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Neutral Zone
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Neutral Zone

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AlphaMod content made standalone.

Got border friction you don't want? It's time to make a Neutral Zone!

To create a Neutral Zone:
Click into a system you own with no colonies. Click on the system's star. Click Decisions. That decision there, use that. Ding. The system will now be part of a Neutral Zone.

System ownership and restrictions:
Any system in a Neutral Zone is owned by a special empire that cannot be aggroed or negotiated with by anyone. It's a dummy country. Most importantly, no-one can claim systems that are in a Neutral Zone. You and the AI can still fly ships into, out of and through Neutral Zones.

To dismantle Neutral Zone systems and return ownership to you:
Click on the star of a neighbouring system of the NZ, that you own. Click Decisions. That decision there, use that.

Neutral Zone features have been simplified for this standalone version and I hope to expand on it in the future. Currently the AI does not make Neutral Zones but I am exploring them being able to.

Bult against v2.2.6.
No vanilla files modded.
Save-game compatible.
Anyone asks if it's ironpants/cheev compatible gets their comment deleted and I block your Steam account. Enough with that stupid already.

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Apr 17 @ 10:53am
German translation.
Gregor Easy
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ZacharyBuilder Jul 25 @ 10:34pm 
How does this mod affect the xenophobe fanatic empire when it's next to the border?
AlphaAsh  [author] Jun 9 @ 11:36am 
Hedonist Jun 1 @ 8:09am 
My question here is - how does this affect war? Though I understand (and am very interested in!) the point of reducing border friction, surely a, say, Fanatic Purifier empire or Devouring Swarm who has grown more powerful than you with interests in resources or planets in that area of space would have no reason to respect the Neutral Zone?

I like the idea of this mod a lot, but I'm concerned that it may be overpowered. Perhaps violating a neutral zone should give a large opinion malus to surrounding empires? 'Untrustworthy' or something along those lines.
Ro-Z May 12 @ 10:29am 
Finally, a solution to boarder friction that doesn't require me to subjugate every nearby empire! Diplomacy works :3
jtexasboyz May 3 @ 1:27pm 
Next play through everything but my cluster is going to be neutral.
endeyfire Mar 30 @ 2:43am 
*fortification intensifies*
AlphaAsh  [author] Mar 30 @ 1:42am 
You sacrifice a system at a cost of Influence. Adding diplomacy around the feature is still in development.
DiamondDuty Mar 30 @ 1:18am 
Will there be pros and cons to this? or just pros? For example, could an Ai have a Casus Beli to claim the neutral zone for themselves? Otherwise, it's just an easier way of moving around border friction and never having to deal with it with no consequences.

Still though, great idea. I am thinking with StarTrek in mind. Cardassian and Federations famous neutral zone.
endeyfire Mar 29 @ 3:30pm 
hmmm.... how shall i exploit this.... *stars using nuetral zones as fortification*
AlphaAsh  [author] Mar 29 @ 1:11pm