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R.P. EDDitions

R.P. EDDitions V4.33

This is a role-play based mod made for Role Play servers to add many quality-of-life improvements and a coin based economy option.

Mod ID 1696166357

This mod became part of the ARK Sponsored Mods program July 2022.

This mod started as a basic economy system to reward players with a form of currency for time spent on the server gathering resources. It has evolved into a variety of tools, crafting structures, and economy structures to improve quality of life and assist with ARK mechanics to decrease the time roleplayers spent crafting and managing resources and to spend more time roleplaying or even just enjoying ARK. Currently, there are over 400 individual items this mod adds to the game. Covering areas of roleplay economics and money production, farming and cooking improvements, lighting, item storage, crafting stations, player armor and tools, and creature taming and storage. All items are medieval/ primitive themed and crafted before the metal/fabricator tiers in ARK, so as not to break role-play immersion.

There has been extensive back end work to make this mod very customizable for various server settings and rates - to improve game mechanics by adding more flexibility and server customization through .INI settings, and reducing the file sizes of most items in order to bring more content without decreasing server performance.

Please see the INI Settings Description discussion page to see all of the possible ways to customize this mod for your server.

Certain items are by default Admin Spawn Only for server control and include: all 3 Gold Forges, Trader/Vendor/Merchant Carts, Chibi Vendor, Banks, Tame Storage Pen, Admin Chest, Admin Ring, Admin Rifle and Admin Sword, Structure Remover. The majority of these items are economy structures intended to be controlled and distributed to player and/or tools for Admins to better be able to maintain servers and assist their players.

R.P. EDDitions adds a variety of ways for Admins to encourage trade and economy on the server with gems and gold that drop from rarer resource nodes to be turned into currency coins, Trade Carts to purchase resources from players, Vendor Carts to sell items or rare tames to players, Merchant Carts for players to sell their own goods and tames to other players. There are Gold Coins and Tokens included with this mod to be used, but other currencies may be used if the .INI files are set up to allow it.

The basic player crafting structure starts with the RPE Smithy, which doubles as a basic ARK smithy as well. Many of the RPE crafting structures function like a base ARK structures: Millstone functions as the Alchemy Bench, the Recycling Barrel replaces the Grinder, the Stove combines the Preserving Bin, Industrial Grill & Cooking Pots, the Quick Forge works as an Industrial Forge - all taking up smaller space footprints in medieval themed structures, with adjustable speeds through the .INI files.

The Gardening Table gives access to the variety of crop seeds, the RPE Crop Trees, and the Greenhouse Plants. The crops give a variety of effects to the customizable foods you can create. The trees and crops also can give access to various rare resources like silk, sap, Latex Polymer for organic polymer, and honey from the Tree Bee Hive with just a little effort to gain the resource originally. The Greenhouse Plants and Greenhouse Sticks give players easy ways to obtain the greenhouse effect without expensive and server intensive greenhouse glass structures and there are multiple other RPE gardening tools to make crop growing a less tedious experience.

The RPE Decor Table is where to find a variety of tables to have a feast for your server mates, with inventories that are accessible from the seat, to avoid having to throw food and drinks on the floor for people to pick up. Or perhaps you will take up brewing some of the many varieties of drinks available in the Brewing Barrel? And decorate your tavern or hall with RPE canvases and lighting, and guide guests to your place with the RPE signs and their multiple font options. Store your goods in RPE chests and store your food and crops in the spacious Ice Box, crafted in the RPE Smithy.

The Tame Storage Pen and Tame Holding Jars offer a handy way to store tames and pets neatly and safely away without the tekky and flashy sights and sounds of cryopods, to allow for better immersion on roleplay servers. There is an optional timed jar to limit the amount of time the jars are out of the pen, to give some servers the option to make players release their army at home instead of at the enemy's gate. There is also a revival system in place to allow jars that are accidentally left out too long to be restored and the treasured tame released.

There are a variety of Tools, Weapons, and Armor that come with this mod as well, to improve the player and roleplay experience by increasing durability and/or effectiveness to provide qualiy protection from the elements and wild animals while increasing survivability without drastically affecting PVP mechanics. The RPE drugs made in the Alchemy Bench can greatly impove the tranquilizing and taming adventures experienced on medieval themed servers.

With over 400 items added by R.P.EDDitions, and still counting up, as this mod is still in development, there is way too much to fit on this main page, please see the discussion to see all that the mod contains and where to make it.

Any questions or suggestions or bug reports, you can contact me on my
Discord here

Please see the Mod Description discussion to read more about the mod and how things work:
Spawn Codes
Tame Storage pen info

Hopefully this mod will help players spend more time role-playing with friends on servers, and spend less time fighting ark mechanics to create, tame, and survive. Many of these ideas have come from my own time on role-playing servers or from community suggestions for ways to improve the quality of life in ARK. Of course some of these items are similar to items found in other major mods, and I would like to thank those mod creators for the use of their open source materials and/or for their awesome inspiration.

Please note: This mod is no longer compatible with the stand alone RPE Gardening mod. The best recommendation is to use R.P. EDDitions combined with Eddy's Lighting mod and enable the greenhouse effect on the lights with an INI setting.

Looking for a Server Host? I would recommend []

Please consider donating if you like this mod and would like me to be able to continue making Awesome content.
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you must put this in your ini
was searching for ages myself


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Hey so I was going to make Otter Chow for the new incubator, and need veggie milk. I have searched so long, but I have no idea where to get/make it?
cheezy_entertainment Oct 3, 2022 @ 7:00am 
since update vendors are invisible all except there boxes, even newly placed vendors.

has a dermis slot in there inventory but not accept any..
aidameyerk Sep 7, 2022 @ 10:19am 
Where are the .ini instructions for the backpack? I looked in the file and i can't find a way to change the weight buff. The instructions weren't with the others.
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Curious are there any plans for adding in more decorative items like a tub or things to be placed on tables? Thanks again fro a superb mod, there is just so many good things here! :steamthumbsup: