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CPE - Anti Backdoor (Deprecated)
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Apr 16, 2019 @ 3:07pm
Apr 7, 2020 @ 12:48pm
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CPE - Anti Backdoor (Deprecated)

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A lua backdoor blocker, including a nice derma menu.
Code by Liverus if you have any question/suggestion.

IMPORTANT: This addon is still in development. This means that there may be unintended mistakes or false positives. The ability to block a file or not has been added in order to avoid this problem.
This addon proceeds by replacing "key" functions for backdoors. As a result, some addons checking if changes were done (called DRMs) can block their execution. Know that we are not responsible for this and we are working to remedy this "problem", which is a real dilemma in terms of security.
Note, this only detect "smart" or "dynamic" backdoors.

First installation: If errors appear after the installation of CPE, don't worry! You will need to configure CPE and then restart your server. If the errors come from CPE, I invite you to copy-paste them in the dedicated thread. (Bugs)

Known incompatibility: SNTE (Create net considered harmful by CPE, which in itself is the purpose of the addon, we advise you to uninstall it)

Potential incompatibilities: Every addon using DRM (Billy's Addons, VCMod, ...)

You should really disable every addons using DRM before using CPE. Some peoples reported that it might cause license loss.

Why should you use CPE?

First, CPE will block the execution of malicious code on your server, showing its source, so that you can delete it.

Then, like SNTE, CPE will ban every players using malicious nets. (Ban compatible with ULX, if installed on your server)

Finally, CPE will tell you if an exploit is detected, showing its source.

How to use CPE?

To open the menu, you have to enter the following command in the console: cpe_menu
If you have ulx, the menu will also be available via the command: ulx cpe

If an exploit is found: CPE can't do anything for you. You have two possibilities:

-You can keep using the addon, even if dangerous. (Remember to update them!)
-You can uninstall it.

If a backdoor is found: If you don't know anything about programming, do not touch anything. Simply block it, we are never too careful.

Otherwise, go to the filepath given by CPE. (Rarely, the file may not match with the actual location of the backdoor)
Then check if you find a backdoor. If you didn't find anything, you can allow the file through the menu, otherwise, delete the malicious code or uninstall the addon completely.


Thanks SNTE for the list of nets called "Exploitables".
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