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Introduction to the Steam Translation Server
By Jimo
I will give you information on the Steam Translation Server and how you can get involved. I will go into detail on submitting an application to become a volunteer translator for the Steam Community and how to use the system if approved.
This guide will give you information on the Steam Translation Server and how you can get involved. It will go into detail on submitting an application to become a volunteer translator for the Steam Community and how to use the system if approved.

The Steam Translation Server is a volunteer driven website that allows community members of non-English speaking countries to make translation suggestions. If approved these translations are used on Steam websites and within selected game titles.
Before you're able to begin translating you'll need to pass a short translation test. In order to pass the test your written language skills must be of a high level in both languages. Each user is given three chances to pass the test successfully.

Visit the Steam Translation Server page and click on the Link to My Steam Account button. Once you've clicked on the button follow the prompts to sign in.

Once you're signed in you'll see a drop down menu at the top of the page which allows you to select your language. Click on Proceed when you're done making your selection.

You'll then be taken to the applicant test page. There is a limit to how many pending applications can be in the system at a time, so if there are to many pending approval, you'll need to return at a later date to make your submission. It's also possible for applications to be disabled entirely if there is no need for new translators at the time.

The test involves translating a few paragraphs from English into your selected language. Below the English text on the page there is a box for you to write your translation in. You'll need to replace the existing English text into your selected language.

The text within the box is wrapped in HTML tags, these tags must be left intact otherwise the system will refuse your translation. The HTML tags are the letters and symbols wrapped in < and > brackets. Text can also include unwrapped variables such as %s for example, these also must be left intact.

English Version: <p>Graveyard Shift %s</p><ul> Translated Version: <p>ночная смена %s</p><ul>

When you're ready to submit your translation click on the button below the text box which says Submit and Review Your Translation.

Once you've clicked the button you'll be given a chance to change your translation before it sends. Once you've submitted it you'll see a box where you can type your email address into, this is where applicant status updates will be sent to.

If your submission was approved you'll receive an e-mail stating so. Submissions are reviewed by both Valve and Steam Translation moderators. Submissions are approved whenever time permits, so it might take some time before you'll receive a response.
Getting Started
If your application is accepted you'll be granted access to the Steam Translation Server.

At the top right of the page you're able to select from multiple languages. Before you begin using any of the Steam Translation Server features it is important to make sure your language is selected.

The front page of the Steam Translation Server features news and announcements regarding the current focus of the community as well as special events. It also features an overview of Outdated and Untranslated files as well as cross-language discussions.

The Statistics page will display an overview of the translation status of your language's localization files. It will display the percentage of how much has been translated versus how much has been approved.

The Reports page will display translation suggestions and applicants which are pending moderator review. There are also a number of sub-categories to choose from which will display the status of individual and group translations.

To begin translating, click on the button labelled Translate at the top of the Stream Translation Server page.

The Translate page will display a list of text strings that are available for you to translate. It will also display text which has already been translated by other community members.

At the top of the page you're able to filter and search the list by category; untranslated, translated, outdated translations and more. Checking one of the boxes will update the list below automatically. You can select categories such as games and specific Steam sections using the menu on the left.

You're also able to click on the Most Outdated and Untranslated links from the front page of the Steam Translation Server. These are the files that are in need of updating the most.

To suggest a translation, or a translation update, hover over the row of text and click on the Edit button. In my example the text has yet to be translated.

Once you've clicked Edit a window will appear.

The top half of the edit window will display the English version of the text and a text box for you to type in your translation. Just beneath the box is a glossary which contains words in the text that have already been translated elsewhere on the Steam Translation Server. These are to be used as a reference point to keep the language consistent throughout. If you're unsure about a suggestion it gives you or if there are none, use the search bar on the Translate page.

Remember that all HTML tags and variables must be left intact otherwise the system will automatically reject your translation.

When you're done writing your translation click on Submit.

Your translated suggestion will appear in the Suggestions section of the edit box. You're able to make edits to your translation and leave a comment once it has been submitted here. You're also able to Delete in case you've made a mistake by clicking Remove.

If you look at another user's translation you will see a +1 and an Edit button. Clicking the +1 button is a way of saying that you agree with their suggestion. If you don't agree, you're able make your own translation suggestion based on theirs by clicking the Edit button.

You're able to search and vote on approval pending translations using the filter settings at the top of the Translate page.

The bottom part of the Edit box will allow you to start a cross-language discussion about the text string. Discussions in this section must be submitted in English.

The status of your translation suggestions can be viewed on your user activity page. To access this page click on Reports at the top of the Steam Translation Server page and then select User Activity.

To begin with you'll only be able to make 25 suggestions, as your translations start to get approved you'll be given the ability to make more suggestions. For more information on this please read the official FAQ.

All translation suggestions are approved and denied by assigned moderators and Valve employees.
The Steam Translation Server has a dedicated cross-language Steam Group for users to discuss translation efforts. The group is invite only, so if you'd like to join you'll need to get in contact with a group moderator.

Translator's Lounge Steam Group

Each language community has their own ground rules, so it's important to get in touch with other Steam Translation Server community members before you start. Some languages have their own Steam group to discuss translation efforts. For a list of each individual group click here.
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You can't? Instead ask game developers if they want a (better) translation, or just send them the translation directly and that they can use it if they wish to (and on what terms).
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Ok, so how do I translate the annotations for the games?
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Is there a time limit to making the application?
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The Dutch version of this guide can be found here: