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[2.2.7] RP MegaModPack
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Apr 22 @ 6:16am
Jun 4 @ 12:46am
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[2.2.7] RP MegaModPack

RP Mod for the Saturday game of Stellaris Hardcore Roleplay 2.2.7 Version!.

The mod as it stands features:
-Planetary Diversity
-Planetary Diversity - Exotic Worlds
-Planetary Diversity - More Arcologies
-Planetary Diversity - Unique Worlds
All Planetary Diversity content is currently removed from the mod because of the frequent updates that Planetary Diversity is getting, once the updates have slowed down it will be re-implemented.
-Extra Ship Components
-Realistic Ships
-Selectable Starter Ruler Traits
-Trace Empire Customisation
-Zyralynn species: Zamite
-Removes the shown stats in multiplayer nation select (So that people cannot see nations resources)
-Removes stats about how other empires feel about you (So that it is all done around RP)
-RP MegaCorp
-Expanded Hive stuff made by me

Special thanks to all modders involved especially the rest of the modding team for SHCRP
Mthis - Code
Legofreak97 - Code
Unknown Sage - Code
Invosis - Artwork
Creature - Code & Artwork
My Discord Channel for everything mod related!
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Creature  [author] May 11 @ 9:10am 
No problem at all! what should fix it for you is if you download the 3 PD mods and run them alongside it, it is because PD has a lot more planets than base game and so the selection area has to be smaller.
Doze14 May 11 @ 9:05am 
I tested it out a few times and I tested it without any other mods active as well and it still didn't work so I'm assuming it's just the update which might have caused it. It's okay. We will just wait for it to be fixed and thanks for putting the modpack together.
Creature  [author] May 11 @ 9:03am 
@Doze14 do you have any other mods active? I am currently using the mod and don't have this issue. One thing that could be causing it is the latest update has removed PD because of all the updates that are happening to PD, if this is the issue then it is purely my fault as I am currently doing more tweaks as we speak so haven't had time to update the change log or description. PD will be re implemented once the updates have slowed down.
Doze14 May 11 @ 8:56am 
No. It's as soon as I launch the game and click on city selection. It only shows the default planets and the circles are smaller as if they are trying to highlight the other planets that were there before. This is before I've selected anything like civics and that.
Creature  [author] May 11 @ 8:43am 
@Doze14 do you have a special planet based civic active? such as life-seeded.
Doze14 May 11 @ 8:02am 
I dont think the planet page is loading properly anymore. At least for not me and my friend.
Creature  [author] Apr 28 @ 5:42am 
The mod as it stands features:
Planetary Diversity
Extra Ship Components
Realistic Ships
Selectable Starter Ruler Traits
Trace Empire Customisation
Expanded Hive stuff made my be
and other tweaks such as what Dragon said.

It is designed for people in the group, we have had issues in the past of people not loading up every mod or not removing an extra one they had prior to the game and so for the Saturday game I have integrated them all into one mod so they only have one to click.
novahack Apr 27 @ 12:20pm 
could we at least get a list of the mods present?
Wacowal Apr 23 @ 8:58am 
Cool, nice to know.
Brave Green Dragon  [author] Apr 23 @ 7:51am 
Leojo is right Wacowal. This mod is made for our RP server. But it does some stuff by itself as well. For Example it removes the stats that show you, how much other empires like you or how they compare to your empire. That makes rp way more fun.