Space Engineers

Space Engineers

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Apr 12 @ 5:56pm
Apr 13 @ 8:08am
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The L.E.P.V. Mk. II was a great little car of my design that has been getting me from A to Z from some time now. but now Mk. III is here and is better than Mk. II in every way.

Showcase/how to video:

- Sleeker more finished design to stare at
- Optimized Features, functionality and Handleing
- 5000 Kg weight reduction for a base weight of 17,230kg
- Greatly Reduced PCU by almost 1000 to 2241 with 240 blocks
- powered by 1 large battery that will last a few hours
- docking piston for charging battery (see video for details on how to use)
- Lift pistons for access to belly storage or to make repairs
- 6 small belly containers
- 4 small side containers (2 on each side)
- 2 forward mounted Gatling Guns
- 1 small container connected to guns for ammo
- Roll assist gyroscope for when you find yourself upside down (see video for details on how to use)
- Zero Degree Turning mode for when you find yourself in tight spot (see video for details on how to use)
- Remote Controllable
- Forward and rear mounted Cameras
- ore detector
- 2 forward facing spotlights
- Custom Cockpit LCD display providing vital information

This is by far one my favorite builds and i hope you will subscribe and check it out.

LCD script can be found here in case it stops working and needs to be updated:

Mk. II can be found here:
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cataclism22 Apr 27 @ 4:47pm 
Such a nice work!
Calaban Apr 13 @ 7:00pm 
Great idea with the invert steering+propulsion trigger. Never thought of that. With those "jack" pistons- you can use them as hard impact protection by simply having their retracted distance be .6 or so- as the suspension bottoms out, the pistons take the hit and rover bounces- undamaged.
deranged_teapot Apr 12 @ 11:39pm 
I'm surprised I've never thought of the piston/rotor docking idea outside of trailers and the like. Love it!