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Scene System v2
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Scene System v2

Basic use
- Setup "Scripting Zones" around the scene you want to manage on a single shrinker/chest
- Get the GUID for the scripting zone by right clicking the zone while using the "Scripting Zone" tool
- Put that GUID in the Description of your shrinker/chest
- Click "Read" on the shrinker/chest to capture the contents and begin managing layers, etc.

- There are 8 layers available on each shrinker/chest
- You can do the entire table as a single zone on a single shrinker/chest, but you may want to break it into some major zones so that you can have more layer control in each zone
- You can use multiple shrinkers/chests on the same zone, if you're careful about what you "read" into each one
- You can carefully place your scripting zones by editing them with the gizmo tool to change their size, location and rotation
- Read about all the features, there is a lot of functionality that's not immediately obvious

- Toggle a layer on or off by clicking its layer number button
- An inactive layer will not be unshrunk/unbagged even if it is within the "visible" range
- Pieces can be assigned to multiple layers
- If a piece is in multiple layers, then: if any of its layers are visible, the piece is (potentially) visible
- Use layers to setup "rooms" or areas of visibility within the zone. By doing this, you can establish the visible boundaries available on the table to be anything you want based on which layers are active and (optionally) where a vision sphere is located
- You can assign pieces outside of the zone to a layer, and they will be shrunk/bagged and unshrunk/unbagged with everything else
- Or enter a string, press "+" or "-", and any pieces with an matching Description are added to the layer

- The buttons have tooltips that might help explain
- Assign pieces to a layer by selecting them (use Ctl Alt and Shift as needed) and then pressing the white "+" for that layer
- Remove selected pieces from a layer (if they're on that layer) by clicking the light blue "-"
- "Hides" and "Forces" for a layer can be cleared with the red and green "X"s. More on Hides and Forces below
- You can give the layer a description in the blue text box
- Shrink and Unshrink buttons will change in context, but sometimes they get goofy, I'm working on it. You can always just click whichever is there (Shrink or Unshrink)
- Refresh does a full read/shrink/unshrink on the visible zone
- Rehide toggles whether revealed pieces are re-hidden or not. The "Reset Mem" button clears the previously revealed pieces that are now out of visibility range
- Proc Deck Cubes toggles whether Scene System deck cubes are processed when unshrinking. Cubes trigger draws (possibly encoded) cards from a deck that may result in objects spawning in the scene where the cube was. This allows DM/GMs to simply place random encounters for creatures, events, loot, traps, and anything else by placing a cube and refreshing the scene. See more under "Deck Cubes", below
- Proc Local will process deck cubes placed on the shrunken scene (which DMs might do to set events/monsters/etc on an unrevealed part of a scene)
- Loop starts an ongoing refresh loop of the visible scene. Used in combo with the Vision Spheres, it can create a semi-realtime reveal of the scene. It is CPU intensive
- Bigger/Smaller work in two contexts. If the scene (or part of it) is shrunk, it will change the size of the shrinker. If the scene is all out on the table, it will change the scale of the unshrunk pieces (and the script zone)
- Hotzone button works in two contexts. If the scene (or part of it) is shrunk, it will move the shrinker and any shrunk pieces will follow along. Do a refresh when you're done to lower the pieces back onto the shrinker. If the scene is all out on the table, it will allow you to move the scripting zone (using the gizmo tool) while all pieces follow
- FOW Toggle: if you want to place a FOW Zone in the exact area of your Scripting Zone, this button will toggle on/off an FOW zone. The vision sphere is marked as a FOW Reveal object, or you can use your own

- The bag version function in a very similar way to the shrinker, except it puts the objects in the bag/chest instead of shrinking them. Deck cubes must be placed on the scene and refreshed to activate, and the looping update is slower. All other functionality is the same. A bag/chest can more easily move entire scenes across tables, shrinkers are immediate and faster on a current table

Hides & Forces
- Click the "Show Markup" button to show the options for "hiding" and "forcing" objects and to highlight currently marked objects
- Select objects and mark them as Hide or Force
- Objects marked as Hide are immediately shrunk from the table and will not be revealed until they are unhidden (either at the layer or global level)
- Objects marked as Force are immediately unshrunk/unbagged onto the table and will not be removed until they are un-forced (either at the layer or global level)
- You can clear the Hides and Forces at for a particular layer by clicking the appropriate "X" for that layer
- You can reset all Hides and/or Markups using the buttons under Show Markup
- You can reset the Hides/Forces for selected pieces using the light blue button

Visibility Spheres
- Put the GUID of the shrinker or chest that you want to control in the Description of the sphere
- Put the radius of visibility in the Name of the sphere
- Once a visibility sphere is within the shrinker/chest's zone, it will control the visibility of what is revealed
- You can use multiple vision spheres on a single shrinker/chest, simulating the visibility of multiple players at once
- Place the sphere in the zone and lock it, then move it around with the direction buttons for easy use
- You can set the movement per click in the small text box next to the direction buttons
- You can hide/reveal the buttons the sphere with the Hide/Show buttons button (button)
- "Refresh the Scene" button allows you to refresh from the vision sphere
- "LOS Check" button spawns a cube that you can move anywhere to check the line of sight (LOS) from the sphere to the cube. Any objects blocking LOS will be highlighted. Click the button again to delete the cube and stop LOS check
- The sphere is also marked as a FOW revealer, and ignores FOW, so you can use both effects (FOW and sphere revealing) simultaneously

Card Encoder
- Card encoder can now encode multiple objects of any type onto a single card. Just place the objects inside your target zone, and they will be encoded in that relative position
- Put the GUID of the Scripting Zone that you want to use as your encoding area on the Description of the card encoder
- There are various option buttons on the card encoder that add features/buttons as described
- Put you card on the rack, your object(s) in the zone, and encode the card with your chosen options. You must keep your encoded cards on the table, separate (not in a deck), and then save and reload your game to reload the cards with their encoding
- Scripting is preserved on the card, so bar and HUD systems can be included in what is encoded on the card

Deck Cubes:
- Deck cubes are objects configured to cause a draw from a deck when they are revealed in a scene (and "Proc Deck Cubes" is ON). A card drawn from a deck can (optionally) cause object(s) to spawn in the in the location of the deck cube's placement. A "trap card" variation also moves the drawn card to the location of the deck cube, useful for placing random traps on cards in scenes
- Deck cubes are configured with one required (deck='xxxxxx' where 'xxxxxx' is the GUID of the deck) and one optional variable (chance=0.xx) assignments on the object's script.
- Optionally, any card in a deck cube deck can have the variable 'trap' set to 'true' will be moved to the deck cube location after it is drawn and processed
- See examples in the mod
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Dig65  [author] May 19 @ 7:11am 
Well that's no good, I'll look at it soon and see if I can figure out what broke.
Phen May 18 @ 1:00am 
Every time I load module all my layer settings are gone. I've tried both chest and shrinker. Until I reload everything is fine - I can toggle visibility and it works. But after mod reload and unshrink layer settings do not work.
Elder_Salt Apr 20 @ 12:04am 
"The pieces are from Vess' catalogs." Ah, got it. Yes sadly some of his very old content has expired links, pre-steam cloud days. I can manually replace with my own textures if I need to, just thought it might be a cache bug on my end.
Dig65  [author] Apr 19 @ 6:29pm 
You should use 1 shrinker for each scripting zone, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you can't store a "few locations" on a single shrinker. If those locations are in a single scripting zone then you could scan it all onto a shrinker and use layers or hiding to determine what you reveal on the table. Or, you can just put each location on its own shrinker.

You can also scale the shrinkers to be smaller, as is described in the instructions on this page.
Phen Apr 19 @ 5:27pm 
So if I want to store few locations I need to copy few shrinkers? They take a lot of space...
Dig65  [author] Apr 18 @ 5:08am 
Elder_Salt, there may be some textures that are showing photobucket watermarks. The pieces are from Vess' catalogs. The pieces that are in this mod are only there to provide raw material that can be used in examples of what the Scene System devices can do. They have no impact on the functionality of the tools.
Elder_Salt Apr 17 @ 6:59pm 
are there broken textures in anyone else's? I am reloading the mod from workshop not save but still seeing a lot of photbucket broken textures. This is great btw and look forward to using it.
Dig65  [author] Apr 17 @ 5:28pm 
Updated to have ReZone buttons on both the bag and the shrinker. When you bring a bag or shrinker in to a new table, where the zone it is expecting to work with doesn't exist, you should click the ReZone button to create a new zone and link the bag/shrinker to the zone. Also cleaned up error handling a bit so you can more easily recover from common mistakes.
Dig65  [author] Apr 16 @ 8:39pm 
Added a "Lights: ON/OFF" toggle button to both the bag and the shrinker that will make the table lighting pitch black; also added a vision sphere made from one of my earlier light spheres, to demonstrate how a pitch black table can be navigated with a vision sphere that also emits light in a specific radius. Thanks to Searanger for the tips on how to set a pitch black table.
Dig65  [author] Apr 13 @ 9:32pm 
Updated to fix BIGGER/smaller buttons on shrinker. Scale change buttons for objects on the table will be added separately soon.