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Royal Phoenix and Forest Wyvern
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Royal Phoenix and Forest Wyvern

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MOD ID: 1700892127

So it turns out Wildcard's been re-using pre-existing assets far longer than they have for Atlas, lol.

Phoenix actually shares the same animation skeleton as Featherlight and Argentavis, so after noticing this, I, (and a few other modders) decided to do a landing phoenix type of mod.

This mod uses animations from both Featherlight and Argentavis to bring you the Royal Phoenix, a larger, found on all arks variation that should prove more useful than the traditional version!

-Immune to fire
-Spawns: Mountain, Scorched Mountain, Desert Biodome, Luminous Mountains
-Diving flight mechanic (like Griffin or Snow Owl)
-Inventory works the same as a normal Phoenix's, but also makes metal and metal ingots weigh 40% of their usual weight. Sulfur weighs 0%.
-Can breed, supports mutations, etc
-Eats meat to tame (cooking meat in its inventory will “feed” it over time slowly)
-Left click bite. Faster DPS in air than on land. Decent damage.
-Right click firebreath. Shoots a few small balls of fire. Cannot be used while moving when landed.
-C key talon kick. Weak damage, but hits twice when flying. Same damage type as an ankylosaur, meaning you can mine rocks and metal with it.
-X key grab, air only. Grabs slightly more than Argentavis can.
-Left control roar. For aesthetic.

///Forest Wyvern

Just wanted a more permanent version of the little guy from the Forest Titan boss fight. Stats are optimized for a creature of their size. Carno-similar stats with focus on being quick and nimble as opposed to an upfront fighter. No saddle needed (But will accept Classic Flyers wyvern stone). As the ones in the boss fight are neutral and friendly, these are friendly as well but skittish. Like a tapejara, if you get close to them, they will flee at a rapid pace. If you try to tame one, I recommend chain bolas, traps, or similar.

-Immune to fire, radiation
-Diving Flight Mechanic (Like griffin or snow owl)
-Can breed, supports mutations, etc
-spawns in Jungle, Redwoods, Fertile chamber and sunken forest
-Left click bite. Deals decent damage.
-Right click fire breath. Shoots a long-range breath of fire. Less damage than fire wyvern
-C key (land only) wing flap. Pushes targets back
-C key (air only) grab. Grabs slightly more things than an argy can.

cheat gfi rphoenix 1 0 0

Summon Tamed
cheat gmsummon “Rphoenix_character_bp_c” 180

Cheat gmsummon “forestwyvern_character_bP_c” 180

Summon Wild
Cheat spawndino “blueprint'/game/mods/RoyalPhoenix/RPhoenix_character_bp.Rphoenix_character_bp'” 1 1 1 180

Cheat spawndino “blueprint'/game/mods/RoyalPhoenix/ForestWyvern/ForestWyvern_chraracter_bp.ForestWyvern_character_bP'” 1 1 1 180
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Darkstar113 May 23 @ 10:39am 
Thanks for this amazing mod. Just want to add, if it is possible, could you please tune down the wyvern landing and wing flap animations/sounds for its size. I feel like its animations/sounds are the default of the larger wyverns and it seems out of place.
Chaplynn May 20 @ 1:27pm 
The phoenix is missing some textures.

- tail feathers
- back feathers as well.

only the feet, the face and the breat feathers has textures and an active color region.
for those of you complaining about the smelt effect being lost on the phoenix after restart, it's not the mods fault, it's a known bug with the original phoenix, kinda like when the horses saddle becomes borked and you can no longer craft in it after restart
OGFASA May 15 @ 11:08am 
love this mod! love the phoenix and wyv both as well as the size of the mod. couple questions/suggestions

is it possible to make the wyverns able to strafe left and right as well as fly backwards?
add to the mod page screenshots of the color regions on both dinos?
and possible to make the new royal phoenix poop silica pearls like the vanilla phoenix? :D

keep up the great work and thank you again for such a great mod!
Jax May 12 @ 6:28am 
The Forest wyvern has has a typo in its name, its missing the "R"
Royal Phoenix doesn't have "Rocket High Speed" ??
Sion May 7 @ 9:14am 
Hello, I can use the code to get a saddle of them but I can't summon them with code. How can I solve this problem?
Zoe, the Bad Wolf May 5 @ 10:07am 
How could I set up for reduced spawns?
IRC, we need a Dino Tag for that, can you help me?
I'm getting dozens of spawns on Sorched Earth and I'd like to keep the phoenix more "legendary".

I'd go with:

DinoSpawnWeightMultipliers=(DinoNameTag= PHOENIX TAG ,SpawnWeightMultiplier=0.05,OverrideSpawnLimitPercentage=False,SpawnLimitPercentage=.01)
Shadlos  [author] May 5 @ 7:25am 
they do not have a dino name tag.

But your character bp there is correct
Zoe, the Bad Wolf May 5 @ 6:02am 
Can you provide us with the DinoNameTag for your Phoenixes and Wyverns?