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MarniiMods: Horses
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MarniiMods: Horses

ModID: 1696957410

♥ If you end up liking this mod then a thumbs up would be very much appreaciated ♥

Please join the Discord if you have questions or wish to speak with me:
This is where i am the most active and will be posting upcoming content and other mod updates.

This mod adds an array of horses that vary in type and strength. This is my first mod and first public release, be aware there may be bugs or complications. The mod should be compatible with other mods, as long as they do not directly alter equus primal tags or spawns.

The horses have different spawns and can be found in beaches, mountains, grasslands, redwoods and in the snow. They do not replace any creatures. If you are using a normal unmodified ark, as in you have all dinos are spawning on the map, The horses will be as rare as an equus on the island in terms of spawn amount. They are somewhat rare

As of now there are 8 horses in the mod:
Destrier - Visually based off the Friesian horse, one of the two strongest warhorses.
Siglavy - Visuals are based off my IRL horse, which was a shagya Arabian with some Lipizzan features. This is the second warhorse in the mod.
Courser - All-round good horse, can be both used for fighting and travel. Visual and mesh is based off the English Thoroughbred
Rouncey - Also an all-round good horse, with the same use as a Courser, but is based off a mix between Pint paint horses.The pattern style was chosen by the community created around the mod itself.
Kehilan - The fastest horse of them all, visually based off the Arabian horse.
Dray - The heavy lifter of the horses, visually based off the Clydesdale horse.
Garron - Back to my roots this is a horse I would grow up with, so I decided to add a horse based on the Fjord horse. Can carry more than all the others but not as much as a Dray and is comparable in versatility as the Courser and Rouncey.
Pony - Lastly, the cute companion to any horse herd. [Not the greatest swimmer]

Other additions in the mod are:
Horse Saddle - A sturdy normal horse saddle [Atlas model]
Padded Horse Saddle - Same as above but with more armor.
Two seater Horse saddle - A saddle made to fit and hold two people. [Tweaked Atlas model] - Used with Siglavys, Destriers, Coursers and Drays.

future content
- Horse carriage

- New saddles and functionalities

- New animations and horse functionality

- Several horse Mesh TLC

Additional info
The horses utilize modified model of the Atlas horse and its sounds on top of small additional custom sounds and animations.
It is based of the equus, so it will be compatible with other mods that adds costumes or saddles for equuses such as “Saddle Emporium” [Highly recommend using the mod]. Though be aware there may be varying clipping issues, but they should not be major as i have made some adjustments on the models itself.

Special thanks to Bongosolos, Synestra and Drocks for helping me test and support me through the modding process ♥

This mod has been made to be a required DLC for The Known World map project!
Click the image to join the discord for information and updates!

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♕ Marnii ♕
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♕ Marnii ♕  [author] 13 hours ago 
Thank you all for the kind feedback <3 Please join the discord for bugs, issues etc with horses or questions pertaining to wildlife. Many questions are already answered there.

@shadowcat13/Smop92, They tame the same as an equus no matter the level. You just need to look for when it starts bucking then feed them.
@kaya_ajiira, you need to use the two seater saddle on the horses that can have two people, for it to appear correctly
kya_ajiira 15 hours ago 
OH! Before I forget the double person ridding...Erm...the second person ends up UNDER the horse kinda looks silly.
kya_ajiira 15 hours ago 
For the horse lover I am this mod is wonderful! I am so playing Pony Survival Evolved! Errrrr pretend ya didn't see that!
smop95 Aug 18 @ 9:59pm 
Playing on Single-Player with levels set to the lowest possible. Same issue. :(
ShodawCat13 Aug 18 @ 4:44pm 
Do these tame the same way as the Equus? I seem to have issue with taming High level ones as the feed pop up doesn't seem to show up and I get thrown off each time :/
MrDennisNL93 Aug 18 @ 11:43am 
awesome i saw the models they look amazing, A QUESTION!!! could you please make a Dolphin for that wildlife mod :D
♕ Marnii ♕  [author] Aug 11 @ 2:06pm 
@mrdennis the Wildlife mod is yet to be released, currenly only the horses that are. if you join the discord at the top of the description you will be able to gain more information about the project (:
MrDennisNL93 Aug 11 @ 1:39pm 
just played on that GOT map with this mod, I LOVE IT and i saw Marniimods: wildlife, do you have screenshots of that mod somewhere?
Taeyang Aug 11 @ 12:18pm 
@Ahwill It depends on where your character initially spawn. Are you by chance spawning in the highlands? If so, unfortunately, you won't see any there. However, if you head towards the redwoods you'll spot them. Not sure why they won't spawn in the highlands. It would be epic if they did as it's so green that's where you'd kinda expect to see them running around in the most.
Ahwill Aug 10 @ 10:34am 
is there perhaps a command that will cause them to spawn more often? i havent seen any yet on the ragnarok map