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Nere's Inland Flooding and Climate Change
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Mar 22, 2019 @ 1:21pm
Dec 13, 2019 @ 5:27am
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Nere's Inland Flooding and Climate Change

Version 1.3 - See change log to the right of the pictures

Happy that Climate Change barely matters, and is only ever so slightly noticeable for a coastal city? Well this mod is not for you then!

With this mod Climate Change flooding can be devastating for your civilization and all other civilizations on the planet. Entire kingdoms can potentially flood and be submerged! Are you ready to face the challenge of Climate Change? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time, and floods?

Note: This mod does not affect Primordial map script unless the workaround in the change log is used.

This mod will allow all map scripts (that don't already modify this) to generate inland flooding! The following types of flooding has been added:

  • Lakes can now flood if they are large enough. This might result in lakes merging with each other or even the ocean, to truly open up the map! In vanilla GS, tiles next to lakes where immune to flooding, even if it was flat marsh land, right next to the ocean.
  • Rivers can now flood (permantly!) just like coasts. This includes floodplains which could never flood in vanilla GS.
    • A river running through a hill-y area will not flood.
    • A river with lots of floodplains will (obviously) flood, and probably sooner.
    • A river mouth will flood sooner then the rest of the river.
    • Very flat river valleys will flood even far away from the ocean.
  • Marsh can flood under the right circumstances.
  • Tiles around volcanos can flood under the right circumstances. This was not possible in Vanilla GS, even if it was flat and surrounded by ocean.
  • Coasts will still flood, and will in most cases flood first.

Check out the screenshots to get an idea of the possibilities! The settler lense is activated to show the flooding indicator, which is the reason for the coloring of the tiles.

This mod also makes some supporting changes to Climate Change to make this happen, namely:
  • Flood Barriers do not scale with the number of flooding tiles, since some cities will have MANY tiles that are floodable, but increases the base cost significantly.
  • Adjusting the floodable tile percentage to better enable inland flooding.

Please leave any feedback in the comments section. I'm very interested in hearing what you think, and any suggestions / ideas!

And please rate if you like it ;-) It will help more people experience inland flooding!

  • Suggestion from [SSC] Borealis: Make an "extreme" version with 2 tile flooding "range"
  • Suggestion from Kurisu Shirayuki: Make a "hardcore" version which floods almost everything?

Incompatible mods
I can't test every mod, but I read all comments, and if you report something not working I will look into it and add it to this this. So far the following has been reported and tested as not compatible:
  • None known! Primordial map script from Firaxis requires a workaround (see comments or changelog)

I also recommend checking out my other mods

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Nerevatar  [author] May 30 @ 11:11pm 
No need to apologize :) I guess it could be possible to reduce base cost and add a (lesser amount) of scaling per tile if CostMultiplierPerTile allows for non-integer values. I might test this out when Civ6 catches my interest again.
Kong May 28 @ 12:49pm 
And i'm completely a noob for this game. So, sorry if i don't make much sense gameplay wise etc :)
Kong May 28 @ 12:47pm 
I didn't mean it should be exactly like vanilla. I'm saying maybe decreasing base cost while keeping the scale -with every floodable tile that is- would be better. Since it's more logical for producing flood barrier being more resource heavy if there are more tiles floodable
Nerevatar  [author] May 28 @ 12:32pm 
It is not really possible to change terrain, such as turning lakes into coast. You can pass from one into the other with this mod, but that's the best I can do :-)

And for your second comment: A city can have 10+ floodable tiles in some cases. From my testing it was too much and made the barriers almost impossible to get. I decided on a higher base cost to make the barriers cost more or less like in vanilla. If you know a little bit of modding you can change my files yourself to revert the change. In the XML file you can change CostMultiplierPerTile to 1 and set the cost on BuildingType="BUILDING_FLOOD_BARRIER"/><Set Cost="500"/> to 100. This will turn it back into vanilla values.
Kong May 28 @ 5:04am 
Also making cost scaling with floodable tiles would still be better and fair imo. Just decrease the base cost but allow it to scale with floodable tiles
Kong May 28 @ 4:10am 
*Other than that
Kong May 28 @ 3:54am 
Would be neat if it'd change lake tiles into coasts when flooded if that is even possible of course. Other seems great, thank you for your work
Metal Apr 29 @ 8:37am 
Ok thanks for the Answer!
Nerevatar  [author] Apr 23 @ 11:11pm 
@Metal: Right now my interest in Civ6 is fairly low, and combined with limited free time any changes other the maintenance is pretty much on-hold. In case of a third expansion (which seems likely - see the civ fanatics forum) I might pick it up again.

@Jogn_Arktor: The AI does not know about any flooding, beside possibly the same indications that a tile can flood (which to a human is presented with the icons). So if it reacts to the knowledge in vanilla GS, then it will also react to this mod.
That said, I'm fairly confident the AI is not made to react directly to tile flooding.
John_Arktor Apr 23 @ 7:10am 
Hi. Thanks for the great mod.
One question, though : How does the AI react to this change?
i.e. do they "know" they are more at risk now, and do they "care" more about climate change by trying to pollute less?