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No United Against Us & No Alliance demands from AI
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No United Against Us & No Alliance demands from AI

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Disables the "United Against Us" mechanic for all factions except rogue armies, and stops the AI from ever asking for a NAP or alliance.

1. The "United Against Us" mechanic is quite broken; AI factions that hate each other can randomly invite the other into a war against the player, sometimes ignoring a strong friendship or even an existing alliance that the invited party would otherwise not break. This mod removes the option to ask another faction to join a war completely and for everyone except rogue armies. Factions will declare war on another faction (AI or player) when they conclude that they want to, not randomly because some other faction offers them a bit of gold.

2. Having formal alliances with AI factions is mostly useless except for completing victory conditions. It has many disadvantages like being drawn into undesirable wars, with few advantages, mostly because the war target feature works poorly and the AI is spectacularly incompetent at waging war. AI factions also may or may not get a negative modifier in their autoresolve fights against other AI factions if they are allied with the player (unproven).

Therefore, players may want to avoid formal alliances with friendly AI factions. But the AI will then constantly nag for an alliance and has to be turned down every few turns. This mod completely removes the ability for all AI factions to offer or ask for a non-aggression pact, defensive alliance or military alliance. The player can still offer these treaties to the AI if he so desires.

This changes nothing about whether you can actually make an alliance or NAP - AI players will still turn you down if relations aren't good enough or you offer not enough gold. But the deal always has to be initiated by the player.

Should be compatible with everything except other scripting mods that change the diplomacy, for example the "Loreful Diplomacy" mod.
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Pimpin Pippin Sep 9 @ 11:56pm 
Nice thank you very much!
Jadawin  [author] Sep 9 @ 11:55am 
Update: Rogue armies should now once again be unable to invite anyone into war, so that the mod now completely removes 'United Against Us' from the game.
Stratovarius Sep 7 @ 5:18am 
"Would it be possible to prevent Rogue armies from inviting non-Rogue armies into United Against Us vs the player?"

This happens regularly, especially as Vampirates. It's basically a giant loophole in the United Against Us mechanic, as once a single rogue army is at war with you, they can call in anyone and everyone on their side.
Pimpin Pippin Aug 12 @ 11:53pm 
Thanks for replying.
Yes it happens several times when playing as Dreadfleet (very hard/normal).
I have not tested it with other factions at the moment since im doing a VCoast play-through on Vortex.
Jadawin  [author] Aug 12 @ 12:01pm 
Huh, I did not consider that this could happen. Have not seen it even once in a full campaign, though. For you it happened multiple times?

I'll look into it when I come back to the game... currently not really playing.
Pimpin Pippin Aug 9 @ 5:15am 
Thank you for this mod.
Would it be possible to prevent Rogue armies from inviting non-Rogue armies into United Against Us vs the player?
Right now a non-Rogue army faction will invite a Rogue army into United Against Us vs the player, and then that Rogue army would constantly invite various non-Rogue armies to Unite vs the player.
It feels rather lame and ridiculous when some random Rogue army can invite Mazdamundi, Dark Elves, Skaven and High Elves into United Against Us vs the player.
Jadawin  [author] Jul 17 @ 3:42am 
Where is this proof? I heard this rumor too and tried to find proof for it, but couldn't find anything in the game scripts. Also have not seen anyone else post actual evidence. Which does not mean it's definitely not true, it could be hidden. But as it is, there is no evidence.

If this is in fact true, I have no idea how to change it, since I couldn't find anything about it in the code. But currently I assume that it's only a rumor.
bushez Jul 16 @ 10:58pm 
there are anyway to disable the negative effect the ai get when you do military/def alliances with it ?
(proven that the ai will lost the bonus he had before the alliances)
Pimpin Pippin Jun 14 @ 2:56pm 
Ye i also noticed that, in addition to often asking for gold gifts, the AI will often ask for military access - even if they are half the world away.
YpsiNine Jun 14 @ 2:39pm 
Along with the gift of gold, the AI also asks a lot for Military Access. Is this touched upon in this mod? I could not find anything regarding MA in the description.