is using a cheat mod. You can kick this person using the following command: (admin command to kick player)". This shouldn't affect players using it in singleplayer, but helps with (new) server owners to root out those that aim to cheat in MP whilst they sort out their server protection. :)
Samir  [author] Jul 12 @ 3:10am 
Hello everyone,

I am planning to release ATE 1.5 soon ... This new version will include these updates:

1- Fix the initial status of cheats when the player activate ATE, as suggested by many players.
2- Add teleport ability to player. i.e, Teleport to map custom way points.
3- Enable Zuse in any single player mission (including the vanilla campaign missions). This was requested by someone long time ago.
4- Add a choice to make the current vehicle to be in God mode and automatically disable God mode once the player leave the vehicle.
5- Fix the error shown when activating ATE in Eden editor.
6- Fix the problem of some rocks not get hidden.

But, before i publish this update, I would like to hear your suggestions guys. I will be waiting.
Samir  [author] Jul 7 @ 8:41am 
Icon of Sins: I think MCC is conflicting with ATE. Try to play Arma without MCC and see if this fix the issue.
Samir  [author] Jul 7 @ 8:38am 
PolishHussar95: Actually Arma3 itself is very buggy ... You need to press Ctrl + / (numpad) in every mission and then you need to move little so the box appears. Why? let me explain: I set the trainer to start work only after pressing Ctrl + / and also after moving little, again why? Because if the trainer start without moving few steps then believe me it will run every where in the game , even in the main menu. The main menu itself is a mission (very strange, ya ??) Yes I admit that this could be buggy, and this happen because the game itself is buggy. So many people created lot of missions, but these user created missions sometimes not run as expected by the creator ... I advise you to read the long Description I made with this trainer before using it.
PolishHussar95 Jun 30 @ 10:20pm 
the only thing is i press ctrl and / but sometimes it doesnt pop up after reloading a save... or sometimes at the beggining of a mission even, will pop up like out of nowhere 5 minutes later. not sure why. or sometimes even after it pops up it wont close, simply buggy?
Do i have to do it at the beggining of every mission or just once after lauching the game?
Cause god mode and team god mode are both on by default which can be very annoying since i cant get it to turn off sometimes ahahaha.

I guess its trial and error. beggars cant be choosers :P

Thanks man :)
PolishHussar95 Jun 30 @ 9:30pm 
You're amazing brother! Thank you, you've really helped me make this game soooo playable.
Sometimes when the game glitches and im stuck the trainer can help unstuck the game when things go wrong.

Also i love to use it either way!

Thank you !!!!!

Modders/people that share their work like you, make the real world and the gaming world a better place !!!!
Respect brother :D
Icon of Sins Jun 24 @ 8:01pm 
nice mod but the virtual arsenal is buggy. after i activate the menu the virtual arsenal matter I press the printscreen button or try to open virtual arsenal in MCC control, it stuck in loading screen
Samir  [author] Jun 23 @ 2:45am 
Guys ,,, I want to tell you something about the healing script:

The CLS (Combat Life Saver) will try to heal any injured player, even if this player is really really far away ... Example: If a player (or BOT player) is injured and the CLS is 5000 meters away (5 km), then the CLS will run all the way to reach that injured player and heal him (including yourself)... I tried this and it worked for me.
Samir  [author] Jun 23 @ 2:39am 
Guys ... I apologize for not replying to your comments ... I was so busy:

Rerhabs: Correct, Maybe I should not make the trainer auto repair vehicles and set them to god mode.

Sora`Cgan: Virtual Arsenal is already build in Arma3, you don't need to install anything.

FCLucifer Labérinto: I will check about that.

Forax91: is this ED-1 Mini UGV 3d party addon ??

ScippieDippie: I have gaming PC and I don't see and drops in FPS, except when there is Autosave ... Keep in your mind that Arma3 needs powerful gaming PC to run smoothly even without any addons.

But guys, I want to ask you: IS THE HEALING SCRIPT WORKING FOR YOU ??? I mean, are the BOTS heal themselves if they are injured and is the CLS do his job to heal others if they are injured? For me, it works nice. You don't have to press any keyboard combination for the healing script to work, all what you have to do is to activate the trainer (Ctrl+ numpad /) and the script will keep running as long as you play.