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The Grand Fuel Depot
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The Grand Fuel Depot

This small, yet peculiar island is known by its outsiders as "Hedgehog Island"... no wonder why.

Originally this facility was built by survivors from the Kioki Empire, and functioned as a grand fuel depot for the rescue -and salvage parties during the first decades after the world collapsed; a time when the Kioki integrity still existed.

With time passing by, the survivors built an Atlas Energy Field supporting a belt of mines around the island to protect themselves against the increasing tendency of piracy. Allthough being well protected, the Kioki had to concede defeat and leave the facility in the beginning of the first century of its existence, when united pirates launched a raid against the Kioki supply chain.

It would take centuries until new people trod upon these grounds, and throughout the centuries there has been many owners of this facility. Today it houses one out of several head quarters of the Barge Alliance, an alliance infamous for their tremendous trade fleet across the world, and their protective connections.

The mines are noe longer explosive, but few are aware.

100% Complexity

5 Databanks

3 Loot Chests

11 Turrets

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Conceptual Charlie  [author] Apr 15 @ 12:00pm 
Thanks, Ye lovely ones!

@OddNova :
Hahaha... You should be an investigator!
Now, no more flickering!
Thanks for being awake and critical, I appreciate it :)
Vsauce Apr 14 @ 1:40pm 
cool place
OddNova Apr 12 @ 4:59pm 
Great place! Unique use of assets and good story. The shadows of the hedgehogs passing ... Especially like the big tanker even though the railings to the bridge flicker. Very well done island!!
Mustardnaut Apr 12 @ 3:59pm 
Rated! It's gorgeous