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Improved Mars
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Mar 24, 2019 @ 5:43pm
May 12 @ 6:04pm
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Improved Mars

Mars is boring.

No, not in real life, but the Stellaris version has no unique deposits, no unique events, and no acknowledgment of the tremendous accomplishment teraforming Mars would represent.

This simple little mod attempts to fix that.

Upon starting a new game, Mars will get the “weak magnetic field” modifier. This looks boring, but it’s accurate to real life, and it also means the mod is working correctly.

When you teraform mars, as any type of empire, it will have a number of custom deposits, named after major terrain features currently on the planet, and their expected natures after Martian teraforming would be accomplished.

Also, if you are playing as the Commonwealth of Man or United Nations of Earth, you will get an event granting you 250 Unity for achieving a longtime dream of Humanity.

I would like to thank Arthur Revan, who went over the mars files and cleaned up some long-standing image glitches.

Planned Improvements
- a few more unique events for mars
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Spudnik 1 Jul 25 @ 2:38pm 
An update: I somehow got it working again by accident. In this case I removed Real Space (due to unrelated issues) and now it’s working again. Forgotten Little Robot exists along with Weak Magnetic Field and Terraforming Candidate.

@temujin321 if you’re still looking for a solution I suggest resorting your mods, backwards alphabetical.
Spudnik 1 Jul 24 @ 8:25am 
In my case it still has terraforming candidate but not weak magnetic field...meaning the mod isn’t working now I guess?

I think it’s either Planetary Diversity, Guilli’s, or Real Space (+ New Frontiers) messing with it.
JR Jul 11 @ 4:16pm 
It's either Planetary Diversity or Gulli's modifiers. One of those removes the terraforming candidate modifer and adds "forgotten little robot" instead.
temujin321 Jun 30 @ 9:46pm 
Oh boy... I have like 84 mods running. However the only ones I can think of that would affect this are Planetary Diversity, Expanded Sol, Real Sol Textures, and maybe Guilli's Planet Modifiers. If you need a full list I can get one, just let me know.
csrr  [author] Jun 30 @ 6:35pm 
@temujin321- Thanks for the heads-up. I'll investigate. What other mods are you running, btw?
temujin321 Jun 29 @ 4:17pm 
Something is breaking this, it now has the weak magnetic field modifier but has lost the ability to be terraformed.
csrr  [author] Jun 21 @ 11:51am 
@Pan Mikser- It should. I haven’t' tried it, though, so I won't guarantee anything (and if it doesn't, please let me know. I might be able to adjust it to provide compatibility.)
Pan Mikser Jun 21 @ 7:01am 
does this mod work with planetay diversity?
csrr  [author] May 12 @ 6:25pm 
I updated to 2.7, added some background stuff, removed the horizonsignal overwrite, and included a new feature.

Now, if you embrace the love of the Worm, Mars will get random deposits, but you can spend 25 influence to ask the Worm to restore the unique deposits.
Arthur Revan Apr 16 @ 8:37am 
I used GIMP too, and after gods know how many hours I've made all the maps, also fix the asset file. So no more glitches and stuff.

Here is a screenshot: link []
And files: link []