Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod

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Spartan Prop Hunt
Items (45)
Donald Trump Playermodel
Created by Buu342
Requested to me by Templar Knights.

First attempt at making a custom face model....
North Korea Kim Jong Un NPC & Player model
Created by 울트라홍
North Korea Kim Jong-Un(Revised Romanization as Kim Jeong-eun ), NPC & Player model
This model includes Eye, Finger, and Face posing.

who is Kim jong un?
Pingu - Player Model
Created by MystFro
"Noot Noot"

― Pingu

28 May 1986 – 3 March 2006

Pingu is a clay penguin who is very mischievous and playful. He lives in the Antarctic where he plays with his family and his friend the seal.

Enjoy :)...
Donald Trump Hat - "Make America Great Again"
Created by swamp gamer
Donald Trump, the only presidential candidate who is not afraid to speak the truth about the disaster that is multiculturalism, is well known for his iconic hat with the slogan "Make America Great Again." Now you can show your support with this cool prop!...
Unleashed Sonic Playermodel + NPCs
Created by FZone96
After hours of learning by doing I finally present to Sonic Playermodel which uses proportions instead of custom animations!!!

Credit goes to...
josh98 from for extracting the model

Programs us
Created by Ray Dumesnil
[img] [/img]

***The official ph_mixtape_102 is here***
A fun prop hunt twist on all of your favorite games including Fallout, GTA, and PT. Can you find the secrets in each section? Ph_mixtape_102 features replica props f...
Created by Ethosaur
Im back with a new prophunt map! Enjoy :)

This map has been designed to also support zombie survival.

As always, My maps don't require CS:S to play, simply launch and play!

-HDR & Cubemaps built
-Npc nodes if you wish to use n...
Created by Ray Dumesnil
Map: ph_bikinibottom
Spawns: 40
Gamemode: Prop-Hunt

Imported from CS:GO.


Any Questions/Suggestions ask away down below. Thanks

Credits: Squeezit and GenoCide...
Pirateship map for prophunt.

Does not require any games to work. Uses only Half-Life 2 props.
Jumping into water will kill you or teleport you back to ship depending on gamemode....
This is my first map and it's created for prophunt gamemode....
Created by mikey, gamer
This level is entered in the GameBananna Winter Worlds Mapping Contest! Be sure to rate it on their site:

The props and hunters have been snowed in! Can the props survive until the snow melts? Or until the round ends?!...
Official Prop Hunt - Wolvin's Office & Parking Lot (ph_parkinglot)
Created by Wolvindra-Vinzuerio
If you want to port to other games or want to modify my map, please consider to ask me first.

A simple map, a (small) Office with the parking lot.
Just a quick map progress that was renovated from HL2: Episode 1's "Evacua...
Prophunt School (ph_school)
Created by goose
This is a prophunt map, it takes place in a school. Mainly the school cafeteria.
Official Prop Hunt - Wolvin's Crash Museum (ph_crashhouse)
Created by Wolvindra-Vinzuerio
I. Information & Update
None Provided.

II. Map Usage Rule (IMPORTANT)
Since this was due to unauthorised copy was made, there are several rules to use this map design (with or without contents):
  • You are allowed t
Wolvin's Official Prop Hunt - Zombie Bunker Remake 1.0 [ ph_zombie_bunker_remake ]
Created by Wolvindra-Vinzuerio

This map also provides some custom script in order some map funcionalities to works (such as Features, Custom Weapons, Events, Easter Eggs, etc)
If you found any problem that Weapon do not Spawn, some map ...
Official Prop Hunt - Wolvin's Island House (ph_islandhouse)
Created by Wolvindra-Vinzuerio
I. Information & Update
None Provided.

II. Map Usage Rule (IMPORTANT)
Since this was due to unauthorised copy was made, there are several rules to use this map design (with or without contents):
  • You are allowed t
Wolvin's Official Prop Hunt - UnderWATAAA 2020 [ ph_underwataaa_2020 ]
Created by Wolvindra-Vinzuerio
This map provides a custom map helper script in order to make some map functions to works, e.g: Underwater Weapons and such. Please Read more info about this here:
Official Prop Hunt - Wolvin's Fancy Sub-Urban House (ph_fancyhouse)
Created by Wolvindra-Vinzuerio
I. Information & Update
None provided.

II. Map Usage Rule (IMPORTANT)
Since this was due to unauthorised copy was made, there are several rules to use this map design (with or without contents):
  • You are allowed t
GTA San Andreas: Carl "CJ" Johnson Playermodel
Created by Voikanaa
Carl CJ Johnson

Carl "CJ" Johnson from GTA San Andreas
  • Player Model


Models and textures: Rockstar North
Porting, rigging and compiling: Voikanaa

Teletubbies Playermodel
Created by manatails
Original Teletubbies Playermodel for GM13, built back in 2012

I did not mean to upload this on Workshop, but due to the popularity and requests I am releasing it here.

전에 가이코 님이 올리신 텔레토비 모델은 제가 에펨포에 올렸던 파일을 무단으로 재배포한 것입니다.
삭제요청이 되었으니 제가 공식적으로 배포한 위 ...
Playermodel - Wall-E / Eve
Some playermodels i made a while ago

Both have custom animations and are colorable :)

Original models - Disney
Ripping, Rigging, Animation - me...
Created by Azami
shuddup neon

You don't need any other files for this map. Everything has been packed into the bsp file.

50 player spawns...
Created by Ataman
A medium sized map made for the prop hunt gamemode.

- 40 Spawns
- cs_office in a tree
- Shiny crystals!
- A cave
- Underground base
- Destroyable shed
- Trees (duh)
- Teleporter
- A zergling statue for props
- Invisible platforms for...
Created by Devilswarchild
desription from author: I wanted to make a map in a short amount of time as a challenge from my friends. I had schoolwork in the way so I couldnt get as much time in as I needed. So that means the same dang thing. I have to update it. But for now. You can ...

- 2 moving trains in the forest.
- If u fall and get too behind you will be teleported to the CAGE.
- CAGE: It can only be open by shooting the button.
- CAGE: The red light will turn on if a player is in the cage.
Created by Ray Dumesnil
Map: ph_clue_v2
Spawns: 32
Gamemode: Prop-Hunt

Update: Fixed the doors so now they all open and shut in both directions.I have removed the light switch and fixed the wine cabinets in basement. Future updates will be coming soon. Hope everyone enjoys...
Created by Skate6788
This isn't my map. Map have been edited to fit more into prophunt gamemode, because original wasn't meant to prophunt.

  • Removed most of not really necessary invisible walls.
  • Added small outside part of restaurant
Created by FoodKnight
Created by BloodMood
ph_metro is a fun map to play with some friends! Made for prop hunt gamemode.

-The train is mobile !
-CSS is required

Have fun

Blyat Error Replacement
this addon replaces the ERROR model with the БЛЯTЬ error model

and that's all...
Gnome Chompski
Created by Splinks
Chompski is a strong independent gnome that don't need no lackey to carry him.
Chompski don't need yo pity, fool!

- Player Model
- Friendly and Hostile NPCs
- Face Flexes
- Finger Posing

Official Prop Hunt - ph_restaurant - Wolvin's Restaurant 2020
Created by Wolvindra-Vinzuerio
**Update patch 2020 IMPORTANT Notice**

I. Information & Update
Wolvin's Official Prop Hunt - Restaurant Night 1.1 [ ph_restaurant_2019 ]
Created by Wolvindra-Vinzuerio
This map includes a helper file. Information about this can be found at:

Map Description
An Alternate, Extended, New Layout and Version of famous Prop Hunt : Little Restaurant in 2019 extended version....
DISCLAIMER: THIS MAP USES CS SOURCE TEXTURES AND PROPS! If you don't have Counter Strike Source, Things may not go so well...

This is a map for all your prophunt needs! (I hope). Anyways, I also hope you'll get the full experience while playing this med...
Prop Hunt Classic Map Pack
Created by eelikay
For the people who want the classic prop hunt maps but not the unofficial Prop Hunt gamemode.
NOTE: This map pack requires Counter Strike: Source for textures and models.

ph_ratrun_sewers AND Ratrun Material...
Prop Hunt - Cruce
Created by RoX
A simple Prop Hunt map. Its like a little street with two houses and some random stuff.
Only hl2 required to play (no css, tf2...)

Video from VanossGaming:

Created by RoX
Kakariko Prop Hunt Map
Created by MrJBeetle
CURRENT VERSION (updated: 07/24/2014): ph_lttp_kakariko_b2

- changed name to ph_lttp_kakariko_*.bsp so it won't be confused with other kakarikos
- updated player spawns to a total of 32 (16 per team)
- fixed missing texture for water on some computers...
Created by Harr_Hoodi

This map is a recreation of the location "Tilted Towers" from fortnite. This is not a 100% exact copy of it but i tried my best.

Do note that barley any buildings are decorated with furniture...

[ULX] Decals/Sounds/Cl.Ragdoll Clean up!
Created by George Clark :]
[ULX] Decals/Sounds/Client ragdoll Clean up module!
Works only in ULX Admin[]!

Chat | Console commands:
!decals | ulx decals - Clean up all decals.
!sounds | ulx sounds - St...
Halo Killstreak Addon
Created by Awkewainze
Fairly simple addon that adds the basic Halo killstreaks and sprees sounds
Goes from "Killing Spree" to "Unfrigginbelievable" and "Double Kill" to "Killionaire"

UPDATE Oct 28th 2015 : I am working on a new version of...
Jack Of Blades Player Model
Created by Kritikov
This is a model of Jack of Blades from the Fable anniversary (fable the lost chapters) game.

This model is taken from here []

Created by Zozo
Enter the world of timesplitters in Gmod. ENJOY!

Let me know if there is anything you wish to
inprove on this map, and if you like it please come back
and give a like :D !

This map has been designed for prop hunt.
Map itself was actually created o...
Bonzi Buddy Model Pack
Created by sopebockz
Well! Hello there!
I don't believe we've been properly introduced.
I'm Bonzi!
What is your name?


-Bonzi Buddy radoll and Playermodel
-Bonzi's Globe
-Bonzi's Surfboard
-Bonzi's Book