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Aug 16, 2013 @ 1:59pm
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Corpselight is a co-op minigame mod for TL2 that adds unique, challenging, and rewarding experiences for you and your friends to play. Corpselight was designed with multiplayer in mind, but a skilled and powerful player could play solo. Corpselight features three maps, each featuring a unique gametype. There is a 15-wave horde map set in an Estherian city, a build gametype set in a forgotten mansion, and in a deserted town you can play the search-and-destroy/stealth mash-up.

Key Features
> Variable loot and bosses
> Upgradable HUB area
> Three unique gametypes, each with a custom map.
> New environments for you and your friends to explore
> New music to delight your ears
> Did I mention there's zombies?

For information on the maps, their gameplay, and more please visit the Corpselight Runic thread: link[]

1. Why is all of my Hope removed every time I purchase something with Hope?
Due to limitations within the editor, this is insoluble. Keep track of the Hope you pick up, plan what you wish to upgrade, and you'll do just fine.
2. When I died the portal was closed and I had to restart, what gives?
This is an intentional mechanic for multiplayer. If a teammate dies, then you can reopen the portal with Hope from the other side.
3. Where can I contact you?
Other than the comment section below, you can email me at slackerlifeman(at), post on my website, or add me on here (Steam). :)

Music brought to you by!
Track List
> An Unsavory Estate
Powertrip by Nick Perrin // download[]
> City Under Siege
Sea/Sky by Ziwtra // download[]
> Dragon Manor
Whiterun by mellogear // download[]
> Deserted
Clandenstine by Krispy // download[]

Please, post any and all of your questions, comments, criticisms, suggestions and bugs.

Latest Update
November 1st, 2013
> Deserted released
+ Let me know what you think!
> Corpselight has left beta. Goodbye, sweet beta. :')
+ Thank you to everyone who has given me comments, compliments, criticisms, bug reports, and ideas. This mod has been a pleasure to develope. Thank you, really.
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Oct 25, 2013 @ 4:31pm
Past Updates
slacker (gigadrive edition)
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some random dude Feb 28 @ 3:59pm 
It lets me walk up to the Estate entrance but when I click on it I don't get teleported and there's no loading screen and my character stays where they are. Everything else about this mod is absolutely incredible though 8.8/10.
some random dude Feb 28 @ 3:52pm 
Is anyone else having an issue where they can't enter the Unsavory Estate, and if so, do you know how to fix it?
Kelyrrlith Jadikarr Aug 12, 2019 @ 6:34pm 
Doesnt works in multiplayer...
every time someone joins me, it crashes.
*Yuki* Jan 14, 2016 @ 9:58pm 
moar maps! Thats all :D
slacker (gigadrive edition)  [author] Jul 20, 2015 @ 12:36pm 
Hey guys, let me know if you're having any bugs and if you have any ideas or suggestions for expanding the mod. I'm considering spending some time on Corpselight again, so if you have anything you'd like to see, see more of, or don't want to see again, let me know. Thanks guys. :D

@rockhound You could say that. The estate level is closest to COD Zombies as you win by building the manor back up.
rockhounddiva Jul 19, 2015 @ 12:24pm 
so this is a TL2 version of Cod Zombies?
Songseternal Mar 21, 2015 @ 8:00pm 
how do i get there ?
bluejean baby Mar 1, 2015 @ 2:11pm 
this looks awesome, I have a brother that plays TL2 as well, and together, this will be fun to play.
ZooGaa Sep 3, 2014 @ 11:30am 
Hey Slacker, is there any chance of getting `your mod as a no steam user? Long time ago you posted that you may will release Corpselight to a Torchlight 2 Mod Fansite. But i couldn`t find anything further about this. Would be great to hear from you.
Liru Mar 6, 2014 @ 2:42am 
actually i cant run corpselight without any other mods and the manor survival doesnt let me load it.