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dzn Rifle Tripod
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Apr 22 @ 10:27am
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dzn Rifle Tripod

Adds rifle tripod attachement that holds weapon vertically (without tilting) and reduce weapon sway.

Version: 1
Requirements: CBA_A3

- Adds lightweight universal tripod compatible with most rifles, in black, olive and sand camo variants
- Deployed tripod prevent weapon from being canted due to terrain
- Deployed tripod affects weapon sway (less movement during aiming)

License: APL-SA


- Weapon sway effect may be set up at ((Settings -> Addon Options -> dzn Rifle Tripod))
- To add same effect to other bipod attachement, execute (using classname of bipod you want):
dzn_Rifle_Tripod_TripodClasses pushBack "AnyBipodClassYouWant";

- Mod uses ASDG_JointRails for compatibility (so it CUP/RHS/NIArms/etc. compatible)
- Mod is not compatible with weapons that lack underbarrel proxy and nothing can be done from my side

dzn MG Tripod (for machine guns)
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SilentKiwik Sep 4 @ 4:54am 
@Ok͜isar҉u Forgive me for asking, but could I trouble you about those weapon resting mods you were talking about? I'd send you a request, if you're ok with that.

I'd just like to hear about thsoe, as my unit has been looking for a solution, and Simple Weapon Resting is great but not exactly what we need (not usiçng a bipod, and the sway are a bit too much for long range shooting).
Buzzil  [author] Aug 15 @ 12:31am 
Checked with latest RHS stable build + CBA + Rifle tripod -- all works fine with M2010. Maybe you have corrupted version of CBA, try to redownload?
Pyth3rEx Aug 14 @ 4:21pm 
Couldn't seem to find it for RHS's M2010 ESR. Anyone know why?
KooLade Aug 14 @ 11:53am 
Thanks man.
Buzzil  [author] Jul 24 @ 1:20am 
Deployemnt animation is bugged in Arma - e.g. on each reload bipod animation restored to default for other players in multiplayer. It's not very noticible with bipods, but become obvious with large tripod. So there are 2 options: odd running with deployed tripod or odd lying with folded tripod.

As for me -- deployed MG team/sniper with folded tripod looks absolutely disgusting, but running with attached tripod is pretty ok - rifle tripod is lightweight item, so it's not a big problem to carry it attached to gun.
Bismarck Jul 23 @ 3:08pm 
Loving the mod so far! I've got probably about 15-20 hours with it on my LMG. Quick question though; Would it be possible to have a deployment animation, similar to the bipod? It looks a little odd running around with an LMG that has a permanently deployed tripod. Unless there already is one and it's just bugged or I'm a blind idiot. Anyways, great work with it and I absolutely love it!
Falinov (DND) Jul 13 @ 11:17pm 
Holy shit, that's awesome bro!
DeadPixel Jun 29 @ 12:04pm 
Got it working now @Buzzil
Buzzil  [author] Jun 29 @ 11:13am 
@DeadPixel no, mod is using ASDG_JointRails, so you need to ask `Nemo's Mk12` mod maker to make his rifle compatible with it (or with my mod only, it's about few lines in config). Or, if mk12 has underbarrel proxy - you can make your own small mod to add compatibility via config.
DeadPixel Jun 29 @ 7:19am 
Can you make it compatibel with Nemo's Mk12 ?