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Crescent Rose (Version Seraph)
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Apr 10, 2019 @ 3:09pm
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Crescent Rose (Version Seraph)

In 3 collections by Neun 02
Ancien -Remake Serious RP FR- Seraph Of The End
401 items
Guerre Batisseurs
155 items
65 items
(English version) (Version Française dessous) (sorry in advance for mistake)

this is not my addons, all the work go to him/her (i will say him frome now on)

the addon still not finished, go support him he really own that because without his hard work, this modification wouldn't exist.

The difference between his addon and this modified version is just the damage and the ignite time (the time you burn with the dust fire who is now 1 second) (125 if you hit the body, 35 in the arms or legs and 250 in the head for the gun form. 100 in the body and 200 in the head for the Sythe form) if you want to know how to switch between the Gun form and Sythe form, go see on the original addon (you will go check his work no matter what.). If you are the original creator, first let me tell you you really do a great job so far, second, if this addon bother you, then come speack to me, i will tell you two or tree thing to explain why i do this version of your addon and if it still bother you, i will delet it (unfortunately for me but well...) I don't want to cause trouble or give them to you.

Enjoy the addon (AND GO CHECK HIS WORK!!!)

(Version Française) (désolais d'avance pour les erreurs)

ceci n'est pas mon addon, tout le travail a était fait par lui/elle (se sera il désormais par commodité)

l'addon n'est toujours pas finit, allez le supporté pour son travail, il se le mérite vraiment beaucoup, surtout que sans son dure labeur, cette version de l'arme n'existerait même pas actuellement.

la difference entre son addon et la version modifier est juste les dommage et le temps d'ignition (le temps que tu brulles par le dust de feu qui est désormais de 1 seconde) (125 si toucher au niveau du corps, 35 dans les bras ou les jambes et 250 dans la tête avec la forme du pistolet. 100 dans le corps et 200 dans la tête sous la forme de la faux) si vous voulez savoir comment switcher entre la forme de la faux et du gun, allez voir l'addon original (vous allez allé voir son boulot peut importe se qui faudra faire). Si vous êtes le créateur original, premièrement laissez moi vous dires que vous avez fait un très bon travail jusqu'à présent, continuez le travail et encore gg à vous, secondo, si cette addon vous gênes, dans ce cas là venez me parlé, je vous expliquerez deux trois truc pour vous expliquez pourquoi j'ai fait cette version de votre addon et si cela vous gênes toujours je le retireré alors (malheureusement pour moi mais bon...) Je ne veux ni vous causez du tord, ni avoir de problème

Profitez de l'addon (ET ALLEZ VOIR SON BOULOT!!!)
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Neun 02  [author] Apr 15, 2019 @ 5:23pm 
(for those who don't know, my text must be read starting from the fourth things i wrote)
Neun 02  [author] Apr 15, 2019 @ 5:20pm 
Must say i mostly agree. But well, let's not fight, i don't wan't the comment of an addon about RWBY being a center of hate between people who like and dislike anime, probably this guy not had chance with "fanatic" of anime and because of that, he had this kind of... Talk... Well, can't judge, i don't know him, the only thing i can argue is just to let people like what they want, i don't know why he dislike people who like anime that much but i honestly don't care, it's he's probleme, but one things for sure: this kind of argument isn't good for any "field"... Why human can't accept other for what they are... Well.. Maybe it's better like this... Anyway, hope you will enjoy this addon and sorry to "make" you read a so orrible texte, i know i had way to improve in writhing... Hope you could at least understand it. Hope that will not bother you for enjoying the addon ^^
Neun 02  [author] Apr 15, 2019 @ 5:20pm 
It's possible that one day it stop but that's not the discution there, like a said, really thank you for all you said (same for the other i didn't mentioned) and sorry to have see that only now, if i had see it sooner, i would ask to stop this, it's just sad to be arguing for an addon, like you said, if your into that, don't lose your time with it and go do things you enjoy other than puting down other because they like something else... But well, like a meme of Kurumi said: if people are trying to lover yourself, that means you already are more high than them...
Neun 02  [author] Apr 15, 2019 @ 5:19pm 
@Fluffy/けばの you don't to sorry about something you didn't done, mostly, thanks you to be this kind hearted ^^ i don't have put most effort in this addons (like i said, go see the original creator who did all the work) but i admit that having someone saying that things like this is a bit... unpleasant, but when i saw that he couldn't even notice it was a weapon and not a character... I laugh a little and i remembered something a french youtuber said: when you will have a "hater" (or something like this) get out the drink, beause it's mean you have reached a certain level; hater will always be... Well...
Copper Top Apr 15, 2019 @ 4:32pm 
@Trollnado5 SAME! The current warhammer addons are a bit lack luster. They need more meat
ANGRY MARINE #8 Apr 15, 2019 @ 1:48pm 
I honestly wish there was more warhammer 40k addons in gmod. Then again if anime wasn't "infesting" the workshop then it would be brony and furry addons.
Copper Top Apr 15, 2019 @ 9:09am 
@SoldYaBoi Yes, we do have lots of games. But infesting? I'm sorry but last I looked the majority of the top addons are non anime. Also shoving it down peoples throats? No one is shoving anything down anyone's throat, except you. You go around to all these addons just trash talking something someone put time and effort into. Talking about how stupid and/or dumb anime is. Here's a thought: Stop being a no life and maybe find something better to do. Not sure if I sold my point, but I'll finish it with this. If you hate it this much, then ignore it. And lastly @Shinjirarenai Scarlet I'm sorry for all the fuss this person has caused you. I'm going to end my argument here. Have a nice day SoldYaBoi, Scarlet.
SandwichPony Apr 14, 2019 @ 6:50pm 
@SoldYaBoi Look dude, I think you're the more pathetic person here for writing a paragraph on your hate-boner for anything anime related in here.
2nd Generation Monster Hunter Apr 14, 2019 @ 4:59pm 
@SoldYaBoi I literally said nothing about jacking off to it, lmao.
SoldYaBoi Apr 14, 2019 @ 1:29pm 
Why shouldn't I? You people have tons of games that you can play, tons of anime rpgs and anime dating games and visual novels and all that crap that you people can enjoy, you weebs even can play these games without infesting anime into non-anime games, but no, you weebs have to go and infest every non-anime game with this crap. You want to know why people hate anime? It's cause of shit like this, people who go and shove it down their throats. But that's just personally my opinion, someone who believes that you guys would be happier if you stayed watching your shitty cartoons and play your shitty games without letting anyone else know.