S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

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[Unnoficial] S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Misery 2.1.1 Guide (SPOILERS)
By Billy Catmeme
Welcome to the miserable world of a mod called "Misery". Here are some basic tips and tricks for your survival in the middle of the Zone.

Written with no Permission from The MDT
Recomend reading first: Blan21's beautiful guide [imgur.com] Official guide [www.miserymod.com] Misery handbook

This guide is being rewrittten. Please, be patient and wait for the updated version of the guide.

Note: Once misery 2.2 will be released, the guide will also be updated.
Thank you for reading this guide. Hopefully this will help you play Misery, a mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
This guide was originally writen as a basic chidlish tips book for passing stalkers. It will still be a tips book, but hopefully, this "second edition" will become a better guide for the Zone.

To start off, I would like to point out, that this mod is hard. You will need to do alot of farming if you want better gear and to achieve your goals. Also, this is the base game, but changed so there are alot of useless stuff (should be changed in update 2.2) and the difficulty is alot more harder than the base game's hardest difficulty - Master.
When you install the game, you must choose a class. You may also choose a class once you have the game installed, but this will require a full game restart.

My personal opinion of the classes:
  • Assault class is like being a tank, but super hungry and not prepared for the Zone.
  • Recon class can run fast and handles the artefacts very well, but is very weak and dies fast.
  • Sniper class is OP-ish balanced, so the sniper is prepared in every situation, but has zero training in assault rifles.

Here is the official list of the classes:

10 Tips for starting.
1. Don't cry if You fail. You WILL fail.

2. Read the tips in the loading screen. They can help You.

3. There are new stash locations, so check every location. Its time to practice parkour in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

4. Learn to aim. Headshots will save You bullets and Your life.

5. Dont be scared of anomaly fields. If You are up for the challenge, go artefact hunting.

6. Zone's economy is going agianst You. Prepare Your savings plan and stick to it.

7. If You hear a ringing sound and you see only blue, RUN!

8. Quicksave often or face the consequences of crashing.

9. Dont spare any stalker. If You are an enemy, they will shoot You without hesitating.

10. You must take care of Your rifle. You will sleep with Your rifle and You will give it a girl's name.
Zaton map
All classes start in different locations. These locations have different threats.
This makes the game alot more challenging, as the player must get to Skadovsk to get money and progress in the game.

Here is a map detailing all the starting locations and also various threats:

You should also check out interactive map here, as it shows stash locations. But be warned, as items in the stashes are changed. Stashes that are harder to reach have better items, than easy to reach stashes.

Easy way to earn money when you start
When you come to Skadovsk, no matter what, you will be poor (If not, please share in the comments how you did that).

To earn the first 10K, you must do the bandit missions. You can side with whatever faction you want, but you must loot the bodies. You should also look around in the locations, as there are a few stashes you can loot.

When you ended the deal with the bandits, take a lead container and go to the dredge station. Take the glowing artefact and bring it back to Beard. But be prepared to fight a couple of stalkers and an exoskeleton wearing Tuna.

After that, you can take a break and go hunting. If your gear is good enough, you should go do the bloodsucker mission. Dont forget to bring some lead containers when you venture into the basement of the Krug antenna complex, because a dead stalker there has a nightstar artefact that can earn you a few thousand rubles.

In the end you should have earned somewhere around 50k and some nice equipment.

If you thought this wasn't easy, then ok, you can go do some boring artefact hunting, banditery and regular hunting.
Armor gradation
Armor in Misery is changed. Now different parts offer different protection and bullets do alot more damage if they penetrate the armor.

Here is what you can learn from ingame:
  • CLASS I: 12x70 shot, grenade shrapnel

  • CLASS IIA and II: 9x18 mm, 9x18 mm +P+, 9x19 mm FMJ, 9x19 JHP, 45 ACP

  • CLASS IIIA: 357 HP, 45 Hydro, 5.56x45 mm FNJ

  • CLASS III: 9x18 mm AP, 9x19 mm AP, 7.62x39 mm FMJ, 7.92x33 mm FMJ, 5.45x39 mm FNJ, 12x76 slug

  • CLASS IV: 9x39 mm SP-5, 7.62x51 mm NATO, .300 Win Mag, 45 AP, 7.92x33 mm AP

  • CLASS V (exoskeleton): 5.45x39 AP, 5.56x45 AP, 7.62x39 mm AP, 7.62x51 mm NATO AP, 7.62x54 PP, 9x39 mm SP-6, 7.62x54 mm 7H1

The bigger number, the better armor. Obviously, exoskeleton is the best at protecting You.
Here is a list of artefacts with their effects in Misery:

Altered Insulator
Rad. +44mSv/sec Psy Protection +103% Electric res. +889kV
Altered Wheel
Rad. +48mSv/sec Rad. Res. -17813 Electric res. +856 kV Stamina recovery +74%
Anomalous Plant
Rad. +17mSv/sec Bleeding red. -26ml/min stamina +21% Conv. encumbrance +387g Psy protection +45% Electric res. +510kV
Rad. +21mSv/sec Bleed red. +49ml/min stamina -408% Conv. encubrance +59g Electric res. -389 kV Psy protection -78% Toxicity res. +63% Thermal/acid res. -292%

Rad. +39mSv/sec Stamina +75% Conv. encumbrance +1320g Electricity re. -854 kV Psy -98% Toxicity res. +360% Thermal/acid res. +326%
Rad. +6mSv/sec Bleeding red. +8ml/min Conv. encumbrance +380g Electricity res. -250kV Toxicity -14% Thermal/acid res. +149%
Rad. +17mSv/sec Bleeding red. +42ml/min Conv. encumbrance +1930g Electricity res. -569kV Toxicity res. -48% Thermal/acid res. +149%
Rad. +8mSv/sec Bleed +15ml/min Conv. encumbrance +730g Electricity res. -364kV Toxicity res. -23% Thermal/acid res. +187%
Rad. +22mSv/sec Bleeding red. +57ml/min Stamina -531% Conv. encumbrance +1870g Electricity res. -537% Psy -68% Toxicity res. +79% Thermal/acid res. -267%
Rad. +21mSv/sec Bleeding red. +51ml/min Conv.encumbrance +2550g Toxicity res. -66% Thermal/acid res, +331%
Rad. +8mSv/sec Bleeding red. -11ml/min Stamina +6% Conv. encumbrance +193g Electricity res. +883kV Psy +26%
Rad. +21 mSv/sec Conv. encumbrance +4442g Toxicity res. +29% Thermal/acid res.+235%
Rad. +17mSv/sec Conv. encumbrance +3557g Toxicity res. +21% Thermal/acid res. +196%
Heart of the Oasis
Rad. +36mSv/sec Bleed red. +109m/min Stamina +59% Conv. Encumbrance +5320g Electricity res. -535kV Psy -67% Toxicity res. +652% Thermal/acid res. -257%
Mama's Beads
Meat Chunk
Night Star
Rads, oil
Stone Blood
Stone Flower
In conclusion, artefacts have been changed alot. Some are great, some are bad, but all of them are crap.
What to do next?
Will be changed later:

Now that you got decent gear, do side missions as they give a lot of money, hunt for artifacts, kill stalkers and steal their loot. Also not to mention the HUGE overhaul of stashes, their loot and location.
Tip: Try to make people surrender, by shooting them in the legs, arms. They will give the location of a stash. But this is hard (I got only a few to surrender with help of other stalkers).

WARNING: Be careful, as some places in Zaton have dangerous mutants or controlled by mercs. Beware of:
  • Iron forest contains three burer or three controller and a poltergeist!
  • Krug Antenna Complex BLOODSUCKER LAIR!!! Bloodsuckers evolved and now breathe silently.
  • Sawmill contains alot of zombified stalkers. You can kill them only with headshots in the head.
  • Waste procecing station with Mercs. They have great gear making this the most hardest to raid base.
  • Controller cave looks like a normal cave beneath burnt famstead. NO! it is a controler cave!
During your misrable life, you may find some hard-to-reach stashes, that contain some pretty expensive stuff and alun's note. It contains a riddle, that needs to be solved. Once you solved it, go to that location and get your reward.

Won't do any kind of map, since you will exploit that.
Welcome to Yanov!
Congrats! You conquered Zaton and now you find yourself in another place! Yanov is double the danger! Roaming Bloodsuckers, Controllers, Burers, Pseudogiants, Snorks everywhere. If you don't run into any of these then you are lucky. And just because you feel lucky doesn't mean you are out of danger. Maybe 100 meters away a bloodsucker saw you and now is coming at you. But this place is also an anomaly field. Here you will find alot of rare artifacts. All these dangers may seem like you want to stick to Zaton. Now the good stuff! You find rare loot, weapons, quests are much more easier (Oh, wait, no), here lies Stingray 1 (The stingray with evac locations). A dangerous, yet rewarding place.

Yanov Station and the surrounding area
When I was travelling round, I looted yet another bandit getting sucked by a bloodsucker. Here is his' map:
As you can see, it is really a desolate place. Many scary places and anomaly fields.

Oh and it's full of bandits.
Do I smell Money?
Yes you do smell money!

This place is like the zone's tresure trove.
You have an artifact or an unusable mutant part? Sell it to the science team!

You need to pay that ♥♥♥♥♥'s debt? Kill all the people who he is in debt!

You want to get the legendary oasis artifact? GO AND GET IT!

You will get good armour in no time. But be warned! The anomaly fields here are very unforgiving, so you need at least a III- tier anomaly armour!
Anomalous protection!
So now you are in the most anomalous place in the world of Misery.

You need protection!

So here we will specify the grades using this very informative picture:

As you can see, there are four types of classes you can get. Most of the time you are going to be running with the "Budget" type, until you get more money.

You can also see what type of anomalies it protects from.

Be carefull around flame anomalies!
Woa, well you are now a rated EXPERTO STALKER!

Since you gone so far without getting eaten by some bloodsuckers, lets come over and see what this place is.

One day I was walking around, when suddenly a wild monolith appears! He tries to do Ivan's trick with peestols, but he fails. I took another map from him (What is with these maps?):

After looting the map, he threw a grenade. I don't know how I might last. Pl

P.S. I'm not dead, it's just that Pripyat is so BORING!
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yipper in my zipper Jan 27, 2017 @ 7:52pm 
pro tip: when you start put a mine in front of the skadosk, and wait a while, to get free guns
Moon-Shadow Sep 10, 2016 @ 7:43pm 
Science Team , one Charakter on Labor is Trading , this Charakter run in Labor.
Quarter Sep 10, 2016 @ 12:20pm 
How do you sell things to the science team?
Moon-Shadow Aug 29, 2016 @ 10:08am 
I wait a on Misery 2.2 , + German Version , new Build System for Material , better Loot on Damaged Weapon confim to Parts.

I wait 1 Year for this Update , i hope new Misery 2.2 on Extra Part to this Guid , for this and next Version.

Misery 2.1.1 and 2.2 fast other Game on mechanic.
[HUN]Private Mark Aug 29, 2016 @ 5:28am 
Nice guide! Just started to play with Misery again... yea.... on the worst difficult XD Once my jacket lost all it's durability, l was playing with no armor for like .... 10 hours? Died a lot, saved a lot, still no armor and surviving "pretty" good. On Jupiter plant... go kill dwarf... l start to move there... "oh look, loot!" (ends up having 120kg loot) So back to base...

Also, a tip of mine, if l can share. If you want to go places, just look around for stalker groups, ask them "What is your business?" they will tell you "We are going to *****" and then just click on "maybe we should team up." and you get a saving + arrive closer (or more far) from the objective where you need to go, but hey! United we are strong!

Also... affraid of Bloodsucker and Chimera? Just think on their tasty meat! That will give you enough courage to hunt them down!

Ca't wait for Misery 2.2
Billy Catmeme  [author] Feb 21, 2016 @ 7:43am 
This guide is getting rewritten. All comments bellow are outdated and above are the ones that count.
копатыч Oct 31, 2015 @ 10:28am 
где скачать мод
Moon-Shadow Jun 18, 2015 @ 3:01am 
Misery Version 2.1.1

A short time ago has played also as an Assaulter, and there Nimble has even Camo Suit.

At least there is with all 3 classes also with Nimble the Clear Sky Suit.

Only with all 3 classes Nimble has no EXO Suit.
Cup May 24, 2015 @ 11:32am 
How do you download misery
Cup May 24, 2015 @ 11:21am 
NIce guide! I dont know how to download misery though. Im at stingray three and its IMPOSSIBLE to get up there...