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Scourge/Plague Doctor Class Mod DE
Type: Add-on
Game Mode: Story, GM
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Mar 25, 2019 @ 5:51pm
Feb 21, 2021 @ 11:03am
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Scourge/Plague Doctor Class Mod DE

In 1 collection by Auracheetah
Divinity Summer Collection Aura
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This is my first ever mod, period. So this was a big learning experience and will most likely continue to be one while
I try to bug fix things. The idea behind the mod is to create a class that has a emphasis on control over your own
abilities. Recklessness will get you, your allies, and random NPCs killed, but if played right can control the battlefield.

NEW CONTENT: Plague Masks!
Disclaimer: I'm terrible at spelling
Disclaimer: If your game is crashing try to disable ambient occlusion

Nexus Backup
For those who are having issues with the workshop https://www.nexusmods.com/divinityoriginalsin2definitiveedition/mods/161/

Planned Updates
  1. Fully voice acted trader
  2. About 10 more abilities once the core ones are well balanced

The main mechanic of the class is all based around plague stacks.
These are the basic rules for plague stacks:
  1. Damage of plague abilities and plague status is based off Level and Warfare
  2. Applying a plague status effect to a already existing plague status will cause it to stack
  3. Plague can stack up to 5 times
  4. At the end of a character's turn, if they have at least 1 stack of plague, another stack will
    be applied
  5. Once a plague status effect gets applied to 5 stacks of plague, the target releases an
    AOE applying a plague status effect and also doing damage to all near by characters that
    don't already have plague
  6. Any healing ability will bring the current target's plague stacks down by 2

These are the basic rules for cleansing flame:
  1. On applying Cleansing Flame it will remove 10% of health from target for each stack of plague on them.
  2. Cleansing flame status can not be removed

The core of the class is based around these abilities and how effectively you can use them.
Each one has a different way that you can use your enemies, allies, and environment to spread
the plague. A lot of these can also cause collateral damage, so use caution.

Medic based abilities act as the counter to plague giving the class control your own abilities.
Besides this, they add the ability to heal and synergize well with the plague status effect.
The main difference with these abilities is that most of them come with a heavy cost.

Mutations are the buff/debuff side of the class, adding a lot of utility to it. From providing some
crowd control to increasing your ally's stats. You can only apply a mutation on a target if they
have at least 3 stacks of plague.

Purging abilities are used to "cash out" plague stacks on enemies. Like the other abilities
purging flame does not discriminate between friend and foe. For every stack of plague, the
purging fire statues last one turn longer.

The trader can be found in each of the 4 main locations:
  • Fort Joy - On the coast right next to where the player wakes up.
  • Reaper's Coast - Behind the inn where the chickens are.
  • Nameless Isle - Next to the incarnate trader on the mother tree.
  • Arks - By the channel where the Necromancy merchant is.

Incompatible Mods
  • Armor System Rework Mod
Future of the Mod
As said before this is my first mod and expect to see a lot of issues but
will be happy to try to solve them and update the mod.
If you have any issues make a post in the forum for the mod and
make sure you add all relevant information.

I will also be taking suggestions on balancing/mod additions. Also make a
post in the forum for this.
My Plans for Future Mods
If it turns out people are really enjoying the mod I might end up making more
mods. This includes class mods along with race/weapon/armors.
My Links and Thanks
I want to thank everyone for checking out the mod, it means a lot :)

I also want to thank Criken for inspiring me to make a mod for Divinity and
the Divinity modding community for helping me with a lot of issues I had.

My friend Nico does the voice acting for the trader and the narrator in the trailer

I am working on Patreon as a way for people to support me and allow me
to spend more time making mods.
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