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Monster Hunter: World

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Kulve Tarroth: Track & Hunt
By Body Pillow Enjoyer
Last major update: 6 May
In the face of Kulve Tarroth, efficiency is king.
Track, Gather, Hunt.

This guide was written when I obsessively farmed Kulve Tarroth. Now that I am sick of it, I hate the boss design, the overpowered tarroth sword fire, and the crap weapon designs. Glutton is cheat.
Kulve Tarroth: Mission Flow
Repeat the Following:
Tracking Round
Hunting Round
Track: Pursuit Levels
You have no friends, horn break at pursuit 1 is near impossible, thus you need 2 runs.

You need to know:
  • The goal of the first run is to get as much pursuit point to raise pursuit level, then have a easier time fighting KT with lower health.
  • Tracks give 10 pursuit points each.
  • Fighting KT (parts & new areas) gives low pursuit points.
  • You have been missing tracks while you focus on fighting KT.
  • Horn plating don't reward us with the new weapons, worthless.
  • By not doing enough damage in area 1, KT will leave straight away.

Therefore,for the first round just collect tracks. Solo it, don't bother trying with random people.
In average I get 140 pursuit points per run (100-190). Failing to contribute at least 100 pursuit points simply means you have no idea what you're doing.

A pursuit 3 should be reached after the tracking round. Otherwise, the players in your session are really useless.
Pursuit Level
Pursuit Point
Cumulative Pursuit Point
Track: Build
Intimidator: prevent Gajalakas disabling your scoutflies
Scoutfly Range Up, Hunting Horn & Horn Maestro: More guide range
Assassin's Hood & Tool Specialist: Speed

Botanist, Honey Hunter: More resources per gather
Forager's Luck: Higher rare gathering spots

Marathon Runner & Stamina Surge

Gather: Farming

Useful Resources
Area T
Yellow: Honey
Red: Mandragora
Blue: Bitterbug
Pink: Adamant Seed
Green: Devil's Blight
Orange: Dragonfell Berry

Area A A' B C
Pink: Nitroshroom
Blue: Blue Mushroom
White: Godbug
Brown: Large Barrel
Red: Fireherb

Gather: Recommended Route
Background Information
The formula for this run is: resource tracks resource tracks

Gathering Hub: Switch gear, "empty" pouch, use voucher & eat for Felyne Harvester (custom plate).
0:00 Spawn, mantle on, T C A A' B, mantle off @1:30.
2:30 Should have finished T C A A' B, play HH melody & track.
4:00 Fast travel to base, mantle on, T C A A'
6:00 Fast travel to base, track.
8:00 Done.

Tool Specialist 3 for mantle cool down (2:24):, this is why we take the mantle off @1:30 to make sure its ready @4:00. The last phase (6:00 Fast travel to base, track) is really intense so I need the speed to not lose tracks.
Felyne Harvester decreases gathering spot spawn time extremely important. Mandragora now grow in 4 minutes (slowest of all). This explain the timing of the action @4:00. Vouchers are easily farmed under 2 minutes by event: Greeting the Gluttons. Do it in between runs when the other groups are still inside.

If you don't want to spend/ don't have vouchers, then just gather resources once.

Turn on auto-craft for some recipes.
Use the timer on your phone/ steam overlay.
Assassin's Hood gives you a period of speed bonus after crouch.

A lot of resources for the next round, spend it.

Hunt: General
I will only cover stuff that most people don't know.
This is meant for the general situation (w/ randoms).
Excuse my language, maybe a bit rough here.

Disclaimer have to be made because people like to get triggered and complain. The purpose of guides like this is always to educate. I am not putting you on gun-point to force you to play like this.

No matter how you build, put on health boost 3 and make sure your bonus health is full (canteen/ max potion). Case in point, a ranged user with 450 defense, 180 health will still get one shot by KT's body roll. I don't need that extra 1% damage when you cart. Obviously, newbies with crap gear don't bother coming and ruin the game. You'll either get kicked or triple cart and get nth.

LBG is the best all-around, safe and high damage. Don't tell me DB or other melee can dish out more DPS, no random groups can constantly stun-lock KT so you can't hit the horns. Seen too many melee users die to stupid ♥♥♥♥.

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ use consumables when needed, we farmed a bunch in tracking round.
Not healing yourself → cart → no good.
Not using bombs → slow fight → no good.
"But my teammates aren't using it"! Shut the ♥♥♥♥ up.
Hunt: Area 1
I'll talk about cannons.
Cannons get her molten fast and break her horn plating so the group can actually focus on her parts in area 2.

Note that you can predict KT's route using its spawn location. After spawning in, hold Q to see where KT is to know which route will it takes.

White Route

Black Route

Misc Tips
Most people don't know where KT will emerge after it dug in. So, having a bind is handy.
KT is here, come!
Hunt: Area 2
Break parts, eventually it'll go to area 3.

Misc tips
Most ppl like to put bombs at where her head will be after she emerge from ground. But note that if you already broke the horn plating & chip the horn, then further damage dealt to the horn WILL NOT carry over to area 4. In that case, just put the bombs a little bit further, blow the bombs up under her chest to keep her stimulated and molten.
Hunt: Area 3
The objective here is to get it to shed (release). If its already released, then it'll go to area 4 in just a moment. Else, just break a few parts then she'll release.

Misc Tips
The stalactite right in front of the entrance is good free damage & stun. In too many hunts after I went in to lure her under the rock, KT targets my snail teammates in the entrance. So please keep up with her.
Hunt: Area 4
Break tail then break horn. Done!

Misc Tips
Don't be a fool spamming dodge in the lava puddles, spam that max potion to tank it.
As the tail is easily approached by melee users, ranged users should target the horns. With the same principle, when KT is put to sleep, if most of the team are melee, then bomb the horn, otherwise, bomb the tail.
Dear LBG users, slicing ammo SUCKS for everyone else. Melee get flinched, bomb-setters get flinched.
If there are 3/4 LBG in the team, you can definitely get KT to sleep twice. Communicate, makes the hunt easier. You can buy sleep 2 with zenny, no need to save. We also farmed catalyst so you can craft more sleep 2.

Apply explosives.

Purchase the action: Kowtou from the store and and pray for a higher drop chance.
Hunt: LBG tips
Recover Ammo 2 SAVE LIVES. Though expensive to craft, not failing the mission is far better, thus catalysts are farmed during pursuit 1.
Hub Lass
FAQ/ Final words
Thanks for reading this til the end!
Please share this method to those who are unaware.

Do leave a comment if you disagree. Discussion is what drives gamers to betterment.
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Moonmadness Apr 20, 2019 @ 10:28am 
Scholar doesn't affect pursuit level, nor does Scenthound.