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FarmingPlus is a small part of our upcoming mod. BaseBuildingPlus

Update 4/12/19
-Eggs, Hatching, Feeding

- Captured chickens can now be fed with 10 seeds! Not the rooster. Feeding the chickens will enable them to produce eggs, but make sure you keep them fed or they will stop.
Feed them holding 10 or more seeds in your hand and you will be prompted with a "Feed" message. The chickens will lay their eggs aprox 8 - 12 mintues after being fed. And once they lay an egg you can feed them again.

-Eggs, once the chicken lays an egg hold the egg in your hand and walk up the the fully built chicken coop, "Place Egg" will pop up and the egg will begin to catch, and a chicken will spawn 15 - 30 minutes after placing the egg.

- you can also eat the egg raw

Update 4/8/19
- added "Calm" behavior to the captured chickens, they will no longer freakout and runaway from you once you place them. Wild chickens will still act the same.

- added a temp work, though we really don't recommend it, around to make chickens persistent after a server restart... read For Server Owners

This mod introduces a way for you to catch chickens with a Burlapsack. And allowing you to place them on the ground to let them roam free, or keep them safe in your base.
Feed them, eat them or hatch their eggs!

Also introduces a Farm Gate, Chicken Coop and Farm Fence, all custom made by W00kie!

Farm Fence Kit = 1 log + 3 Planks

Farm Gate Kit = 1 log + 3 Planks

Chicken Coop Kit = 1 log + 5 Planks

To upgrade the chicken coop

15 Nails + 5 Planks

to the slots in the chicken coop, and build up with a hammer or hatchet.

Destrcution tools
-axes, hatches, crowbar, sledgehammer

Thank you Cleetus for various script fixes <3

-More Animals
-Custom cooking recipes.

For server Owners

We really don't recommend doing this, as it makes the economy of animals weird and all animals become static after a restart and may or may not despawn to allow more animals, but this is the only way we have found out so far how to keep animals persistent...

Method 1:

If you want the chickens to be persistent, replace the economy.xml and cfgeconomycore.xml into your server files, these files are provided in the mod folder.

After a restart the modded chickens, ones you placed before the server reset, will become idle, though you can pick them up and place to reset their behavior.

This idle behavior will also happen to all vanilla animals that persist after a restart as well.

We know this is not ideal but this the only workaround we got right now until we can find out more on how this works. ;(

Method 2:


<animals init="1" load="1" respawn="1" save="1"/> in your economy.xml then once you do that you will have to re generate the db.

Didn't get to test really well with this method yet, so I'm not sure if it works.. ;( but big thanks to Square and DaOne for pointing this out, it's worth a try!

Anyways... please leave feedback and suggestions. Enjoy!
Thank you!!
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Ton_41 May 17 @ 11:41pm 
please update
KizombaLove May 17 @ 2:28am 
update please 1.03
MrBlik007 May 16 @ 4:07am 
This mod needs an update for 1.03
EnchaJini May 7 @ 4:32am 
@Chopper oh, Ok.. didnt know it was in BBP. ok will uninstall it. Might want to make this as OBSELETE or something if your no longer using this mod as its in the main Mod then. or is this an Alternative if people dont want BBP.
Chopper  [author] May 6 @ 9:18am 
@EnchaJini This mod is included in BaseBuildingPlus, you can't run both mods together. @A_POOPING_LAMA You can try the persistence fix above, but it's not currently working correctly. We should hopefully have a better fix soon
A_POOPING_LAMA May 6 @ 5:41am 
Are captured chickens persistent?
EnchaJini May 6 @ 1:25am 
so this mod has the same File as "BaseBuildingPlus" in the Key Folder "BBP.bikey" the Name is identical. on a private server you can only have 1 of those files. so if choose to get "BaseBuildingPlus" it requires this Mod also. but to run it on a server it wont let me?

does it matter if the Mods Key file is Renamed or will you have to do it?
Sado123 May 4 @ 5:05pm 
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DonyPlays May 3 @ 8:30am 
Куры исчезают из курятника.
BullisticG May 1 @ 10:52pm 
So things I've noticed is that you cannot upgrade the coop with a hatchet, has to be a hammer. Some of the chickens have an issue being fed, as in I am holding the seeds in my hand, the "feed" option comes up, I tried left clicking and holding left click but neither will feed them. This does not happen with every chicken but wanted to let you know. Also, when holding the egg in my hand I am not prompted with an "eat" command. Placing in the coop and everything else seems to be fine. And honestly a really nice mod addition to any server looking to expand their PVE world.