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Utility Supplements
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Utility Supplements

Optional Expansion: Adds various utility items. (Note Medical Supplements mod is required).


This mod will be used to add various additional items of varying nature that can be of practical benefit but not considered as medical or social supplements.


A genetically modified flower that gives off an awful smell and is toxic. This flower uses a localised toxic gas defence mechanism in an attempt to defend it's territory. This can have a poor effect on your colonists if they breath in this gas for any length of time; it can effect breathing and consciousness amongst other unpleasant things, raiders, other NPC faction members and animals (that can breathe) will equally be effected, but animals tend to flee from this plant due to their capability to sense/smell the toxins. (Note animals following a master will not flee).

The leaves it produces are not very nutritional and are highly toxic. These properties can be chemically extracted however and used in the development of other chemicals for varying purposes.

A gas mask has been provided in the mod to help reduce the effects of the toxic gas (effected by toxic sensitivity).


Tangleroot is an aggressive genetically modified vine. It has very sharp thorns that the plant can use to grapple and constrict targets that wander into its path, which in itself can be a laboured exercise. It also gives off a gaseous vapour. The alkaloids the plant uses are toxic and can be debilitating to movement, consciousness and manipulation. With severe exposure the toxin has a chance to infect the target host with an illness akin to muscle parasites as the muscles fight off the poison. There is also a chance for chemical damage in the brain. The toxin can ultimately be lethal.

The Tangleroot thorns can be harvested and used to create concentrated versions of the plant toxin. They can also be used to provide an anti-toxin in the form of Tangleroot Juice when mixed with Neutroamine.

When fully mature Tangleroot can "creep" and will sporadically invade neighbouring cells that can support it.

Tangleroot toxins do not effect insects or mechanoids.

Blight Killer

This chemical allows you to produce a layer of foam that specifically attacks blight on plants. It is fast acting, but also depends on how long the blight has been left to take hold on the plant prior to its application. It is made using Chemfuel, Phenol, Neutroamine and Stinkroot leaves.

Plant Killer

Plant killer foam will act against all plants except those of a medical nature that seem to offer a natural resilience to the toxins used. Made using Chemfuel, Phenol and Stinkroot leaves.

Tree Killer

Tree killer foam is more refined than plant killer and is more selective in targeting trees and plants that are considered as weeds (Miscellaneous plant category). It is a bit more effective that plant killer and is made from Chemfuel, Phenol, Stinkroot leaves and uses Wood as an additional ingredient to provide genetic selection.

Weed Killer

Weed killer is even more selective than it tree killer counterpart, selectively targeting only plants that are considered as weeds. Ingredients include Chemfuel, Phenol, Stinkroot Leaves and Hay (genetic component).

Filth Killer/Detergent

Filth killer foam is a very potent active detergent that can be used to passively clean areas. Made from Chemfuel, Phenol and Herbal Medicine.

(Suggest using mods that can help with cleaning zoning definitions as all the foams this mod applies can still be cleaned themselves if within the designated cleaning zones, though of course the use of the default home zone will still help here).

Insect Killer

Insect Killer foam is toxic in nature to all creatures that have "insectoid" flesh. It breaks down their epidermis of chitinous plating exposing intermediate areas and inner fluids which then reacts with the toxin in a combustible; the use of this toxin can be very effective in handling insect scenarios, but best used with caution due to the fires. Made from Chemfuel, Phenol and Insect Jelly (genetic component).

Mind Killer

Mind killer is a concentrated liquid that releases a faster acting form of the Stinkroot Gas. It can be weaponised as a mortar shell that can be further used in an IDE trap and also as a grenade. Made from Chemfuel, Phenol and Stinkroot leaves.

Tangle Killer

Tangle Killer is a concentrated liquid of the Tangleroot plant toxin and it is much more faster acting. This can be weaponised in a mortar shell and IDE trap, also in grenade form. Made from Chemfuel, Phenol and Tangleroot thorns.

Tear Gas

Tear Gas can be helpful in diminishing the capability of a victim (especially sight) whilst causing some painful irritation. Associated items are available as trade items, but if you have the social supplements mod loaded then you can utilise chilli peppers to make them.


Application of the foam or use of these toxins is handled using multiple delivery methods.

"Sprayer": Production of these allows the toxins to be directly applied as foam to small areas with some control. (Manual process when drafted). The sprayers also have a limited number of uses (indicators provided). Mind killer and Tangle Killer are liquids that provide gases and not foams so don't make use of a sprayer.

"Mortar Shells": The foams and gases can be delivered with shells using mortars.

"IDEs": The shells can be used for IED traps. (Note only Insect Killer, Mind Killer, Tangle and Tear Gas IDEs are provided as default, the other types require additional mod support, this due their nature, a sensible interactive triggering mechanism is needed, see compatibility notes.)

"Foam Poppers": Foam poppers can be setup for Blight and Insect foam , trigger is the presence of a hive in the case of insect foam poppers.

"Grenades": Insect Killer, Mind Killer, Tangle Killer and Tear Gas can be weaponised.

Applied foam to a surface will linger for a while and remain active but it will eventually disperse.

Mod Options

The mod includes settings to tweak whether the plant gases are used and whether a maximum radius at full maturity. Provided in case anyone experiences any graphical performance issues with their hardware. There's also a toggle for Tangleroot creep.

The relative toxicity setting allows you to tweak how effective the various toxins and other active chemicals perform in relation to default values (percentage).

Mod Compatibility

Remote Tech - Some of the IDEs become available for use when this mod is loaded.
RimPlas - Sprayers will use RimPlas instead of Steel in their ingredients.
Seeds Please Adds patch support to generate seeds for plants used in this mod.

(Includes custom harmony C# override process to apply only this mods filth to any fertile terrain).

Mod Notes

Multiple research projects in own tab with bulk recipes as relevant.

Save compatible and mod friendly.

To remove the mod you would have to remove all items introduced first and would expect some initial harmless error messages on removal that will subside with further saves.


Uuugggg: For educating me about Harmony transpilers.

UnlimitedHugs, use of gas mask (modified) from Remote Tech.

Dubwise, Falconne; reversed engineered and adapted Gizmo Code.

viirinsoftworks: Inspiration for Tangleroot.


rar file available: https://github.com/PeladorRW/UtilitySupplements
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Pelador  [author] Jun 11 @ 10:18am 

Additional precursor use for some of the toxin recipes etc.
Pelador  [author] May 5 @ 5:13pm 
@Update @Viirin

Compatibility adjustments for Tear Gas.
The Imperial House May 2 @ 5:37pm 
i hope this shit is CE compatible otherwise its a mod il never use
pgames-food May 1 @ 10:38pm 
maybe teargas could also make the affected character lose 10 hunger percent (to simulate the need to eat or drink because of losing fluids from tears?)
Pelador  [author] Apr 30 @ 5:20pm 

Added Tear Gas
Pelador  [author] Apr 4 @ 11:56pm 

Upgrade: With severe buildup of stinkroot effects from mindkiller or stinkroot gas there is a slight chance that the inhaler if remaining in the gassed area will experience a mental break of the following types: berserk, flee in panic or psychotic wandering.
Gavril Apr 4 @ 4:00pm 
Cool! Thanks for the quick reply.
Pelador  [author] Apr 3 @ 2:13pm 

Might accommodate (at some point in the future) a random chance of a mental break of berserk with a significant build up of the mind killer effects.

The Luci gas would be interesting, and it is perhaps co-incidence that in the last couple of days I have a times been brainstorming the idea of some kind of "healing" grenade, just wouldn't want to make it an alternative to medicines. So certainly balancing it with the effects like Luci has including some negative consequences would be the way to go. I'll give it some thought.

Additions to this mod aren't however a priority for me at the moment and my focus is elsewhere, but useful still to get these suggestions as it helps to confirm what might be considered useful by others for future additions.
Gavril Apr 3 @ 12:05pm 
This is really cool. Are you interested in expanding the mod? I was thinking a berserk gas of some kind would be a cool addition. Maybe some other unique gases? I dunno, like temporary luci? Even if you aren't going to expand any, thanks for the mod!
Pelador  [author] Apr 2 @ 11:04am 

Includes harmony code that now overrides terrain acceptance of filth setting for any terrain that is fertile. This only works for this mods specific foam however as relevant.

This now means that the foam in the mod is compatible with the settings applied by VGP Garden Tools.