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Note: If you have any questions about using features of the mod, leave a comment below and or join our Discord server to communicate with us!

Object Builder Controls
-Left Ctrl to deselect an object
-Hold left Shift + left/right click to rotate object
-Hold left Alt + left/right click to move up/down
-Left Click on object to select
-Hold left Click to drag/move object.

More info will be out soon, pls wait busy with IRL stuff

Vanilla++ Admin Tools Mod Developed by DaOne, GravityWolfNotAmused
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- You are not allowed to repack or republish this mod on any platform including steam
- You are not allowed to unpack this mod and create derivative work from its source code. A DMCA take down will be issued if necessary
- Don't advertise servers in the comments you shameless nerd, i don't care if you run our mods. Comments will be deleted.
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DeTRoX Oct 14 @ 11:20am 
How do I start the admin tool when I'm on the servver?
GravityWolf  [author] Oct 13 @ 4:52pm 
Nobellybutton, its in our discord if it doesn't generate. Look in helpful-content.
nobellybutton Oct 13 @ 8:28am 
@GravityWolf I Do not have : VPPAdminTools/Permissions/SuperAdmins folder to sort Super Admins? Or to go in as an admin at all.
DaOne>  [author] Oct 12 @ 9:28pm 
hello! we now have a PvP server open! for those interested you can find the server on the DZSA Launcher. Its a custom game mode, with new weapon mods! Health system modified for quick PvP and combat.
scoreboard, custom kill feed and voting system!

CryForce Oct 12 @ 6:27pm 
Hey @GravityWolf i got the VPPAdminTools of the discord with the superadmin and stuff but where do i put this, what does it mean by server Profile <profileFolder>/VPPAdminTools
GravityWolf  [author] Oct 12 @ 6:00pm 
Are you using exp chat?
BakaNeko #Senpai Oct 12 @ 5:18pm 
Hey, it's me again ^^'
How do we grant permission to /refuel ? Even in Admin, we don't have it :steamsad:
GravityWolf  [author] Oct 12 @ 12:48pm 
CryForce, we don't login anymore. You need to go to your VPPAdminTools folder which is located in your servers profile, and if it's not the folder structure is in our discord. After you have this folder structure, and restart the server, you will need to add yourself to the superadmins.txt file, restart and keybinding, and boom. Sorry just woke up
CryForce Oct 12 @ 5:01am 
How do i get this mod to work in game.

I've got it installed
added the mod and keys to the correct location
logged into admin via #login
changed keybindings in Vanilla++ Admin Tools

but i still cant get anything to pop up in game please help.

(i see a lot of people talking about permission file and superadmin.txt and stuff but i couldn't find anywhere in the PBO)
plebtoise Oct 11 @ 7:56pm 
@gravitywolf can i only have one or the other installed at a time? ah okay i guess having both installed is the cause of problem then haha cheers brother