X4: Foundations

X4: Foundations

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Apr 14 @ 8:16am
Jun 19 @ 9:07am
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NEW! v2 FIXES the PHQ mission bug! Sorry about that one. Also add a few new starts and missing blueprints.

see full source and documentation at https://github.com/h2odragon/dragonstarts

Accelerated game start options that give PHQ, SETA, blueprints, money, and ships.

Basic: You get a loaded Eclipse, in Argon Prime, with the PHQ also in Argon Prime by the old jump gate, ready to meet the boron and begin research. You have the SETA and 20k Cr.

Poor: As above plus a couple million Credits worth of crystals to start you off.

Poor Producer: adds a good basic set of blueprints, docks, refineries, all the biologicals.

Comfy Producer: 10x the crystals and Shipyard blueprints for S/M, L, and XL build modules.

Seedling Magnate: adds the rest of the module blueprints.

Rank Cheating: adds blueprints for my favorite 20 or so ships and all the gear to kit them out with.

Cheating no PHQ: as above without the PHQ, if you'd rather not have the big rock to deal with or want to do that quest.

v2 ADD: test start, with more money, teleport already available, open map, AdvSats on all gates, and Trade Subscriptions for the friendly factions.
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Jun 2 @ 3:57pm
Piked up the boron mission and got 2nd HQ, now the game crashes whenever i go near ether!
< >
Psycho Nov 16 @ 8:37am 
Doesnt work with 3.0 beta (no research available)

edgycommunist420 Sep 10 @ 9:36am 
Apparently the PHQ is an illegal plot and makes me constantly lose reputation with the Argon Federation
Starscorcher Jul 21 @ 9:18pm 
@dragon231 awesome thx
dragon231  [author] Jul 21 @ 11:21am 
@starscorcher I've got links notes and tools at https://github.com/h2odragon/x4f-notes
Starscorcher Jul 21 @ 2:21am 
nice addon , do you have a guide published on how you made this and other mods ?
Slayer Jun 27 @ 11:11am 
where to locate the crystals? I don't see them in inventory anywhere
pigdogboy.cb Jun 3 @ 8:59am 
research button will show up when you build a dock land and go to the science lab on the station. all was going well for me till I came across the player HQ mission, started it to see what would happen. Got a 2nd PHQ (nice) then the escape mission started up and now whenever i go near my PHQ's the game craps out. thanks to my bad save game managment its find a fix or start again........
Balloon☆Daze May 29 @ 1:03pm 
Can't do any research on new start either, please help.
CaptainRansom May 29 @ 11:48am 
Really good Mod. Can you maybe add more Crystals and maybe "Ressources" ( Engine Parts and so ) - to the Cheating no PHQ ? ;) will be nice.
[Galushka] - CCCP May 28 @ 5:48pm 
Can't do any research on new start, coz there's no research button at the top... Any idea? Thanks.