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Lethe: Lost Technologies of the United Colonial Federation
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Replimat adds a Star Trek-style distributed food replicator system, capable of efficiently feeding colonists with high quality meals. No cooks or stoves required!

Developed in collaboration with Dubwise.

  • Feed colonists, patients and prisoners without stockpiling cooked meals - pawns will automatically choose a random meal when hungry
  • Feed pets and other colony animals with replicated Kibble
  • Batch replicate Packaged Survival Meals for caravans
  • Convert and store any raw food into an universal nutrient feedstock resource
  • Uses the base game's food restriction system - customize what meals each pawn is allowed to replicate
  • Replimat buildings connect to each other via standard powernet - no special plumbing or conduits needed
  • Random (rare) Replimat malfunction incidents - can be disabled in Mod Settings

  • Complete the Molecular Nutrient Resequencing research project
  • Obtain a Isolinear Computing Module from Exotic Goods Traders (caravans and orbital), Item Stash Quest rewards or by disassembling an AI Persona Core at the Machining Table (bill unlocked after completing Advanced fabrication research project)
  • Build a Replimat Computer, which controls all other Replimat subsystems
  • Build Replimat Feedstock Tanks
  • Build Replimat Hoppers, and supply it with any raw food
  • Build Replimat Terminals in mess halls, near patient beds and/or prison cells; wardens can also fetch meals from Terminals outside of prisons
  • Build Replimat Animal Feeders in barns or near animal beds

  • Terminals will not replicate meals of awful quality or worse (e.g. Nutrient Paste), or meals that provide less than 0.4 units of nutrition (e.g. pemmican, chocolate)
  • The Hopper converts raw food to nutrient feedstock by mass, and since raw food items are (by RimWorld's definition) individually only 0.01~0.03 kg, an impressive 2k stockpile of raw meat will give less than 60 L of feedstock (assuming a conversion rate of 1.07 kg/L, equivalent to the real-life Abbott's Ensure Nutritional Shake)
  • Visitors from the base game cannot eat from Terminals, as the changes required to the visitor food source priority tree would also cause them to steal colonist meals if no Terminals are built on the map
  • The capacity of the Feedstock tanks are very high, and it is expected that the average colony will never be able to completely fill a tank; this is a deliberate design decision, as a tall tank with a size of a 1x1 cell would in real life be equivalent to your average 250L hot water tank
  • Feedstock tank contents do not count towards the Low Food Warning storage thresholds, so it is recommended that you batch replicate enough Packaged Survival Meals beforehand

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese

  • Savegame compatible
  • Most mods that add custom meals (e.g. VGP Gourmet Garden) should automatically be supported
  • Orion's Hospitality - unlike base game visitors, Hospitality mod guests can eat from your colony's Terminals; in practice, they will usually eat from their own caravan meals first
  • Industrial Rollers - IR Pushers can directly feed Hoppers from conveyors
  • Multiplayer - supported
  • Any alien race mods using erdelf's Humanoid Alien Races 2.0 (e.g. Orassans, Drow, Android Tiers) - supported
  • [RF] Fertile Fields - Hoppers will accept Plant Scraps as input
  • Common Sense - Load after Replimat
  • Smarter Food Selection - incompatible; no current plans to add support, as SFS uses its own food utils and job drivers instead of patching the existing vanilla utils and drivers like Replimat
  • Pawn Rules - - incompatible; no current plans to add support, as PR uses its own food utils and job drivers instead of patching the existing vanilla utils and drivers like Replimat
  • Prison Labor - incompatible, as PL uses its own food utils and job drivers instead of patching the existing vanilla utils and drivers like Replimat

  • none

This mod is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)[www.creativecommons.org], which in layman's terms means:
  • You are permitted to use, copy, redistribute my work as-is
  • You may remix your own derivatives (new or alternative textures, defs, plugin code), and release them under your own name
  • You must credit Robin "sumghai" Chang and and Dubwise (authors, Replimat) when publishing your derivatives in the download and forum posts

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Aug 5 @ 1:02pm
Replimat-exclusive meals?
< >
Con_Ju Oct 18 @ 9:01am 
Omg! this is the coolest mod ever!:steamhappy:
30°C Oct 15 @ 12:35am 
found the problem. It seems colonists wont automatically transport food from digital storage unit from rimfactory mod, easily fixed by using an IO port to output the meat individually
30°C Oct 15 @ 12:28am 
found a strange bug, colonists arent loading beef or rat meat into the hooper, any other type of meat works fine...
Lobo Oct 14 @ 5:35pm 
Great mod, very well done! As a suggestion you could add an option to give a small -2 debuff to anyone replicating a food otherwise the kitchen is 100% obsolete.
twolf79 Sep 28 @ 8:00pm 
Okay, thanks for the update. I did not know that. I appreciate the information.
sumghai  [author] Sep 27 @ 3:20pm 
@twolf79 - Ore Yields has been abandoned by its author, because he wasn't able to update it to 1.2 properly.

AFAIK, mods that increase stack count work fine with Replimat.
twolf79 Sep 27 @ 8:00am 
Does not work with Ore Yields, Orge stack, and Increased stack. Just giving a heads up to any who like me likes those mods. Has a conflict with them.
Liana Sep 22 @ 1:59am 
Hi, with the latest update whenever i go to build the animal feeder for replimat - my pawns delievr the materials but as soon as its ready for construction the blueprint disappears and the materials are lost? Is this happening for anyone else, how can I fix this?
sumghai  [author] Sep 20 @ 5:11am 
@Ground0 - Replimat and SOS2 works just fine for me, even when the ship is in space.

I suggest you try doing some troubleshooting - start a new, temporary savegame with only Replimat and SOS2, verify that the Terminals work in space, then slowly add your other mods in. Perhaps you have a third mod causing compatibility issues.
Ground0 Sep 20 @ 2:23am 
when using with Save Our Ships 2, the terminal won't be visited by pawns in space( though the packaged food still can be manufactured by it