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DarksideRP Structures
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May 6 @ 1:26pm
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DarksideRP Structures

Additional Structures for DarksideRP.
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eviscerate Jun 17 @ 2:26am 
@Nashotah .... not a server ad but you have to play on the server to find out about the mod.... yeah totally doesnt sound like an ad...... Mod descriptions like these are click bait crap
Twee May 12 @ 6:58am 
Thanks for all the hard work you do these mods are awesome and easy to find if you type in darkside as well as see the logo and know that you have the correct ones for the server.
Nashotah May 10 @ 2:40pm 
@123 these are not ads for the server. They are mods specifically for the DarksideRP private servers. They're pretty great too! IF you wanna see what they added, go apply to play on the servers! :D
ShiftySquirrel May 5 @ 7:47am 
you don't need steam to install or download them for your games, this is bullshit advertising for their server. that i found to rather rude and insensitive. Never break role play even if you have an emergency IRL.
jonagilchrist Apr 28 @ 8:23pm 
just trying to find their servers to look
Tali'Zorah nar Rayya Apr 28 @ 8:26am 
who cares if they have the server name on it, is it hurting your private server population? People are so easily triggered.
floofnsweet Apr 21 @ 11:56am 
@Udo They do not if the mods are hidden, we tested plenty.
udo Apr 21 @ 8:21am 
agreed whats the point of having these here if it isnt just for advertising , mods installed on your servers automatically download to players connecting so no need to have them publically listed
Jazzy Apr 20 @ 12:44pm 
if you dont want a mod to be used by the public, dont post it in public. you can download mods privately very easily.
floofnsweet Apr 18 @ 12:21am 
@Throney Steam has no way to privatize mods for a single server so unfortunately these are posted public for download. They are not intended for outside use, so you may ignore them. :)