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R.P. EDDitions
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R.P. EDDitions

R.P. EDDitions V4.25

This is a role-play based mod made for Role Play servers to add many quality-of-life improvements and a a coin based economy option.

Mod ID 1696166357

Version 4.0 adds a lot of back end work to to make the mod much more customization. Plus adds more content and new features as well. With the latest update, there are now over 400 individual items that this mod adds to the game. Covering areas of roleplay economics and money production, farming and cooking improvements, item storage, player armor and tools, and creature taming and storage. This update includes a lot of back end updates to items to improve game mechanics, add more flexibility and server customization through .INI settings, and reduce the file size of some items in order to bring more content without decreasing server performance. Almost every item has been reworked, so some things may appear slightly different, some have been changed entirely, and a few items have been replaced - to make room for additional lighting, storage, and decorative items along with additional adjustability through an increase of .INI settings. I have also added the automatic unlocking of all hair styles and emotes

One of the major updates comes in a revision of the Tame Storage system. It has been reworked from he ground up and comes with new .INI settings for the Tame Jar, an ease of the time restrictions for base settings, a reworked revival system, and a new icon information display system to show you additional information about your tame.

The crop trees have been reworked and the Cocoa Tree has been changed into a seed crop. Please pick up and replace all trees, and recycle the Cocoa Tree as it has been discontinued.
The Cocoa Bush has been added as a seed based crop and all crops/fruits have been reworked to provide better compatibility with other mods and to make way for the new customizable recipes in the Brewing Barrel and the new Cauldron. These changes have affected many of the RPE crops, so some of the old crops may not be compatible with current recipes, please replace trees and replant crops to ensure compatibility going forward. The Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich will now work like a Veggie Cake for taming, but will no longer heal tames. The healing powers have been moved to the new Tame Healing Brew made in the new Alchemy Bench, which replaces the Drug and Ammo table and functions as a millstone as well as crafts all of the RPE drugs.

Modified Structures:
Some structures can now snap to each other. (Can be disabled by pressing G while placing) Ex. Compost Bin, Ice Box, Large Storage
Incubation Nest: Now has storage for holding eggs until you can hatch them.
Signs: Now have 7 font styles accessible through radial menu and can dye/paint the text.
Brewing Barrel: Now crafts stackable version of Beer Jar and can make customizable alcoholic drinks.

New Items and Structures: (See master item list for descriptions):
Admin Ring, Tame Healing Brew, Alchemy Bench, Bonfire, Cauldron, Grill, Metal Hand Torch, Arrow Sign.
Cocoa Seed (Cocoa is now a grown crop)
Dirt crop plots (just a plot of dirt with no borders)
3 Greenhouse Plants (provide greenhouse effect in an indoor area when irrigated and fertilized)
Breeder inspection Glass. (use this while looking at a tame to get its stats and points)
All new Tame storage: (All old tame storage must be switched out to the new) many new features and options. (like an adjustable timer via INI)
Large storage chest: (Has 250 slots, 2 decorative options via radial menu, stackable)
New Lighting options: Candles, Torches, Brazier, Hanging lights, Light posts etc. (All have adjustable radius, brightness and whiteness settings via the radial menu)
Sink: Snaps to the Bucket for all your water needs.

The .INI Settings have also undergone a major rework for this mod. Please see INI Settings for all the settings. Some have been removed or reworked to provide additional adjustability to many aspects of this mod. The crafting speeds and inventory size of most of the structures in this mod are now adjustable. Some of the standard settings for the economy structures have been adjusted, like the Gold Forge and coins, so servers may have to adjust their settings accordingly. There is now an .INI to enable or disable the gem drops from world resources for those that wish to disable the economy options of this mod. Please see the . INI Settings Description discussion page to see all of the possible options.

Certain items are Admin Spawn Only for server control and include: all 3 Gold Forges, All 3 Markets, Banks, Tame Storage Pen, Admin Chest, Admin Ring, Admin Rifle and Admin Sword.

There are many back end changes for this update that I have been working on a long time, and not everything I did will be seen in game, but hopefully this will make RPE a much more customization and compatible mod going forward.

As there is way too much to fit on this main page, please see the discussion to see all that the mod contains and where to make it.

It is highly recommended to not run RPE Gardening with this mod.
The best recommendation is to use RPE combined with Eddy's Lighting mod and enable the greenhouse effect on the lights with an INI setting.
This mod can only be used with Gardening mod if the following is done.

Gardening mod must be placed After R.P. EDDitions in the mod order.
It will run but it absolutely requires RPE to be loaded first or server will not boot. Running both mods can cause issues.
It is also highly recommended to craft all Items from the RPE mod structures except the Greenhouse lights.

Any questions or suggestions you can contact me on my
Discord here

Please see the Mod Description discussion to read more about the mod and how things work:
INI Settings
INI Settings Description
Spawn Codes
Tame Storage pen info
Bug Reprts
Mod Suggestions
Looking for a Server Host? I would recommend []
Please donate if you like this mod and would like me to be able to continue making Awesome content.
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Agonos Jan 24 @ 3:26pm 
Hello. This mod makes the game unplayable. It uses too much pc resource.
TheLaughingCow Jan 22 @ 10:06pm 
I play single player mostly because I like to build, and absolutely love this. Since the update, my single player games wont load, and have crashed making me restart everything. It is a little upsetting.
Lost Jan 22 @ 7:06pm 
Hey dude whatever you did you need to undo, it broke ark and now I can't even load single player with your mod.
Dragonreborn813 Jan 20 @ 6:48am 
what in the world are ya'll doing? Three updates in three days
Damine Jan 18 @ 5:48pm 
Fr0z3nL1ght Sep 19, 2021 @ 3:53am
I cant seem to craft yeast anywhere, even the spoil basket doesn't give it after spoiling fruits, does anyone know how to craft it?

i think you let berry rot in the rpe beer wine Barrel makes it
◄Reborn► Nabe Jan 2 @ 9:32am 
A friend of mine is having trouble using Jars, they just will not work.
LuluDerpKitty Jan 1 @ 2:43pm 
Hey does anyone know the file code for paints to use in the canvas? I don't know what needs to be renames for the converted image to show up in paints?
Iirly Dec 12, 2021 @ 2:45pm 
Can the HD Canvas not be used with the Vanilla Camera?
Kitten<3 Nov 6, 2021 @ 4:44pm 
Hi, A server I am playing on is having problems with Tek dinos and taming. Are you aware of any issues with your famishing drug that could cause faster drop in effects of taming? A Max Tek Dino is taming with only 30%. The owner of said server believes it is this mod that could be causing problems.
Serb Nov 2, 2021 @ 6:27pm 
wish the gold was placeable, would be nice for decorating, or flexing lol