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Optimised Outside Connections
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Optimised Outside Connections

Optimised Outside Connections

Fully updated for 1.14 (Airports DLC & patch)!

Sick of 7% full cargo trains clogging up your rail network? Got a queue of near-empty cruise ships clogging up your harbours?

Optimised Outside Connections reduces the number of large vehicles (trains, planes and ships) in your city by filling each vehicle more. Mainly applies to large vehicles going to and from outside connections, but it also affects cargo trains within your city.

These vehicles will wait 4 times as long to collect cargo before appearing at the map edge or at stations. You can increase this even more in the options, but factories and power stations might run out of supplies. It only applies to large vehicles, not trucks or cars.

Tip: if you have Industries DLC, put a warehouse near power stations to help give them consistent supplies!

Also has options to remove dummy traffic (vehicles that go straight from one outside-connection to another) for each of road traffic, trains, planes and ships. These options remove both cargo and passenger dummy traffic. Please note that it can take some time for dummy traffic to stop spawning.

Optimised Outside Connections uses Harmony[]. It can be safely disabled or uninstalled at any time. Thanks to Deeheks, Leader of the Monkeys[] and Strictoaster for testing, and to boformer for lots of technical help. This project would not exist without boformer's expertise.

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Aug 2 @ 12:54pm
Everyone's thoughts on traffic in version 1.14?
< >
sheast21 Aug 10 @ 7:42pm 
Until today this mod was working perfectly and was awesome, but now suddenly there's a million trains with only 0-8 passengers using my train station. Its really annoying I have no Idea why this mod suddenly stopped working.
Drangir Aug 4 @ 9:53am 
I have the same issues @Necko shows. The dummy passenger trains don't get serviced outside the map and creates a big blockade. I turned off other traffic mods, but didn't seem to help. Makes trains unusable
Necko Aug 2 @ 3:59pm 
@Quboid I have few save games from which I can test things and help figuring out issues if you are willing to improve this mod.
Quboid  [author] Aug 2 @ 3:45pm 
@Necko - Yes, I am monitoring comments but the problems seem very inconsistent so they are hard to track down.
Necko Jul 31 @ 9:22am 
Is this mod still developed and maintained?
心态好好不破防 Jul 29 @ 7:52am 
Why did all my passenger trains disappear
tiny_wl Jul 29 @ 4:00am 
All cargo trains and airplanes and vehicles disappear after i turn on the mod. I wait as long as i can, but there is still nothing. What can I do? All industries have ruined, the goods cannot sell or buy
arukAdo Jul 28 @ 12:11pm 
The option "big passenger vehicules" seems to be having some bug, or not compatible with "more vehicules options".
Im not sure if its because I increased the intercitybus capacity, but the slider makes more ppl stack at the edge of the map and the bus doesnt fill up, if you put it back to left then the stack will slowly deplete with the buses, didnt seem to affect ship/trains tho
quickrecallaj Jul 19 @ 1:16pm 
I have the same issue as Gamophyte, where there are too many trains trying to leave and it is backing up. I have this mod and Harmony installed, and the mod appears to be doing nothing.
gamophyte Jul 18 @ 10:08am 
I just realized today that this mod isn't effecting my game. I have a map where there is way too much dummy traffic and it stalls. I got this mod, and killed all the dummy but plains and it's having no effect. Also mostly empty trains. Anyone know any deflectors to stop this mod from sinking in?

PS. I have Harmony of course.