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DomiNATION (3x3, PvE, Full Progression)
DomiNATION Gaming and The PACK Gaming join together to
Welcome you to the DomiNATION (3x3, PvE, Full Progression).

This Atlas server group is a 3x3 with 70 player slots per shard. It is a PVE server. Auto-updates are enabled, so there should be no MOD Mis-Match occur. And the server will Auto-restart (Daily 6AM US EST time).
Rates are 6xXP, 2xH, and 2xT/B.

Rules can be found on Either Website below.
Domination Gaming Website:
The PACK Gaming Website:

DomiNATION Gaming Discord:
The PACK Gaming Discord:
Items (10)
Custom Item Stacks
Created by Impulse
ModID: 1629667379
Super Weight Sails
Created by Shimmyy
This mod increases the amount of weight given when using weight sails.

Large: 40000
Medium: 20000
Small: 10000

ModId: 1629288537

cheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/HeavySails/...
Better Smithy
Created by TrevorJD
Adds personal-inventory-crafted items to the smithy.

Note 1: Only works for the vanilla smithy. If you have a mod that adds a custom smithy, my mod won't know about it.

Note 2: If another mod also adds wooden floors and stuff, you are likely to get d...
Chronicles RP Town Builder
Created by Bin Man
Build your towns with Npc Vendors, This mod was created for Chronicles RP if you have any questions please leave them bellow =)


Can anyone place these structures? - yes

The horse is broken? - I know.

When will it be fixed? - Not anytime so...
Lanterns & Torches Galore
Created by darklore
Adds various useful and decorative lantern and torch structures to the game.
Lanterns and Torches can be set to Turn on/off automatically for day/night time.
Light intensity and colors are adjustable.
Admins have the option to set the mod's lanterns an...
Peachy Ship Decor
Created by Peachycoaster
This mod was created for RolePlayers (RP) who want additional Decor and furniture. The majority of the items are already in the game I have just made them placeable. All items can be picked up and do not require foundations to place...
Atlas Transfer\Pickup Gun
Created by iSPEZZ
MOD ID:1674760813


This mod adds in a Transfer Gun which allows you to transfers Resource...
Snapping Shipyards
Created by JP
MOD ID: 1664161949

Small shipyard with one snap point at the rear that can snap to foundations, is unlocked alongside the vanilla small shipyard
Large shipyard with one snap point at the rear that can snap to foundations, is unlocked alongsid...
Regenerating Ships
Created by andargor
Regenerating Ships

This mod regenerates the health of all player-owned ship structures, including planks, sails, guns, and all attached structures such as walls and ceilings. We use it on our private server, and it was created to alleviate the ...
Enhanced Navigation
Created by MG_Gimpy




This mod bring a little direction to your life while sailing. I ...