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No United Against Us & No Alliance demands from AI
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Apr 14, 2019 @ 2:31pm
May 22 @ 9:36am
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No United Against Us & No Alliance demands from AI

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Disables the "United Against Us" mechanic for all factions, and stops the AI from ever asking for a NAP or alliance.

1. The "United Against Us" mechanic is quite broken; AI factions that hate each other can randomly invite the other into a war against the player, sometimes ignoring a strong friendship or even an existing alliance that the invited party would otherwise not break. This mod removes the option to ask another faction to join a war completely and for everyone. Factions will declare war on another faction (AI or player) when they conclude that they want to, not randomly because some other faction offers them a bit of gold.

2. Having formal alliances with AI factions is mostly useless except for completing victory conditions. It has many disadvantages like being drawn into undesirable wars, with few advantages, mostly because the war target feature works poorly and the AI is spectacularly incompetent at waging war. AI factions also may or may not get a negative modifier in their autoresolve fights against other AI factions if they are allied with the player (unproven).

Therefore, players may want to avoid formal alliances with friendly AI factions. But the AI will then constantly nag for an alliance and has to be turned down every few turns. This mod completely removes the ability for all AI factions to offer or ask for a non-aggression pact, defensive alliance or military alliance. The player can still offer these treaties to the AI if he so desires.

This changes nothing about whether you can actually make an alliance or NAP - AI players will still turn you down if relations aren't good enough or you offer not enough gold. But the deal always has to be initiated by the player.

The ability of the AI to offer treaties to other AI is unaffected - AI can still make alliances with other AI.

Should be compatible with everything except other scripting mods that change the diplomacy, for example the "Loreful Diplomacy" mod.

Note: Disabling this mod will not bring the Join War option back for your current campaign as this setting is stored in the savegame.
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standardeviant Oct 11 @ 8:41pm 
Thank goodness for this mod. The final straw was when Reikland was invited into a war with me despite having a non-aggression pact, and continued to be considered "reliable." So much BS.
Malkizid (Viewtifuljim) Sep 11 @ 3:37pm 
Thank you for that!
Jadawin  [author] Aug 30 @ 1:25am 
There is also the issue of mod number limits for many people, and splitting the two things up would create two extremely tiny mods that each do just one very minor thing. This is already my tiniest and simplest mod with just a few lines of code.

I made a version with just the No United Against Us part, you can put it into your data folder, then enable it in the mod manager and disable this official version.
Because the mod is so simple, it is very unlikely that it will ever be outdated, it will continue to work even after future patches.
Pimpin Pippin Aug 26 @ 9:44am 
Thank you for this awesome mod.
Could you please consider uploading a mod with just the "No United Against Us" part?

It seems your mod is the only one on the whole Workshop that does it so it would be great if there was a separate "No United Against Us" mod to increase compatibility with other diplomacy mods which might modify alliances.
Jadawin  [author] Jul 1 @ 2:38pm 
Right, I added that information to the description.
Jeslis Jul 1 @ 2:13pm 
Hiyas, first up; thank you very much for this mod.

I realize that you do say 'everyone' several times in the description.. but for some reason my mind read that as 'only the ai'.

I was wondering if it would be possible to allow the player to still have diplomatic access to the 'united against us' or 'Join war' mechanic?

I've been running into situations where 1 of my military allies will get me into a war with 1 faction.. but because that ally is not allied with my OTHER allies... they don't get pulled into the war... and I have no way of asking them to join it.

Note; removing this mod does NOT bring the 'united against us' button back. You may wish to reference this somewhere in the description as well.
Marduk1813 Jun 5 @ 4:59pm 

Thanks, this mod is a real relief. I enjoy it a lot!
UnDeadDemon Apr 25 @ 7:20am 
Ah cool thanks :D , and once again great mod the united against us in vanilla is so broken, glad this mod is here to sort it out :)
Jadawin  [author] Apr 25 @ 2:34am 
Not easily. You could use this mod here to execute a lua command that changes the diplomacy back but probably too complicated if you're not familiar with how that works.
UnDeadDemon Apr 24 @ 3:54pm 
Great mod but is there anyway to turn it off mid campaign if i want todo something cheesey and ask someone to join war lol