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Shadows of Skelos - Extended
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Shadows of Skelos - Extended

In 1 collection by Dunkelrose
Schatten von Skelos [Modlist]
16 items
Shadows of Skelos - Extended

This mod contains a total of over 700 placeables and nearly 30 pure RP items.

For detailed list of content please see:

Nearly all items are craftable.

Excluded and non craftable are:
->RP Items (found at "Others")
-> Rectangular Fireplace (modified and nearly everlasting burning cooking place, could be used for cheating as you don't need much fuel. Things are crafted quite fast. -> This is why: Admin only - you decide)
-> Elmo's NEARLY Fur Throne (With love from Senja) -> Admin only.
-> Magic station, cobweb station, Workstation of Elements
-> Small Maproom

Recipes are bound to 33 feats, which can be given/learned by recipe books only (can be found in admin menue in "Others").
All feats can be found in "decoration". You need to learn "SvS-Extended" first (0 points, needed for sorting). Workstations which are needed can be crafted from inventory.

If you want MORE items... please also head over to Shadows of Skelos - Volume 2:
It will extend your experience and add another bunch of various placeables and items.

Cobweb station and Magic station (needed for the feats "SvS-Ext Cobwebs" & "SvS-Ext Mage"/"SvS-Ext Wizard") needs to be handed out by admin. Same is valid for the Workstation of Elements (needed for feat "SvS-Ext Elements"). If ppl. make to much nonsense with these items, admins can destroy these working stations and ppl cannot continue to craft. It's a fall back solution to maintain controll for admins.

Use at your own risk. The contents are subject to change without notice. I will try to mark these things in advance.

This mods supports english language.

All items have their own icons and can be easily identified in the Admin menu with blue circle sign (SvS for "Shadows of Skelos").
There are no double items compared to Thrall War Dungeon Mod, Emberlight, Savage Steel Vol 1 & Vol. 2 (except the hanging bags), WarrorMutator, SlaverMod.

This mod should work perfectly fine with other mods. Every asset necessary for this mod has an own mod's version. So no original funcom files are touched or altered. Thus it should be compatible with every upcomming funcom update.

Explicitly tested and compatible mods are:
Pippi, Thrall War Dungeon Mod, Emberlight, Savage Steel Vol 1 & Vol.2, WarrorMutator, SlaverMod, Condemned RP - Beast Props, Fashionist, Unlock Plus (with Pickup) (1.0 compatible), Stabilise Camera
(We do use these on our own server, that's why ;) )

Item table/Feat table/Recipe Table entries: 6765XXX-6769XXX

ModID: 1705201022

If you have questions or need help, you can contact other mod users and/or me directly. "Shadows of Skelos Extended" has got its own little Discord at

If you want to support me to buy new assets in the Unreal Marketplace or simply leave a small "Thank you", feel free to donate for the mod "Shadows of Skelos Extended"
Donate via Paypal[]

About this mod
This mod is the server's own mod from the German RPG server "Shadows of Skelos". More information about the server can be found in the Discord at:

Legal Disclaimer
Funcom, it's logos and emblems and trade dress are registered and unregistered trademarks of Funcom or it's subsidiaries, joint ventures or associates.
(c ) 2008 Conan Properties International LLC ("CPI"). CONAN, CONAN THE BARBARIAN, HYBORIA, AND / OR ROBERT E. HOWARD and / or Robert E. Howard Properties, Inc., unless otherwise noted, are trademarks or registered trademarks of CPI and / or Robert E. Howard Properties. All Rights Reserved.

You must maintain or attach any copyright or other notices provided in connection with the "downloaded content".
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Dunkelrose  [author] 5 hours ago 
If you want to extend your experience with Shadows of Skelos ("Gimme MORE!") , please also see Volume 2 (early access):
Dunkelrose  [author] Oct 13 @ 4:26pm 
Use the command !user to give yourself the rights there. It's a temporary fix within Discord.
Dunkelrose  [author] Oct 13 @ 4:10pm 
The bot, which serves the roles and rights, has some problems atm. I'll give it out manually if I can see the ppl and they don't leave asap. I am sorry.
InvictaVultis Oct 13 @ 2:58pm 
That Discord is either down or everything is blocked for new members as it shows no channels, no users and says "You do not have permissions to send messages." No text, just emptynes.
Dunkelrose  [author] Oct 13 @ 9:20am 
!! Dear everybody, this is an emergency announcement. Please do delete Acheronian Bed (usable) with ID 6766300 !!
DO NOT USE IT. This may cause some strange building behaviours, making it impossible to build vanilla pillars or foundations (or other vanilla and/or modded things) on certain spots or nearly the whole server for a group of users or the whole server.

If you got Pippi enabled, please enable the /delete command (make sure you got the corresponding right / role to do so).
Just enter
/delete 6766300 ALL
to remove ALL built Acheronian beds (usable). (A restart afterwards is necessary, but it will come with the update of this mod still...)

Please also see the announcement in the mod's discord (link can be found a comment below)
Dunkelrose  [author] Oct 10 @ 9:14am 
Just in case (steam workshop does not take my reworked information somehow):

If you have questions or need help, you can contact other mod users and/or me directly. "Shadows of Skelos Extended" has got its own little Discord at
Dunkelrose  [author] Oct 10 @ 6:02am 
Update 1.1.0 done. Please read the patch-notes carefully.
If necessary:
Current v1.1.0:
Dunkelrose  [author] Oct 8 @ 11:32am 
Next update will be released on Thursday, 10th October, 14 CEST. Timer:
Dunkelrose  [author] Oct 6 @ 4:13pm 
Vielen lieben Dank für das Lob. / Thank you very much for your kind words. :)

As there is a new version of the devkit released, I'll update the mod in the next few days. I'll announce the date / time as always in the mods discord: