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Surviving Mars

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Silva - Cosmos Project Event
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Silva - Cosmos Project Event

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Add serie of events inspired by the scifi-movie Contact. This mod adds 3 new buildings : Martian Observatory, Wormhole Device and Geareactor and 2 new Breakthroughs.
Cosmos Project,is a serie of events and start when you build the first Martian Observatory. You will have to make choices and release various tasks (build a special building, research tech..). Lot of rewards wait you!

[UPDATE 2019-05-20]
Since the last update the techs come from the events need to load when your start a new game. If you activate this mod in your savegame, the new technologies don't appear.

You need to download and enable 4 mods :
- Essential files
- Cosmos Project Events (this mod)
- Martian Observatory
- Georeactor

[How start the events ?]
Since Amstrong update, you need to start new game .
You need to build one Martian Observatory and follow the events.

1) Becarful : now the Martian Observatory mod doesn't contains the Events.
2) If you are finished (or not) the first part (Available in Silva - Martian Observatory & Cosmos Porject (Part.1) v1.x)) but you want to play with the Observatory only : You can! Disable the new mod : Silva - Cosmos Project Events and play with the Observatory in standalone version.
3) If your are finished the first part (Complex Signal Tech researched) the following of the event starts after loading your savegame.
4) You can enable the events mod when you want in your game even after building the Observatory.
5) You can't disable the event mod after building the Wormhole Device or GeoReactor.
6) You can play with the Observatory & Georeactor without the events. Don't install the Silva - Cosmos Project Event.
7) Wormhole Device and new techs are available with the event ONLY
8) No Newgame required

[Wormhole Device]
Name: Wormhole Device
Description: Lets travel through a wormhole and generate research points.
Type: Research Lab, Outside, Wonder
Menu: Silva - Unique buildings

Cost: 75 concretres, 125 metals, 75 electronics, 50 machine parts
Consumption: 75 Electricity
Maintenance: 5 Electronics
Workers: 18 Scientists
Unlocked by: During the event.

Thanks to @TehBeaker for helping me with the translation.

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ruhl.sam.legoman Dec 13 @ 1:36pm 
is this mod compatibol with the space race dlc
Mattheq Sep 28 @ 3:58pm 
Issue here with the Georeactor, had it destroyed by bombardment, and when I rebuilt it I got the decision again, and got another $15 B
Mattheq Aug 13 @ 2:02am 
Does the wormhole device need to be researched as a breakthrough? I'm not getting it as an option in the research menu
BLÀde Jul 4 @ 3:41am 
when you get the signal are you supposed to get the signal decoding tech automatically given to you and not have to research it yourself?
lugabal Jun 24 @ 12:14pm 
So, I ran through the observatory events for the second time, and both times (running it with other mods, but a different mix of mods each time) the GR doesn't become available after I get the event that tells me that I should have plans to build it. When I started a game without the events, the GR appears properly and I can build it once I have the mohole mine tech.
BLÀde Jun 14 @ 7:47am 
@ Kaos Jr! it's in homes, education and research
BLÀde Jun 14 @ 7:46am 
it's a little too easy to get the GR i can pretty much get it not long after i get my 1st colonists all i have to do is prioritise scientists. which makes it far too easy to get. maybe the martian observatory needs to be harder to built?
Kaos Jr. Jun 7 @ 11:26am 
yea i couldnt find it in the wonders
bongerman85 Jun 7 @ 4:55am 
think it appears in wonders
Kaos Jr. Jun 6 @ 9:24pm 
i started the even but the worhole device isn't in any of my menus