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Technical Support Guide
By cbaldwin256
This guide provides help with some rare issues starting or using eSail. To begin with please follow these steps, and try running eSail after each:

1. Make sure your operating system is fully up to date. On Windows you can run Windows update and check if anything has failed to install properly. In particular look for any Direct X or graphics driver issues.

2. Re-boot your computer.

3. Disable any background processes that you can i.e. anti-virus, and backup or sync apps like Google Drive etc. If you find any of these is interfering with eSail please contact Support (and make sure you turn your anti-virus back on of course!)

4. Have a look at the Steam Help pages:

If you are still having problems, please check the FAQs below. If you cannot resolve the issue send your log and data files to us, with details of the problem:
Recovering from issues using backup files
eSail may get stuck with the opening screen showing a picture of the eSail boat. You may hear the music but nothing happens.

Or there could be other issues where you cannot access a tutorial or challenge.

It could be that your data has become corrupted. This can happen during Steam Cloud save, possibly if the Steam software is closed too quickly while it is still syncing.

Because of this we save backup files of your data, so its possible to restore the last good version.

So can you try this:
1) First go offline in the Steam software: (top menu) Steam/Go offline (Windows) or (top menu) Account/Go offline (Mac)

2) (Windows)
Open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Users\Your name\AppData\LocalLow\VRActive\eSail (Mac)
Open Finder and navigate to Library/Application Support/VR Active/eSail

3) Rename this file:
\User_1_Data\trainingData to trainingData_bak

4) Now go to the \Bak folder. You will see there are backups of data files.
Just copy over the most recent version of trainingData (when eSail was working properly) into the User_1_Data folder

Now rename the backup to 'trainingData'

5) Try to run eSail. If all works well then you can go online again in Steam. NOTE: If you get a popup like that below, choose local files (upload to the Steam Cloud).

NOTE: The UserData file may also very rarely become corrupt so its worth trying the same technique if restoring a trainingData backup does not clear the issue. In this case copy a UserData backup file to the 'Data' folder.

If you have any problems please send details and log files (see link in header section).

Multiplayer registration issues
When registering for multiplayer an email is sent to you to confirm your email address. The registration is completed only when a link in the email is clicked. If you do not receive this email check your junk/spam folder. Also check carefully the exact email address that you have provided.

It is also possible that eSail gets out of sync - you have registered successfully but eSail does not accept it.

Either way, this process normally fixes things.

1. In eSail, go to the edit user screen (user 1)

2. Press this key combination while on the edit user screen:
ctrl + alt + left arrow
option + command + left arrow

3. Click on Register Multiplayer. Enter your details, agree the terms and Save.

You may receive a message saying your username already exists. Ignore this.

If not, then check your email (and junk folder). You should receive an email. Make sure you click on the link to confirm your email.

4. Exit the Edit User screen, and click on your boat name to enter the modules menu. If you don't get an error message then the issue is probably fixed.

5. If all is working correctly you should return to the edit user screen and press:
ctrl + alt + right arrow
option + command + right arrow

This will make sure eSail knows that you have registered so you can change the password from inside eSail if you want to.

eSail will not run
Q. On starting eSail from Steam an icon appears on my taskbar showing that the program is running, music starts playing, but nothing else happens.

A. Try adding -window-mode exclusive to launch options. Right click on eSail in Steam, select Properties, then 'SET LAUNCH OPTIONS' from the 'GENERAL' tab.
Add in the launch option: -window-mode exclusive

If you are still having issues, please start eSail but as you do so hold down the ALT key (this only works for Windows). You should get a dialog box. Select a low resolution. Ignore the Input page. If eSail starts you will be given the option of setting the resolution in Settings and this time you can choose whichever is most suitable.
eSail will not start
Q. eSail will not start and I am getting the following error in the log file: "IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range at UnityEngine.Display.RecreateDisplayList (System.IntPtr[] nativeDisplay) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0"

A. Try changing the scaling mode of your graphics card:

For Nvidia go to the Nvidia Control Panel. Change "Aspect ratio" to "No scaling" on the Adjust desktop size and position page (with "perform scaling on Display").

For Nvidia with Intel Integrated Graphics adapter go into the Intel Control panel and switch the 'Scaling' option from "Maintain Display Scaling" to "Maintain Aspect Ratio"

For AMD Radeon go to Settings and under 'display' change scaling mode from 'preserve aspect ratio' to 'full panel'.
Remove eSail Settings
If Settings become corrupted or you simply want to revert to the default state, you can remove all settings including key bindings.

You will need to set up Settings again (including any keyboard controls you have changed) but this does not usually take too long.

Rename this file with all your eSail 'Settings' preferences:
By renaming the file it will force eSail to give you back the default Settings.
Restart eSail.

1) Download this RemovePrefs utility[] (You may need to right click on it then Download).
2) Extract the zip and run RemovePrefs.exe
3) Click the button 'Remove System' then Exit.
4) Restart eSail
5) If the problem persists run RemovePrefs.exe and click Remove All and Exit. Then restart eSail. (Note this will remove any changes you have made to Keyboard Controls).
Steering issues
1. First, please make sure do not have Auto Pilot engaged!

2. If autopilot is off, then steering issues are usually caused by having a controller such as a joystick attached. Even if you are not using it a controller may still affect steering.

So first disconnect any controllers or other hardware that might interfere.

You should also turn off 'Enable controller' under Settings.

3. If you are still having problems try changing the keys that are used for steering. You can change Keyboard Controls from Settings or press the (default) key Y during a tutorial or challenge.

4. If the problem is also affecting throttle keys then it could be you have filter keys switched on (Windows). See this for more information Windows filter keys[]

You can also try removing your Settings, forcing them back to the default state. See the separate section on this subject.

Cannot create Steam account
Q. How can I create a Steam account? I am going around in circles!

A. When you create a Steam account, you should see a screen with several moving vertical lines. You then should get an email. (Make sure you check you junk folder if you do not get the email!)

Do not close the screen with the vertical lines. Click on a Green button in the email to create the account. At this point the screen with vertical lines should change into a new screen ready for you to create a user name and password. This last stage seems to be prone to causing problems. You could try using a different browser or contact eSail Support
eSail graphics problems
Q. I'm having video and display problems in a Valve/Source game, how do I change my video and display settings during launch?

A. First always check you have the latest graphics card driver.

You can also find information on video/card related issues at Steam Support

If that does not help contact eSail support.

Live Sailing Stuck
In very rare cases in Live Sailing the eSail interface or boat may lock up in some way. If you are able to reproduce such an issue please report the steps as we are very keen to eliminate all such bugs!

There are a number of options in these situations, depending on what has happened:

1) Try restarting Live Sailing by clicking the little circular arrow on the instructions 'tablet' top left.

2) Reset your boat: Menu/Settings/Live Sailing.

3) Reset Live Sailing (this will take you back to the beginning of Live Sailing (South of Shearwater Island). However you will still keep any POIs found. Menu/Settings/live Sailing.

4) Restart eSail. If you cannot click the X button you may have to force Quit using your operating system.

If none of these oprions work, please forward a zipped up copy of your backed up data folder to eSail support: see here for email details:
I cannot set the screen resolution / resolution very low on startup
Sometimes the screen resolution dropdown does not show a complete list of resolutions which means you cannot get past the first screen of eSail. Alternatively there can be a very long list of resolutions. eSail will choose the middle of the list when you first start the game. That may give a very low resolution.

1) If your resolution is too low, first make sure you scroll down to the end of the resolutions dropdown. NOTE: There is a small grey scroll bar to the right of the drop down list.

2) Make sure your PC or Mac is fully up to date. Outdated graphics drivers are the most likely cause of this issue.

3) Reboot your machine.

4) In the Steam client software make sure you are opted out of Steam Betas (this is betas of Steam, not eSail). In the Steam software click on Steam (menu top left), Settings, Account. Then under Beta Participation change so you are not participating.

5) You may need to delete your Settings (see separate section in this guide).
Sails not saving /restoring properly
Q. When I start Live Sailing my sails are badly shaped and/or not connected to the mast.

A. There is a known bug where reefed sails do not always restore properly. This tends to happen with the jib. You can normally clear the issue by clicking the circular restart arrow. If this doesn't work then go to eSail Settings and reset the boat.
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cbaldwin256  [author] Mar 6, 2022 @ 9:56am 
I can’t get at a machine to test this right now. Please post again under discussions giving the exact name of the time trial. It sounds very odd as loads of people have done these challenges. Have you looked at the eSail Hub?
troylelliott Mar 6, 2022 @ 2:48am 
Hi there Mr Baldwin:) Mate i can not work these challenges out either. I have clicked on the time trial (Navorone) and when i get to the start area there are no markers, start lines or anything. I have completed all tasks a long time ago so I should be able to do time trials no probs. I have never ever been able to do them. I am not on the +12 hrs as none of those time trials work so everything should be good.

The simulator is getting a little boring as I cant really do anything else. Im running an Imac all up to date.
cbaldwin256  [author] Oct 1, 2019 @ 3:12am 
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