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Untamed: Feral Factions
Type: Game
Game Category: Card Games
Complexity: Medium Complexity
Number of Players: 2
Assets: Components, Cards
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Apr 8, 2019 @ 5:09pm
Jun 16 @ 4:01am
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Untamed: Feral Factions

The Kickstarter was successfully funded! Check out the campaign or late pledge here:

Untamed: Feral Factions is a fast-paced shuffle-building card battle game. Players each take control of three animal factions that battle together to bring down the opponent's three Strongholds. Each faction has its own unique appearance, Stronghold, and play style. By combining three different factions each game, players will be able to discover new synergies, combos and strategies.

The game features a streamlined ruleset, a double resource system that adds tactical depth and emphasises quick, 30 minute play sessions. Players can easily build their decks at the start of the game by choosing three animal factions: shuffle them together and you are ready to play.

You can find the rules here:

Each turn a player will face interesting choices with regards to how to use their cards: all cards double as resources which are required to play Animals and Items. Previously used and defeated cards enter a player's Support Area where they can be used to fuel powerful card abilities.

Untamed: Feral Factions requires no additional purchases beyond the base set for an optimal playing experience, with almost seven hundred possible deck combinations out of the box.
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raefir  [author] Jun 16 @ 2:36am 
Hey all, it took us a while, but it is finally updated <3
FENTON Apr 7 @ 9:20am 
I got a physical copy, but the text and abilities on the cards are quite different from the digital version. Will there be an update at some point?
Myxini Jul 27, 2019 @ 5:23pm 
This game is AMAZING!!!!!!!:8bitheart:
raefir  [author] Jun 8, 2019 @ 7:22am 
Hey all, UNTAMED: FERAL FACTIONS will release on the 11th of June on Kickstarter!

Sign up at :D
raefir  [author] May 16, 2019 @ 3:37am 
Rules have since been added in the description!
raefir  [author] Apr 16, 2019 @ 9:19am 
Hey Prezombie, we'll include the rules in an upcoming update! At this point we mainly used it for testing the game with testers on our Discord.
Prezombie Apr 12, 2019 @ 2:07pm 
Maybe you could actually include how to setup and interpret the symbols on the cards?