Skullgirls ∞Endless Beta∞

Skullgirls ∞Endless Beta∞

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Miscellaneous Mechanic Information
By RemiKz
Random tidbits about the game mechanics that you may or may not have already known. Helpful for those just learning the game and those looking to find all of their available options.
Terms and Notation
Here is some basic terms and notation to fully understand some of the information later on.

Numbered notation:

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

Each number corresponds with a direction. In this sense, 5 means you aren't
holding any direction and your control stick is in neutral. 2 would indicate you are holding down, 6 would mean you are holding forward, and so on. You can look at your number pad on a keyboard to distinguish the direction at a glance.

LP - Light punch
MP - Medium punch
HP - Heavy/Hard punch
LK - Light kick
MK - Medium kick
HK - Heavy/Hard kick

s. - standing (if not stated, usually implied)
j. - jumping
c. - crouching
f. - forward
b. - back
df. - downforward
db. - downback
uf. - upforward
ub. - upback

(ex. c.LP and 2LP would be considering the same input as you hold down and press LP in both cases)

QCF - quarter circle forward motion
QCB - quarter circle back motion
DP / SRK - Dragon punch/shoryuken. A character's reversal attack.
TK - Tiger knee. Refers to doing something similar to a 2369 motion.

Super / Hyper - Referred to as Blockbusters in Skullgirls. Called supers for consistency across multiple games.

Normals - Your character's standard attacks, such as punches and kicks.

Specials - Your character's attacks that are performed with doing directional motions + an attack button.

DHC - Delayed hyper combo. You can input your next character's super during your current active super to switch them in and perform their super. They are referred to as Blockbuster Sequals in Skullgirls. Called DHC for consistency across multiple games.

Snapback - An attack that forces out your opponent's character and switches it with a different one. This is referred to as Outtakes in Skullgirls. Called snapbacks for consistency across multiple games.

Alpha Counter - From a blocking state, switches out your character with another on your team while performing their designated assist attack. This is referred to as Stunt Double in Skullgirls. Called alpha counter for consistency across multiple games.

Hitstun - The state when your character cannot be controlled after being hit.

Blockstun - The stat when your character is stuck in block animation.

Hitstop - When a character is stunned in their current action. Not always having to do when being hit. An example of histop is your opponent being frozen in place during Ms.Fortune's second to last hit of her Feral Edge super.

Hitbox - The area where your attack has an active damaging element. Shown as red boxes in training mode.

Hurtbox - The area where your character will be hit if a hitbox comes into contact with it. Shown as green in training mode.

Whiff - Having an attack miss.

Crossup - When you hit the opponent on the opposite side they were facing, usually by jumping over them. Crossunder is technically the same thing, but stated when you go under the opponent instead.
Miscellaneous Info Dump
  • Whiffing specials builds meter.

  • Whiffing normals will normally not gain meter, unless you have less than 1 meter and you are not moving backwards while inputting the attack.

  • Performing a DHC into a super that is greater than a lvl 1 will cost 1 less meter than usual. (ex. Doing a lvl 1 super into a lvl 3 super will only take up a total of 3 meters as opposed to 4.)

  • A pinkish spark while being hit means your opponent has triggered the game's infinite prevention system (IPS). Pressing any button will trigger a burst and your character can escape the combo.

  • Your character is invincible from a burst as long as the actual burst makes contact with the opponent. If the burst misses, your character will be vulnerable for period of time.

  • A green spark while being hit means your opponent has triggered the game's undizzy system. Like IPS, pressing any button will trigger a burst and your character can escape the combo.

  • Like mentioned earlier, if your burst from the greenspark doesn't make contact with the opponent, you will be vulnerable.

  • Undizzy is determined by which attacks you use during certain stages of your combo. After reaching stage 5 (can be viewed when you reach stage 5 in training mode), your attacks will accumilate up to 350 stun before reaching the Undizzy limit.

  • L attacks = 15, M attacks = 20, H attacks = 30, special attacks = 20.

  • If you reach the undizzy limit in the middle of your chain, the green spark will not trigger unless you start a new chain of attacks.

  • Undizzy count will stay on the character after the combo ends and will slowly drop back to zero. A yellow spark indicates that the character still has remaining stun on them if they are hit.

  • You can alpha counter into another character instead of bursting from IPS or undizzy.

  • There are 4 types of knockdown.

  • When an opponent is knocked down and creates a red/pink ripple under them, that indicates that you can still hit them even though they are knocked down. You can only produce 1 red knockdown per combo.

  • When an opponent is knocked down and produces a blue ripple under them, that indicates that the opponent can tech and stand up before being hit. (Be sure to set the cpu to tech these in training mode to be sure your combos actually work).

  • When an opponent is hit by an assist that would normally knock down, it will produce a green ripple. This means you have 9 frames to hit the character before they can recover.

  • A few attacks produce a hard knockdown. This means the character cannot recover normally and must stand up from where he was knocked down and cannot roll forward or back. An example of this is Peacock's throw.

  • You can bypass the single red knockdown limit by doing a snapback on your opponent's single remaining character which allows you another red knockdown.

  • Every character's sweep (c.HK) will produce a blue knockdown and you can't combo after it, unless you use it to hit someone off the ground after a red bounce.

  • Sweeps can break through super armor on attacks such as Cerebella's Tumble Run.

  • You are only allowed 1 stagger per combo.

  • You can wiggle out of stagger faster by rotating the control stick.

  • You can only combo into a throw if the character is in a staggered state.

  • You cannot call an assist during a super jump or special. You can perform a special after calling an assist however.

  • You can input an assist and a special attack on the same input. For example, if Filia inputs 214MP+HK, it will perform HK Hairball and call her second assist at the same time.

  • Assists take more damage than the point character.

  • Hitting the point character before the assist attack starts up will result in the assist not performing the attack.

  • Hitting an assist prolongs the cooldown to be able to call it again.

  • Every assist, even those with invincible start-up, are vulnerable on incoming for 3 frames.

  • Hitting the opponent's point character and the assist with a snapback at the same time forces the point character out, but leaves you the assist character to combo to death, as IPS and Undizzy does not trigger on assists.

  • Your opponent gets boosted meter gain and red life recovery while you do the mentioned above.

  • Performing successful snapback will lock out that character's assist for a period of time.

  • You can perform a dash or airdash by pressing forward or back twice. Alternatively, you can press any 2 punch buttons to also get a dash (recommended).

  • Characters with airdashes have a minimum height requirement before they are able to airdash from a jump. Inputting an airdash before you reach this minimum height will ensure your character performs the airdash as soon as possible, at the expense of not being able to block as you reach the minimum height.

  • Pushblocking is performed by pressing any 2 punch buttons during blockstun and pushes your opponent away.

  • If you are hit with a second attack during your pushblock, the opponent will stop being pushed back. In the case of multihit attacks, you usually want to wait for the last hit until you pushblock to avoid the rest of the hits not allowing you to actually push the opponent away.

  • At the end of your pushblock, if you aren't still holding block, your character will be put into a neutral position and can perform an attack. This is known as pushblock guard cancel (PBGC). This is helpful for getting out of tight pressure when you can't pushblock your opponent away, as you can input an invincible attack during this small window. video example:

  • You will gain absolute guard (blocks high and low) during your pushblock animation if you switch your block direction. video example:

  • The game prevents high/low unblockable situations if you are hit within a few frames of each attack.

  • You cannot break a throw if you are crouching.

  • You can break an assist throw if it is not a command grab such as Cerebella's or Valentine's.

  • You can cancel your alpha counter attack immediately with a super.

  • Your character will gain additional momentum on a jump if done from a dash.

  • Super jumping over your opponent will auto-correct the way you are facing towards the opponent when you input an attack.

Credit to Worldjem for the video examples. Feel free to let me know if there is any incorrect information or if there is something you think is worth adding.
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Eddard Stark Aug 20, 2013 @ 1:48pm 
What an amazing guide, too bad I can figure a third of what's here, but that's all the fighting game lingo and stuff. Great work, man! :coindlc:
nv Aug 18, 2013 @ 2:06am 
Very nice for new players!
RemiKz  [author] Aug 12, 2013 @ 10:35pm 
A consistent error. I'll fix that up :P
bellwhistles Aug 12, 2013 @ 10:26pm 
Thanks for this! It's really helpful to me since I'm new to fighting games. One tiny tiny detail though. "Consistancy" should be spelled with an "e". So "consistency". Yeah, but aside from that small error, this was full of useful stuff. :)