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[RH] Faction: Task Force 141 (1.0)
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Apr 22 @ 1:19pm
May 14 @ 8:53pm
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[RH] Faction: Task Force 141 (1.0)

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Project: Red Horse - Factions 1.0
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Task Force 141, colloquially referred to as "The One-Four-One"

Task Force 141 is a multinational special operations unit composed of members of British, Australian, American, Canadian and possibly other foreign personnel, usually those with previous Special Ops experience.

Note: This faction is a part of "Project: Red Horse" a set of mods that expand on tacticool warfare stuff.

Would you like to be able to call this faction for QRF/Reinforcements?

Hair mod used for Cpt. Price and Soap MacTavish in previews and the animation:

NOTE: Not all outfits shown in previews are included in this mod, the currently unreleased "U.S. Military Kit for 1.0 has all US uniforms from the previews that ARE NOT included in this faction mod.

Jecrell - C# Coding
Infinity Ward - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series
Task Force 141 emblem art - jeonghun.lee.37
Sourcefilmmaker Community - Animation SFX
Ods - Hair mod for Cpt. Price and Soap MacTavish
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Apr 22 @ 2:00pm
PINNED: Issues with enabling mods mid-save
Chicken Plucker
< >
Sadron May 22 @ 11:11am 
Good work Captain, always glad to see other language fans doing their part for the RimWorld community.
Face May 22 @ 4:29am 
is there a scenario that allows me to start with this faction? like its possible with the MSF
Mr Tea Pot May 20 @ 9:25am 
we need a muffalo faction now!!!!!!!
Mr Tea Pot May 20 @ 9:25am 
i sub to your channel
cardinalsno1 May 15 @ 2:18am 
Chicken Plucker  [author] May 14 @ 8:15pm 
- Issue with gunners missing weapons fixed
- non-faction Jacket spawning fixed

@cardinalsno1 - Umbra Company is a Private military company and Militaires Sans Fronteries is also a private military company.

If this issue is caused by "Faction control" mod then it's out of my reach since the red horse factions weren't intended to be messed with by a third party mod. As far as I'm concerned, faction control is doing it's job, which is editing the value of the factions spawning and potentially causing issues with duplicated factions, while these mods that weren't intended to do that in it's original coding, is unaffected unless tampered with
cardinalsno1 May 5 @ 7:36pm 
The 2nd listing from the top, is "Force Ghost" faction. At the bottom of Modded Faction list:
1) "Private military company"
2) "special operations group"
3) "counter stealth unit"
4) "private military company"

not sure what the extra faction is.
Chicken Plucker  [author] May 5 @ 1:13pm 
@cardinalsno1 - I need more details. I know the factions are intended to spawn only once unlike pirates or outlanders with random generated names, mods like faction control are capable of messing with that but I have to make sure.

MSF and Umbra Company are both sub-titled "Private Military Company" are sure it's not that? Also, please pardon my late reply, always ever so busy! Cheers

@Bobarcus - I wish I did stuff on time more, we'd have more faction mods!

@Dr. Chogan - I answered you in "Umbra Company" mod page - They are the one using that weapon.
Dr. Chogan May 1 @ 7:19pm 
I dont know if it was this mod, but it sounded like something that would have been taken from Call of Duty, but I was pelted from the atmosphere with about 30 massive explosions that demolished my base. Is there any way to prevent this if it was this mod? It said "Enemy AC130 Above" then a death laser destroyed everything I had.