Mount & Blade: Warband

Mount & Blade: Warband

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World with mix of many different nations. Imagine Star Wars fighting with Sauron, Steampunk conspiring against XV century Europe, Aliens fighting Djiniis, Orcs fighting Morloks, Uruks fighting against Alien Pirates!
Swords, Axes, Lightsabers, Flintlock, Laser Cannons, Plasma Blasters, Arqebusiers, Blunderbuses, Antique Shields and Energy Fields, Crossbows, Magic Staves and Bows, Arrows, whatever you can imagine - now in one, huge mod with exceptional mechanics. What is it? This is Paradigm Worlds mod for Mount and Blade: Warband.
This insanity rollercoaster offers much more: a living, thriving world in a huge, widely populated map. It offers tons of new choices, strategic and tactical, brilliant companions, dangerous enemies.
Make yourself a favor: start a new game, create a character and fight your first battle. Three things are guaranteed: 1. You will sink for hours, wanting to know more about world, 2. Every five minutes you will say to yourself 'I don't believe this is happening! Whaaaat!?" 3. You will understand what is the difference between playing a game and a true game's rule-breaker journey.
It will melt your brain, and you're gonna love it.

WARNING!: Please SET RAGDOLL to 0 (turn it off), that will fix all issues with graphic glitches !!!
WARNING!: Please TURN OFF HDR effects, they are responsible for 95% of crashes.

If you want to learn more about specific rules, lore:





STEAM Version of the mod is the latest - 1.20 and is fully fixed.

Please also consider a fact that because of amounts of models, textures, etc. PARADIGM WORLDS are demanding app. Lowering texture details to ~70%, generally lowering graphic can help a lot.
Turning off particle effects also should help - especially for lower-end computers.

It is good to ask a Tavern Keeper to learn basic rules. There is in-game concept page with little more details. During journey you will meet various creatures and they will slowly add a bits of information. As you progress you will gain access to new features - for example you don't need to know how to command mercenary patrol, if you don't have own kingdom.

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✠Yapıştırr✠ 9 hours ago 
turkish laungue
alvaricles22 Jul 3 @ 1:19am 
Is there any chance to get the soviet equipment?
skygun12 Jun 28 @ 11:59pm 
it needs a separation on modern age and the Fantasy age it need separation plz separate them if not its just a mess plz fix both of them
-=Ðﮐ=- Arctic Howler Jun 25 @ 11:19pm 
Holy Runtime Errors Batman... Everytime I try to launch a new game I get a runtime error...
RIFLAS Jun 24 @ 7:56pm 
Disgusting mess but epic.
sirlyon333 Jun 23 @ 5:17pm 
hello again, got some comments to make.

item balance

2 armour difference for the cost of 30 strength difference

probably all siege tower defences have this problem the enemy start so far away and only treakle down to the walls, meaning they die with out any melee at best and cannot retaliate with ranged

taking that city was also quite easy however if i have a QA recomendation is to check if people can actually get onto the walls albiet some people managed to get through but they still got suck

for anyone curious this was the after action report of taking it
Monem909 Jun 23 @ 4:59am 
С пивком пойдет
Ryu Hayabusa Jun 22 @ 5:22pm 
Heya, new to the mod but loving it so far.
I have encountered just 1 issue and that is at the tournaments my game always crashes as soon as I look at the weapons on the ground to pick it up.

Anything I can do to fix this or should I avoid the tournaments?
Mad_sz Jun 22 @ 5:33am 
@sirlyon333 alright thanks
sirlyon333 Jun 21 @ 9:27am 
@Mad_sz You have to put points into critical presicion to increase the limit on how high those scores can be, there is a similar stat in warband with a diffrent name just in warband you start with your scores low enough you can put points straight into it