The Antidote

The Antidote

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Walking through The Antidote
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Warning: This guide is full of spoilers. Read it at your own risk!!
Watch the introductory video: Roger, the main character, says goodbye to his friends and walks to the car and then "lights out!". He wakes up in the lobby of a castle.

Make yourself acquainted with the game mechanics: The menu can be found, by sliding the pointer to the top of the screen. You can skip dialogues by clicking the left mouse button. Be careful, though, you may accidentally skip important clues and the video cutscenes that are triggered by some of your actions.

The “exit” pointer can be used in three different ways: to exit rooms (usually you use the hand), to exit zoomed up images/items and to open the map, by clicking anywhere on the background (except possible exits). This map updates itself, as you find new rooms.
Nosing Around and Picking Things
Meet Brian and listen to him. Exhaust the conversation. You need to find the antidote.
Pay attention when Roger talks directly to you. He gives you a small tutorial.
You are under the influence of some drug. Everything seems blurry and brighter.
Disabling the forcefield: Go to the right column and tap on the wall. There’s a panel. Open the panel. Look at screen: you need a password.
Look at the tapestry with coat of arms above the door at the top of the main stairs - the first letter of each word reads: SPEED.
Use panel again and type the word with your own keyboard.

Explore the lobby: Go to the left column, look at bag and take the guitar slider and boots.
Look at the other column on the right of it. There’s a military uniform in the showcase. You’ll need it later.
Look at and take the mustard seeds from bush on the right of the stairs.
Look at the right side of the stairs (opposite the bush). There’s a box without the fuse. You will need one.
There is a door at each side of the main stairs. You can go through the right one, but not the left one, because is too dark.
Weapon room
Go up the main stairs and open the door. On the left side of the door look at and take note of swords; take note of the barrels; take a cannonball, the slingshot, across from the barrels, and the sign at the back of the room.
Unknown room
In the weapon room go to the door on the right. In this room there are two chandeliers that you can look at. On the ceiling, on the right, you look and try to get two sheets of aluminium foil. Can’t reach it? The solution is one of the most bizarre things in this game. You will have to walk around the room until, at some point, you grow into a giant. But, to grab the sheets you must be almost next to them. Keep walking, shrinking and growing, until you are near enough. Take the sheets.

Exit the room and from the weapon, go to the back and open door.
In the library, from the first shelf, take the book about useless facts. Look at the book in your inventory. Look at the second heading on the index. You need something. You can turn the pages and learn what’s on it. Some of the things will come in handy.
At the end of the balustrade, to your left, when the pointer shows the “exit” sign, click and you find yourself on the ground floor of the library.
Take the poker on the right side of the fireplace (is the yellowish thingy. It’s difficult to see), the knife from the table at the back and the pen on the table at the front. Look at Ouija board (you may try to use it with no avail).
In the inventory use knife on slingshot to get the rubber band. Use it on the cannonball (you’ll need this later).
Look at book. Use the sign on the second heading. Now, you have a sign saying “Please, don’t feed the wishing well”.
Go to the door at the back and left of the room and exit.
The Wishing Well

Look at bush near the first big window. Take red peppers.
Look and take note of the tree.
Look at bush left of the tree. Take red berries.
Look at well. It’s a MAGIC wishing well!!!! Talk to well and exhaust dialogue. Use “no feeding” sign on the well. Being a “grateful” wishing well, it gives you the possibility to combine items you can’t combine in your inventory. Take the coins on the ground.
Now, remember the uniform in the showcase. Go back to lobby through big door on the left.
Go to the showcase, use the poker on it and break the glass: pick up the uniform (jacket and pants).
Go to the panel: look and cut wires with the knife. Combine them with the slider. Use the coins on slider and wires and you get a fuse. Look at fuse box once more and use the improvised fuse on it. Now you have light on the room left side of the stairs. Go back to the courtyard.
Toss the jacket and boots into well.
The pants have the wrong size. Will need to reduce them.
Use stars on well. You see a bucket filled with water. Use poker on bucket.
Open door on the right of the big windows.
The Dining Hall
Right side corridor (on the map)
Look at the two tapestries on your right. Take note of the zouave uniform. Exit. Look at message on door and take note of the word “GeNiUS” and how it’s written.
In the inventory look at the book. Turn the pages until you see the periodic table. Find the element symbols: Ge, Ni, U and S and take note of the corresponding numbers. Use the numbers on the padlock: 32, 28, 92, 16.
Look at torch. Will need it later.
Open door.
Dining hall

Video cutscene.
Go to the main table and take a meatball and a napkin on the left of the dishes. Take note of the fireplace.
You can look at the clock on the mantlepiece, the cupboard table next to the door and the chair next to the main table.
Look at book and go to the page on how to “How to create a paper hat”. Use napkin on this page. You now have a hat. Go back to courtyard.
Toss the hat it into the well. Go to lobby and open the door on left.
The Dungeon and Crypt
Left side corridor (on the map)

Video cutscene.
Look at barrels.
Now, walk to the left until the light changes. When you pinned it down, you see a corkscrew on your right. Take it.
Slide pointer to the left (between the cobwebbed barrels and the dark area-see photo above) until it turns into “exit”. Now you’re near some barrels (on the map is the Wine cellar). Look at red stain on the floor. Look at big barrel with tap. Try the poker on barrel. You need to change it.
On the map select right side corridor.
Use poker on torch.
Open map again and select Wine Cellar.
Use poker on big barrel. Take tap on the ground and go into the barrel.

Look and talk to man. We get ourselves a masochist!!
Exhaust dialogue. We will need to find ways to hurt him.
Look at basin and crack on the wall. Use knife on crack. Take and look at wedding card. Take note of date (20 October 1979).
Go through the big black hole next to the big chair.

Look at plaque on the wall. Take note of names. (R.O.L., Carrie and Barrie Dover)
Look at ghost. Talk to ghost until he starts talking gibberish. We need to get help from beyond.
Look at big door at the back. A circle of music notes appears.
Use map and go back to courtyard.
Hurting the Nutcase
Use tap on tree. Open inventory. Use resin on cannonball and rubber band. Now it holds together.
Let’s be sadistic. Use map.
Use cannonball on crackpot. (Ouch!!!)
He complains that it was good but not enough (Really!!???!!!). Talk to crackbrain without-any-jaw-by-now and learn that he hates spicy food. Well, Well!!
Use map.
Weapon room
Use corkscrew on barrels. Get gunpowder. In your inventory, use mustard, gunpowder and peppers on meatball. Is this spicy enough? Let’s try it, shall we?
Use map.
Give bombastic meatball to loony. That should do it!
The nutter disgorges a key. Take key. Look at key, there’s an “E”. Open book and go to page about the “Fifth circle”. Mmmh!
Back to courtyard.
Spirit Boards, Musical Keys and Shrinking Pants
Talk to well and learn that you need two keys to open the big door in the crypt and that there´s a vault somewhere.
We have two objectives now: how to open the big door and how to get help from the “other side”.
Jump to library.
Use Ouija board. Write “Carrie Dover”, with the help of the planchette (don’t forget to use “Space” to separate the names), and click “Yes
We must prove that we know her husband. Remember the wedding date? Use board again and write “20 10 1979”.
Video cutscene. Brian appears and, after exchanging some words, he gives you a paperclip.
Now we know how to speak and help “Ben” crossover.
We have already put the boots, jacket and hat in the well. We must shrink the pants. Some hot water would help. We have the bucket full of water, the fireplace in the dining hall, but no fire.
Look at book and go to page on “Ways to create fire” and “3. A battery and aluminium foil”. We need a battery!!! More weird things are coming up.
Open map.
Talk to the big electric chair. It replies!! Talk to chair and learn that it wants to be powered up. Open inventory and use the rest of the wires on the chair. It gives you a battery in return.
Hop off to the dining hall.
Dining hall
In the inventory, use aluminium foil on battery. Use the charged battery on fireplace. Use bucket on fireplace. Use pants on bucket. We have shrunken the pants, but the colour needs to be changed.
Back to the dungeon.
Use red berries on basin. Use (hand pointer) berries in basin. You squashed the berries. Use pants on red juice. Finally, the right pants.
Go to Courtyard and use pants on well. You get the complete Zouave uniform. We can, now, deal with Ben. Jump to the crypt.
Use complete uniform on ghost. At the end of the conversation you learn that Ben is a liar and a cheater. You need to help him anyway. So, do what he asks. Move the sarcophagus and the ghost flies away.
See a key on the ground and take it. Look at it and comment on the “Cm”. Look again at big door. Use golden key on E and silver key on Cm.
The door is now open.
Eye-opening, Creating Fire and Breaking Out

Look at safe. Use safe. It’s a trial an error puzzle. You must obtain the number “1572” by inputting different numbers on the four slots. It may take a while.
I cracked it by using “7824”. Try it. If it doesn’t work, then you must figure it out yourself. Sorry.
When it opens, Brian appears. It’s time for the truth to come out. Brian lied and deceived you. He wants revenge and the jewels from the safe. He leaves you to your fate, locked in vault. The map is now incomplete.
The effect of the drugs wears off. Now you can see more clearly.
Open your inventory and look at remainder of the slingshot. It looks like a dowser. Let’s see if it’s useful. Use the dowser down below the safe, on the floor tiles right to the red carpet.. Go slowly until Roger says, “the dowser stopped right on that tile!”. Use remaining piece of poker on tiles to open them. Go down.
Unknown room
Look at wall and open it. Look at book and go to the page where you find different alphabet characters. Correspond the non-runic characters to the ones on the page.

Write “nomad” (with your keyboard). Go in.
Weapon room
Use paperclip on the “swords” (near the door on the left of the room). You now have a flint. With no map (you have to update it again), you must leave the weapon room taking the door on the left. When in the lobby, take the left-hand door. Cross the left side corridor and the Wine cellar to reach the dungeon.
The nutcase is now a skeleton. Take a bone from it.
Combine bone with uniform. Get a torch. You need some fuel to ignite it. Go back to Lobby. Go to right-side door to Courtyard and forward to the door on the far right.
Take the oil can near the fireplace. Use it with improvised torch. Use flint on torch to ignite it. IT WORKS!!!
Back to Courtyard
Use hand on well. Use the torch on the opening on the right. You find yourself in an underground Maze.

Look at passages. Take torch and slowly slide it over the passages. If the torch shines brighter, click on the passage (do not let go of the torch). Repeat the same when in the other chambers. You should arrive to a chamber with a ladder. Use the ladder. You Are Free.

Oh! It seems that Brian was able to escape too! Bother!!

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Thank you very much for the detailed walkthrough!
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