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Budd-RDC - Australien National
Vehicle: Locomotive, Wagon
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Apr 20 @ 4:51am
May 19 @ 10:28am
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Budd-RDC - Australien National

The Budd Rail Diesel Car, RDC or Buddliner is a self-propelled diesel multiple unit (DMU) railcar. Between 1949 and 1962, 398 RDCs were built by the Budd Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. The cars were primarily adopted for passenger service in rural areas with low traffic density or in short-haul commuter service, and were less expensive to operate in this context than a traditional diesel locomotive-drawn train with coaches. The cars could be used singly or several could be coupled together in train sets and controlled from the cab of the front unit.
Technical Details:
- Vmax : 85 mph
- Power : 410 kW
- Traction : 150 kN
- Seats : 90
- Availability : 1949 to 1969

MaikC (Modell+Textur) ,
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dgw862 Jun 7 @ 12:20am 
need more Aussie rail & road stock
Bill Williamson May 17 @ 2:19am 
YAY another aussie train =)
Maik [Ger]  [author] May 11 @ 2:33pm 
Not really a typo, just mixed german and english :D
Kronic_Rogue May 11 @ 4:10am 
Although the mod title has a typo of 'Australien' not 'Australian'

But still great to have more Aussie trains!
Kronic_Rogue May 11 @ 4:02am 
A wonderful addition!
WORTHwhile May 7 @ 2:05am 
stupid me didn't activate the B&O rdc, that'd do it!
Maik [Ger]  [author] May 6 @ 7:19am 
You have to download and activate all needed Mods.
WORTHwhile May 6 @ 1:38am 
hey man when i buy the train from a depot my game crashes. I get a Lua error box which says: File: vehicle/train/budd_rdc3.mdl
cannot open res/models/group/vehicle/train/budd_rdc1_lod_0_bodi.grp: No such file or directory
Maik [Ger]  [author] Apr 24 @ 9:20pm 
Good morning, sir. Well, I don't remember that. But sometimes I also forget things, how to answer.
Anyway now, at least you were honest and asked again.
You can make gladly still further repaints however under use of the Repaintutil (link) If you need help with it nevertheless please announce yourselves in the forum and ask me there.
It's not difficult just daonload this mod and use them as template. All the things you need are included in this mod.
Thad Apr 24 @ 5:43pm 
@Maik [Ger] I'm hoping to talk to you about using this model for modding purposes. As you may know, I created a Canadian National Budd RDC mod using your model last year, and tried to contact you for permission. Unfortunately, I didn't get a response but uploaded my mod anyway. I'm hoping you'll see this comment and will allow me to keep that mod on the workshop and to make a couple more repaints using this model. Thanks in advance :coach: