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Crafting Hats and Misc
By yNOox.
Welcome to my Guide Crafting Hat or Misc!

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Welcome to my Guide Crafting Hat or Misc
Here I will give some tips for you to make your own Hat or Misc.
Well this was something I did to a recorded time ago.


Now it out to be something very common in Team Fortress 2.
I added here now for even a good help for new players and fabricators.

First you will need to have Metal or Hats that you no longer are interested and would like to create something new with them.[/b]

Crafting Metal
How to create Metal first.
You need Weapons.

2 Craftable Weapons (same class) = 1 Scrap Metal

3 Scrap metal = 1 Reclaimed Metal

3 Reclaimed Metal = 1 Refined Metal

Note: Not need be exactly the same weapon, but needs to be of the same Class.

Working with Metal
After you have some Metal together or hats then you'll up.
Click in Rare Items

Fabricate Headgear you need 3.00 Refined Metal

3.00 Refined Metal = Hat or Misc

Working with Hats
Rebuild Headgear you need 2 Hats Same Class
Note: Not need be exactly the same Hat, but needs to be of the same Class.

Working for Specific Class
Fabricate Class Headgear you need 4.00 Refined Metal and 1 Class Token
Note: Gets a Hat (random) for Specific Class Token.




Crafting Token Class
3 Any Crafting Weapons = 1 Token Class

Follow all steps

1. Crafting Items

2. Fabricate Token Class

3. Crafting Token Class

Note: Not need be exactly the same Weapon, but needs to be of the same Class.

4. Examples
Fabricate Bonk Helm
Fabricate Bonk Helm you need 1 Hat Batter's Helmet (Craftable) and 2 Bonk! Atomic Punch.
Note: This crafting is specific to Bonk Helm (creates nothing more here)

Fabricate Set Headgear
Fabricate Set Headgear you need 4.00 Refined Metal and 1 Weapon
Note: This production is for a (random) Specific Item or Set Class
(Depends on the weapon that you add)



Crafting Special
If you already have some experience you know you can also use Special
Note: Only available for premium accounts

1. Special

2. Custom Blueprint

3. Custom Blueprint add items

Change new Hat or Misc
These are the different change that you can get a new Hat or Misc.
(Everything depends on the way you choose your creation to, Hat or Misc)
Always has good chances of winning new items.
Can also get profit never forget.




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@house cat

To get premium just buy the Backpack from the Mann Co store ( since you can't get premium by buying something from the market ).
Then resell it in the market if you want to get your money back.

Premium is quite literally free
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I think that it would be best if your guide had more pizazz. Maybe some explosions, streamers, fireworks, etc;. Just a suggestion in order to hype people up about "WOO CRAFTING IN TF2!"
Infiltration Jul 8, 2014 @ 12:08pm 
Great guide thank you for the tips!
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Nice guide pretty simple for any beginner some points you touched up on I never even did in crafting yet but you made it seem simple
tanner Jul 7, 2014 @ 7:49am 
Great explaination, great guide, great everything. on soldier hats, ranking which one is best, i would say: 1. Bills Hat 2. Team Captain 3. War Pig