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Silva - GeoReactor
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Silva - GeoReactor

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Add new unique (wonder) building : GeoReactor produces a large amount of electricity. Normally this building is used and unlocked in the Comos Project Event mod. But you can play without event.

Name: Geaoreactor
Description: An incomprehensible Alien technology using gravity, fusion core and magnetosphere of the planet to produce energy.
Type: Power plant, Outside, Wonder
Menu: Silva - Unique buildings
Cost: 350 concretres, 200 metals, 300 polymers
Consumption: 4 Water
Maintenance: 4 Polymers
Workers: 0
Unlocked by: Mohole Project Tech OR IF you play with Cosmos Project Event, this building will be unlocked by during the event.

You can download and enable this mod : Silva - Cosmos Project Events to play with the events.

Mod webpage :

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Szynszyl Oct 18 @ 12:24am 
Hello, can you upload version with workers? for example 10 per shift?
Silva  [author] Jun 27 @ 11:55pm 
@JerryLau77 : Did you research GeoReactor tech in Breakthroughs ?
This building is in build menu : Power > Additional buildings .
There are few bugs with the event since the Amstrong Update... especially with the techs from the events.

If you use the ECM mod (by ChoGGi) you can unlock the building with this command line: Press ENTER to display the console and tape : UnlockBuilding("sGeoReactor")
JerryLau77 Jun 27 @ 8:37pm 
I have both this mod and the Cosmos Project Even mod installed, and the event is 100% complete, yet I either cannot find what menu this is in to build it or it glitched and never showed up in my game
翱岚祝融/Aolan Zhurong May 19 @ 11:55pm 
添加新的独特(奇迹)建筑:GeoReactor产生大量电力。通常,这个建筑在Comos Project Event mod中使用和解锁。但你可以没有事件发挥。

菜单:席尔瓦 - 独特的建筑
成本:350 concretres,200金属,300聚合物

你可以下载并启用这个mod:Silva - Cosmos Project Events 活动来玩这些活动。
Silva  [author] Apr 18 @ 10:53am 
@blbybebilenibebi Yes, there is a small bug ! :D but, save and reload your game !
blbybebilenibebi Apr 18 @ 10:39am 
Heyy, I downloaded only GeoReactor without the Event and it wasnt unlocked by Project Mohole aswell
alphaprior Apr 5 @ 3:28am 
Researching Project Mohole did not unlock Georeactor.
Silva  [author] Mar 26 @ 9:56am 
@Gerion Added! thx. (1500 electricity)
Gerion Mar 26 @ 9:42am 
how much energy it produced? I dot see this information in description.
Lone Wolf Mar 25 @ 8:57am 
Thank you sir. I look forward to see what this all does.