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Oxygen Not Included

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Water Sieve Dynamic Output
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Water Sieve Dynamic Output

Water Sieve Dynamic Output

Changes output temperature of the Water Sieve to be dynamic - the same as the input temperature.

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Stretchytall Jul 15 @ 7:06pm 
Yay! Thanks for your work with it!
Cairath  [author] Jul 10 @ 2:15am 
It will be removed when the Launch Upgrade is live since the game now will use mechanic of this mod.
dexnom_ᛒᛏᛃᚾᚹᚾ Jul 7 @ 9:36pm 
Stretchytall: yes we know... no...this function is already in test branch
Stretchytall Jun 3 @ 9:08pm 
Do we know yet if this mod will be needed when 1.0 is released? Or are the developers planning to make the vanilla water sieve dynamic?
Trollsama May 6 @ 6:10pm 
Drum the electrolizer should be outputting hot O2 and H though. in this situation the liquid is being filtered by running it through filtration media (sand) and thus temperatures would ony have really minor fluctuation (low enough that no change isnt an unreasonable setting)

Electrolysis functions completely differently. electrolysis of water (specifically, low temp water) requires a lot of energy and creates a lot of heat. The higher the temp of the water the less energy demanding the process becomes (apparently the ideal water to use for this process is actually steam)

TL;DR: Electrolizers energy requirements (and heat output) increases as the temp of the water drops. so the system in game makes sense as a basic means of expressing this.
Drum May 1 @ 11:59am 
Could you also make one of these for the electrolyzer?
Lutzkhie May 1 @ 12:48am 
water is being sieve through sand, sand's temperature should affect the output water
fiziologus Apr 25 @ 4:55am 
McMuster right. Check frontier temperatures. PH2O and water have difference vapour/freeze point. This may cause some trouble with less then 0 and more then 100 points.
Apr 24 @ 5:44pm 
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nightinggale Apr 22 @ 8:44am 
I have a mod, which adds a water sieve instead of modifying the existing one. I plan to add it to Steam shortly.